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Duke Kyar’s humongous desk was in front of her bed as he continued to perform his duties as a duke inside her room.

Yet, he was not the only one who had occupied her room.

Kyle was there, sitting in a chair next to her bed.

When she saw him reading a book, she confusedly scratched her cheek.

She couldn’t figure out why Kyle was reading here in her room when he had his own.

Because of their presence, Ignis had suffered suddenly and hid by the curtains during the day.

At night, he would approach her to take a lot of her energy.

At this rate, she became worried that Ignis might get depressed.

Her gaze moved back and forth from Duke Kyar, who sat there, looking over at the documents on his desk, and Kyle, who was busy reading.

She let out a heavy sigh without meaning to.

At the sigh, both eyes moved on her face at the same time.

“Are you suffering from any discomfort”

“What ails you”

The two guys—one is a man while one is a child—regarded her and asked.

She sighed again, but this time, he suppressed it.

They only wished to protect her, but they went too far with it.

It was just too much that it felt like she couldn’t even sigh at her will.

“How long are you going to stay here,” She asked, and Duke Kyar looked at Kyle.

“Right, Kyle.

Why do you come here every day”

The Duke appeared like he had no idea that he was included in that question.

“Your Highness.

Why are you also working here in my room” She was straightforward when she asked him.

Frown lines marked Duke Kyar’s forehead.

“Endure it even if you found it uncomfortable.

My mind was racing for two days while you lay in bed, unconscious.

This is all because of that strange medicine you made, so you must deal with this inconvenience.”

She chose not to say anything instead of explaining to him that picking up the love potion that fell on the floor was her mistake.

How great would it be if she could turn back time

If that did happen, she would pretend that she wouldn’t recognize this human being if he passed by.

She didn’t know why she couldn’t possibly think that this human being had the power of ice.

If he froze someone to death, she would be the only person capable of killing him, even if he was a person who would never die from the same thing.

“I was worried about you a lot, too.” She heard Kyle reply, and later, she regretted asking him.

Turning her head in his direction, she saw Kyle’s dark eyes on her face.

Somehow, his eyes become similar to Duke Kyar.

“I think I will only be relieved if I watch over you like this.

I didn’t want to lose someone precious again.”

Kyle’s expression looked grim, and Isabella couldn’t say anything more.

While she helped him train in the forest for a few days, Kyle seemed to have relied on her a lot.

Maybe because he was a child hungry for affection, Kyle could easily give his heart to others.

His obsession with his uncle, Duke Kyar, should have weakened, but she became worried that the same focus had slightly shifted toward her.

‘Perhaps, ‘obsession’ was inherent in the Kyar Family genes,’ Isabella thought, and she quietly shut her mouth.

It would be better if she read a book at that moment than to argue with two people who had no intention to leave the room.

She immediately took notes when she found herbs she could use from the book she was currently reading.

Isabella, who she possessed, seemed to be a genius.

How many languages can she speak

She could interpret these books written in other kingdoms’ languages so smoothly that she found it excellent.

Although she had no memories of the past, Isabella’s knowledge remained intact in her mind.

Thanks to that, she could easily read all the books related to herbs.

She spent time in her bed, and it didn’t seem to be that bad.

Thanks to reading all these books, she could accelerate her study of the antidote.


Duke Kyar put the documents he was reading down and approached Isabella, who was dozing in her bed with the book on her lap.

She looked so cute, and his lips curved upward in amusement.

Yet, she wasn’t the only one who had dozed off.

Kyle, who was reading his book in a chair next to her bed, fell asleep as he leaned his head against the bed frame.

HE knew that Kyle always trains in the forest early in the morning, every day, without fail.

He also knew that with Isabella’s help, the power of ice began to emerge from the child little by little with the medicine she created.

Kyle and Isabella seemed to have gotten very close when he left the Castle to subdue the beasts.

It might be childish, but he was jealous of his nephew.

This was all because of the love potion.

It paralyzed all of his reason and prevented him from thinking logically.

When she was attacked by the beast and rendered unconscious, his heart broke that the pain he felt made it hard to breathe.


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