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“I’m here because I have a book to read.

Never mind, do what you have to do.” He spoke bluntly as he took a book from the bookshelf.

It was a relief that he didn’t intend to disturb her.

Isabella turned towards the bookshelf again and searched for the books she wanted, but she couldn’t find anything as she sorted through the bookshelf on the first floor.

Exhaling a sigh, she climbed the stairs that would lead her to the second floor in the library.

“Are you going to examine all the books from their shelves” Isabella halted at his words, and she saw that he didn’t take his eyes off the book he was reading.

“What is it to you”

“Isn’t it common sense to read as much information I could gather”

“What” Suppressing another grin, he opened the drawer at the desk, reading his book.

Next, he pulled three thick files underneath.

“It’s a compilation of the book titles on each floor.

If you read the words next to the title, you can figure out where the book is kept.”

Why did he give her the data just now when he was aware that she was sorting through the bookshelf on the first floor one by one

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier” She complained, and her words merely bounced back from the book he was reading.

Rising from her chair, he strolled in her direction while she stood on the stairs on the second floor.

Then, he clutched both the stair handles on either side of her with his hands, blocking any of her attempts to escape.

“So that I can see you longer.”

Avoiding his unwavering and straightforward gaze, she quickly crouched down and squeezed into the space under his arms, and descended as fast as she could.

Her heart pounded hard, and his handsome face was the cause of his problems.

As she thought about her weak, trembling heart shaken by the sight of him, she approached the desk.

She could save time inspecting the compilation rather than looking at the bookshelf one by one, but it would also take her a while to look at all of these materials.

“Can I take these materials to my room”

“There’s a faster way to achieve your goal.”

“What A simpler way–”

Before she could finish what she was about to say, he stalked towards her, his arms outstretched.

Snaking his hands on her back and her legs, he held her up and carried her like a princess.

She glanced up at him.

“What are you doing”

“Third row.

Center.” He spat out nonsensical words as he walked to the bookshelf.

Unfortunately, he didn’t answer her question.

“Do you want me to say it again” Third row, center.

Check it out.”

“Third row, center”

As she looked above her head, she checked the third row of the bookshelf and focused on the middle part.

She had discovered this bookshelf earlier, but she just noticed that this particular book at the center was related to herbs.

“Oh I didn’t see this before.”

“Aren’t you going to pull it out” He asked her.

Isabella reached out and took the book from its shelf in a hurry.

He strode to another bookcase, still hugging her.

“Fifth row, left.”

There was another herbal book he told her to check out.

How does he know the location of every book

Did he memorize all the locations of these books in their respective bookshelves

“I have a good memory.

I can memorize it without even trying.” He replied coolly when he saw the burning question in her gaze as he climbed the stairs on the second floor.

Can he simply say that he has a good memory and that he remembered all the locations of the books in this spacious library, instead

This man appeared as if he had all the fantastic abilities only a main character would have.

As she admired his excellent memory and wished to have it for herself, she diligently got all the books Duke Kyar had pointed out and collected them in her arms.

Everything was quite heavy as the weight of the book added to her weight.

But she continued to keep up with her posture, giving him the illusion that she didn’t need help.

“That’s it.

Those were the only herbal books I have in the library.”

She found a total of five books out of all the books on their shelves.

It was a pity that there was only a few of them, but she was glad that she had no problem finding them thanks to Duke Kyar.

“Then please put me down now.”

It was hard to make eye contact with him as he held her.

His face was as perfect as a marble sculpture and was closer than she would have liked.

“Is it uncomfortable”

She sensed the smile in her words, and she nodded vigorously.

“It’s a relief that I’m not the only one who feels uncomfortable.

Since I drank the love potion, I’ve lived with this strange feeling every day.”

She was sorry for hearing that.

The good things he did for her just now came back to her like poison.


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