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Enjoy your meal, as well, Your Highness.”

He smirked at the greeting he was able to coax from her.


Kyle’s eyes darted back and forth between them before he spoke.

“Uncle, I’ve got my report card from the academy.” Kyle’s cheeks flushed when he said that.

When she saw his eyes twinkle, she realized the kid must have done quite well.

‘That’s cute.’ Isabella’s lips cracked into a proud smile.

“Will it be alright if I show  you” Kyle asked cautiously, and Duke Kyar nodded.

Kyle got up from his chair hurriedly and approached Duke Kyar with a  timid expression before handing out his report card.

“Good job.” Duke Kyar uttered the single word in a dull voice as he stared at the boy’s report card.

Kyle seemed disappointed at Duke Kyar’s response.

As she got up from her seat, she crept up to Duke Kyar’s side.

“Oh, you are in 2nd place in your school You did a great job! Wow! Our young master Kyle must be a genius!”

Kyle blushed even more as he watched her fuss over him and showered him with well-deserved compliments.

As Archduke Kyar looked at her, he called Marc, the butler, who stood behind him.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Go to my study and fetch all of my academy report cards.”

“Yes, I will.”

Upon receiving Duke Kyar’s strange command, Marc exited the Dining Hall.

After a while, he returned while holding several report cards.

Upon receiving his report cards, Archduke Kyar immediately handed them to her.

Why is he giving them to her

Isabella examined the report cards he had given her with a slight grimace.

His performance in all of his semesters was All A.

At first glance, she knew he was doing well at school.

“I was the youngest to enter the academy at the age of eight, and I have never missed the top spot.

I graduated early at the age of fourteen.”

She was stunned, speechless, at how proud he was of his achievements.

Then, Duke Kyar gave her a questioning glance.

“Why aren’t you responding”

Is he asking her to compliment him like what she did to Kyle

“Yes, you did a great job.” His eyebrows furrowed at her insincere response.

When she remembered Duke Kyar’s ability to freeze everything in the Dining Hall could come out at any moment, Isabella held out her thumb quickly.

“You’re amazing! I’ve never seen such an awesome report card.”

“Do you have nothing more to say I think you missed something else.”

He growled low, and she tried to flash Duke Kyar a pleasant smile as she watched him.

“I don’t think Duke Kyar is ever really bad at anything.”

A satisfied grin spread around Archduke Kyar’s lips.

His childish jealousy made Isabella suppress a sigh.

She couldn’t believe he was jealous of his much younger nephew.

Even if the culprit was the love potion, it didn’t seem normal for him to be like this.

Upon hearing Archduke Kyar’s academic performance, he lowered his head and hid his expression.

“Young master did a great job, too.”

She leaned towards Kyle and whispered in his ear.

Kyle nodded shyly when she gave her another compliment.

Looking at it now, she couldn’t believe that this cute boy had grown up in the shadows.

She had no interest in messing up the things that would happen in the future of this novel, but she was nosy enough to help this boy prevent facing such a tragedy.

Kyle only needed a little attention.

She felt sorry as she thought about it.


After finishing the meal, Isabella walked into Archduke Kyar’s private library.

Whether the Archduke had given her instructions to use the library at any time or not, the guards who had watched over the library opened the door without a word.

As she opened the magnificent wooden door and entered the library, Isabella glanced around in surprise.

The library had three floors containing a vast amount of books.

Her restless heart palpitated at the possibility that she would have difficulty finding books about herbs here.

She took her time scrutinizing the books on the first floor.

It must be true that this particular library had all the books the Acnis Empire had issued, and it would take her a few days to find a book specifically about herbs here.

Then she heard the sound of the door opening.

Only one person could enter this library other than her.

As she turned her head toward the sound, she could see Duke Kyar standing there before he entered the library.

“You’re here.”

She just couldn’t pretend that she didn’t see him when he was the one who gave her access to his library, so Isabella greeted him with the utmost reluctance.

“You don’t look happy to see me.”

Her smile turned awkward at Archduke Kyar’s words because he had hit the nail right on its head.


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