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He also had a  talent of eating seductively, if it was even talent in the first place.

She quickly bowed her head and glanced down, avoiding his gaze.

Darkness had fallen outside the barracks.

It would be hard to return to the castle tonight.

Archduke Kyar would never let her go just because she wanted to leave, and looking at his condition, she thought it would be better to stay with him a little longer.


She wrote a letter informing the Rubella Castle that Archduke Kyar was safe, and she handed it over to the messenger.

“Please send this message as soon as possible.”

She couldn’t bring young Kyle to such a dangerous place yet, and she promised to deliver the news on his behalf.

She thought about Kyle, who was worried about Archduke Kyar and whether or not he was injured.

Isabella suppressed a sigh.

However, she didn’t want to include Archduke Kyar’s lovesickness in the letter.

She was perturbed about his condition earlier, but now, she was glad it wasn’t severe.

The instant she saw his gaunt face, she realized that the disease seemed challenging to overcome.

After sending the letter to Kyle, Isabella entered the barracks again and saw Duke Kyar sitting on the bed.

“Are you going to sleep”


I think I can sleep now since you’re here with me.”

The sight of his slightly bloodshot eyes concerned her.

How tiring must it be that he couldn’t eat and sleep properly for a few days after creating such a huge ice barrier

“Go to sleep, Your Highness.

I’ll be going now.”

His dark eyebrows raised slightly at her words.

“Where are you going”

“You’re not forcing me to sleep with you, right” She asked in chagrin.

As he massaged his brows, his bloodshot eyes focused on her as he replied.

“The doctor said that no matter how much I can’t sleep today, I’ll get sick.”

His words poked at her conscience, and a sigh of resignation came out of her mouth.

“Okay, I’ll stay here.

Do you want that”

A satisfied smile spread across his lips at her reluctant answer.

He gestured at his bed as if suggesting that she lie down next to him.

She simply ignored it, dragged a chair, and sat next to the bed.

“Go to sleep.

I’ll be by your side.”

Duke Kyar’s strong arms reached for her, carried her swiftly, and laid her down on the bed.

“What are you doing”

“I won’t do anything, so just sleep comfortably beside me.

You already told me that you don’t have any ulterior motive.”

“That’s true, but–”

The look he gave her as he leaned his face against one hand would be the death of her.

She was lost in his eyes, and she was afraid she couldn’t find her way back.

“It’s good that I find the fact that you’re next to me so annoying.”  He whispered in a low voice as he grabbed her hand with his free hand.

The sensation of his long and thick fingers laced with hers was so vivid it threatened to overwhelm her.

“Let go of my hand.”

“I’ll just hold your hands and sleep.”

“ I don’t believe you.” She said as she turned towards Duke Kyar little by little.

The instant she saw his face, she realized that he was already asleep.

His breathing was too regular and stable to pretend otherwise.

“What Are you already asleep”

She guessed that he hadn’t slept for the past few days.

Isabella’s mouth curved upwards as she watched Archduke Kyar, who was already fast asleep.

She was slightly embarrassed to be so worried about his condition.

Even in his sleep, he didn’t let go of her hand.

He grabbed it tightly instead.

Isabella tried to pull her hand from him, but she paused.

After falling asleep, the unnecessary movement might wake him up for no reason.

When she recalled the story about the Duke’s sleepless nights, Isabella decided to let this slide.

“You’re handsome.”

That must be why he was the male protagonist in the novel.

Even while fast asleep, his face can draw attention enough to make her feel as if she wouldn’t even come close to this level of beauty.

One by one, she regarded his dark eyebrows, long eyelashes, straight nose, and kissable lips before she closed her eyes.

As expected, it was dangerous to see his face up close.

It didn’t bode well for her to be attracted to this man.

Archduke Kyar’s feelings, despite his obsession, were fake.

As soon as he takes the antidote, all of his feelings will vanish completely as if they didn’t exist.

When the antidote is finally created, the female protagonist will also appear.

Seria, who will be Duke Kyar’s great love, is the one for him.

It would be a relief if Duke Kyar didn’t kill her after taking the antidote.

As he recalled his past cold-blooded character, who wasn’t capable of tears, Isabella stroked the chest where his beating heart lay.

She had to strengthen her mind and willpower all on her own.

It wouldn’t mean anything for him to be nice to her right now.

She would never get carried away by that face.

Once again, she pulled herself together and tried to sleep.

She didn’t think she would fall asleep quickly, and maybe it was because his hand on hers made her uncomfortable.


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