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“Come now.

You don’t have to be jealous of your nephew.

You have to embrace the child with love.”

“You must like children.”


I’m going to give birth to about three if I can.”

Archduke Kyar seemed to mull over at her response.

“I don’t really like kids.

But if  you like it, I’ll reconsider.”

She found Archduke Kyar’s statement absurd, but she simply gave him an even stare.

“If you take the antidote, that thought will disappear.

That won’t happen to you and me, so relax.”

He didn’t like her answer, especially the calmness shining in her eyes.

Duke Kyar’s gaze turned as sharp as a hawk, and she swore those dark orbs glittered dangerously.

“So what”

Isabella blinked slowly at his challenge.


“Who else are you going to have a baby with” He could almost kill everyone from the sheer coldness emanating from his body as it rose in the air.

He looked like he didn’t care at all, no matter who he hurt with his powerful abilities.

She let out a quiet sigh.

Somehow, his insanity seemed to escalate.

The effects of the love potion had gotten stronger as the days went by.

“I know you are feeling good but can’t you see that your nephew is cold” She whispered in a low voice as she saw Kyle’s body shudder as he approached them.

Finally,  Duke Kyar had seen reason and listened to her advice as his energy disappeared.

Kyle, who regained her composure just then, turned towards Duke Kyar and bowed politely.

“It’s been a while since I saw you, uncle.” Kyle greeted Duke Kyar nervously.

“ I’m back because it’s vacation.”


At their brief exchange, frown lines slightly marred Isabella’s forehead.

From his behavior towards his nephew, he seemed to be a cold-blooded person who would never shed tears.

It was understandable that this cute boy would grow up wicked in the future.

It seemed more difficult to grow up into a person with good morals under Archduke Kyar’s guidance, who wasn’t capable of any affection.


She spoke to Kyle brightly to lighten the atmosphere.

Kyle’s dark eyes widened in apprehension as if he couldn’t believe she had addressed him.

Kyle Kyar was so adorable up close that it might make her heart palpitate.

The boy’s appearance was cat-like, contrasting with his wide puppy dog eyes.

“My name is Isabella.

Due to a little complex circumstance, I will be staying at Rubella Castle for a while.”


My name is Kyle Kyar.”

“You can speak comfortably to me, young master.”

As if he hated her friendly conversation with Kyle, the cold air seemed to permeate out of Prince Kyar’s body into the atmosphere.


She desired to have a longer conversation with Kyle, but Isabella quickly shut her mouth, or Duke Kyar would freeze the cute boy to death.

“Then I’ll go in first.

You two should have a cozy conversation.”

It was questionable whether they would have a cozy conversation or not, but after her greeting, she left first.

She thought about studying the herbs she collected in the cave today, and she quickened her steps.


The instant she entered the room, Ignis flew at full speed toward her.

“How have you been Look at that! You bought a lot of herbs, right”

She opened the bag giddily while she boasted about the additional herbs she had plucked today for her new collection.

Next,  she cleaned her collection of herbs immediately, washing them one by one with all her heart, and dried them in the shade.

She observed each herb, looking pleased.

“How much would she get from selling all of this”

She muttered to herself in a sing-song voice until she heard a knock on the door.

“Come on in.”

The second she replied, the door opened, and Mei entered the room.

“Lady, your Highness wants to eat with you tonight.”

She thought it would be quiet for a while, but it appeared as it had started again.

Her brows furrowed when she remembered that he told her to do whatever she wanted.

“Young master Kyle is there, too.”

Isabella bobbed her head up and down when Kyle’s name flowed from Mei’s lips.

She thought it would be better to eat with him than throw Kyle alone in such a desolate atmosphere.

“I’ll go.”

Her dress had gotten dirty from washing all that herbs, so she changed into something clean and left the room.

The castle was so large that it took quite a long time for her to get to the Dining Hall.

As she entered the spacious and magnificent place, she could see Duke Kyar sitting at the ‘head’ of the table.

Kyle sat in the middle of the right side, and he looked slightly intimidated by the Duke’s presence.

Facing Kyle, she went to the left seat in the middle and sat down.

“It’s nice to see you again.

Enjoy your meal, Young master Kyle.”

She greeted, and Kyle nodded while he wore a shy smile.

Archduke Kyar narrowed his eyes on her.

“Why don’t you say that to me”


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