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An explanation about him from the novel came to mind as she watched Kyle.

Kyle was born without the power of ice, but he never missed a single training, hoping to pass the family’s inspection someday.

Even if it would be late, the boy had expected to express his power to his family until the age of fifteen.

However, he still did not possess his ancestor’s power despite Kyle’s efforts until the end.

She knew too well how it felt to be betrayed by one’s efforts.

It broke her heart to see Kyle’s shivering body and clenched teeth, but that condition did not deter him from his training.

“Stay here.”

She told the knights who followed her and hurried to Kyle’s side.

“Young master Kyle.”

Upon hearing Isabella’s call, Kyle’s mouth exhaled thick, white puffs of breath before he turned towards her.

“Hey, what brings you here” Kyle asked, puzzled.

She told him to talk to her casually, but his awkwardness was too apparent.

Perhaps, he was wary of interacting with her because of his uncle, Archduke Kyar.

Forcing Kyle to speak to her comfortably might make him more uncomfortable, so Isabella decided not to mention it anymore.

“I’m here to gather some herbs.

By the way, young master.

Eat this.” She said as she handed Kyle the red medicine.

“Oh, that’s…”.

It appeared as the servants had already educated him not to drink the medicine she carelessly offered.

Kyle looked wary, and Isabella’s expression softened.

“This medicine isn’t that strange.

If you drink this, your body will heat up and help you survive the cold.”

Kyle didn’t find it his heart to refuse her goodwill and immediately drank the medicine she had given her.

Shortly after drinking the liquid, Kyle’s white breath subsided.

“This medicine is amazing.

I can’t feel the cold at all.”

“Right Come visit me whenever you need it.”

“Thank you.

But my uncle, um….”

He heard from the grapevine that the Duke had turned strange after drinking the medicine the lady had concocted.

Was it true

Kyle also heard that he should never call her by her name.

Kyle, who had mulled over an appropriate title for her for a while, gave up and decided to call her “sister.”

He glanced up at her with dark, round eyes, and she found it cute.

Isabella nodded in understanding as she suppressed the urge to touch her twin chubby cheeks.

“That’s right.

I accidentally gave the Archduke the wrong medicine.

That’s why I’m here in this castle.”

“Then the uncle treats you like that—”

“—yes, it’s because of the medicine.

But you don’t have to worry too much because he will get better soon after taking the antidote.”

The only problem was that she hadn’t created the antidote yet.

“I’m jealous.

I’ve never seen an uncle like that before.”

She stared at Kyle, who appeared to be envious of her.

She felt heartbroken.

“There are people who can’t express their inner selves well, and Archduke Kyar was one of them.

I’m sure he loves you more than anyone else.”

Her words don’t seem to comfort Kyle.

Duke Kyar certainly loved his nephew, but he just didn’t know how to express it.

After spending his life with his wife and his eldest son, Archduke Schumann de Kyar, the previous patriarch of the Kyar Family, died of illness four years later.

Now, Duke Kyar became the patriarch at the young age of fifteen.

He was also responsible for his nephew, who was just a few years old at that time.

She did not doubt that  Allen de Kyar was highly capable of being in charge of the archipelago, but it would have been quite burdensome to take all these responsibilities at his young age.

That was why he had turned colder and his emotions unreachable because he had to protect the Kyar family and the young nephew.

After killing his evil nephew with his own hands, the Archduke collapsed.

He never intended to kill Kyle.

Kyle threw himself upon Prince Kyar’s sword and chose death himself.

‘Now you’re looking at me with those eyes.’

That was Kyle’s last words as he flung himself at Archduke Kyar, who grabbed his crumpled form and screamed in painful regret.

Until the end, Kyle had craved the love and attention from Duke Kyar, and he finally possessed it in his final breath.

Isabella still couldn’t believe that such a cute, innocent boy would walk a crooked path.

She could see how much Kyle, who envied Duke Kyar’s obsession with her, wanted Duke Kyar’s affection so bad.

“No one would be able to love me.

I’m a kid who only brought such bad luck that my existence alone caused the death of his parents.

Both of them died the day I was born.

My grandfather didn’t live long because his illness got worse.”

It was saddening to see Kyle lower his head and blame himself for the things he had no control of.


Master Kyle is not a person who brings bad luck, but a person who has received so many blessings.” She said softly, and Kyle glanced up at her.


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