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Escaping the Archduke of the North’s Obsession - Chapter 6.2 - Sleepy Translations

She started with those flowers, and then she giddily wandered around the vast cavern to dig more grass and flowers until the bag she carried was full.

There were so many herbs in this cave that weren’t found in Isabella’s notebook.

‘She should get more books about herbs and read about it.’ She thought.

Nothing was more enjoyable than discovering new herbs and learning about them.

However, she hoped that more of these unknown herbs could be one of the ingredients to detoxify the love potion.


A brilliant smile spread across Archduke Kyar’s lips as he watched Isabella moving around the cave with her fine silver hair billowing around her angelic face.

It was fascinating to see how fast she was as he watched her.

It was pretty adorable, seeing her dig grass and flowers he didn’t recognize and putting them in her bag as if she was a squirrel collecting her acorns.

He was a little disappointed at Isabella, who seemed to have forgotten that he was there.

Yet, he found it good that he could watch her as much as he wanted while she paid her no mind.

The last few days when he didn’t see her up close ad personal was so hard it threatened to drive him crazy.

He couldn’t visit Isabella because of his pride, even if he felt like he couldn’t live without seeing her.

He was so annoyed with himself, hiding and making his footsteps light while watching her from afar.

The love potion had overwhelmed him, controlling his emotions and making him feel weak and pathetic.

However, he had to see her even for such a short time so that he could breathe.

He only needed a little time to be with her, but later on, he realized that he missed her so much that his eyes would always welcome the sight of her.

He recalled how she had forced a smile at him.

That particular vision irritated him so much, but it never disappeared even if he closed his eyes.

It was an illusion that wouldn’t go away quickly.

He knew right away that every smile Isabella aimed at him was fake.

Maybe, that was why he became angrier when he found out Isabella had given Luches a sincere smile instead of him,

The moment he saw her smiling brightly at Luches, who had never even smiled in front of him, it tore his heart into pieces that he struggled to suppress the sadistic urge to break Luches’ neck.

“I had no idea it was that easy to see you smile.”

Isabella was grinning widely while digging grass and flowers.

It was such a pretty smile that couldn’t be compared to the smiles she had given Luches.

It was a pity she didn’t give him this kind of smile, but it was still good to see the smile he missed so much.

Is this really what love feels like

His fluctuating emotions over such trivial matters were still unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Why do people want to feel this kind of discomfort

He wanted to drink the antidote and get out of this trance as soon as possible.

Smiling at Isabella without realizing it, he told himself multiple times that he was still annoyed and found it uncomfortable.

At the same time, it made him afraid.,

If this feeling wouldn’t go away even after drinking the antidote—

He gritted his teeth at the thought.

That wouldn’t happen.

This ridiculous feeling couldn’t be his.


Holding a bunch of herbs in her bag, Isabella walked happily and returned to him.

“Do you like those strange grasses and flowers” Duke Kyar asked gruffly as he glanced down at her.

“Of course.

These herbs will help elevate my future and also, they can cure the Great Depression.

I hope there are lots of herbs here for detoxification.”

“I wanted that, too.” Archduke Kyar said bluntly.

As she tried to guess what he was thinking, Isabella spoke carefully in response.

“May I use your private library in Rubella Castle”

There was a small library for the people who lived in Rubella Castle, but there was no book about herbs there.

However, according to the servants,  there were no books in the Kingdom that weren’t in Duke Kyar’s possession in his library.

Recalling that he almost had all the books in the Acnis Empire, Isabella plucked up her courage and asked him a favor.

“To make the antidote, you need more information about herbs.” She told him as she observed his reaction closely.

When she heard that Duke Kyar hated other people invading his personal space, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“Do whatever you want.” He gave her permission, and she sighed with relief.

It appeared like it was easier than she thought.

“Thank you so much, Your Highness.”

“You don’t have to thank me.

I told you.

I can give you anything you want.”

Isabella gave him a hesitant smile while Duke Kyar flashed him such a warm and kind look that wasn’t like him.

Was it his handsome face that made her heart pound for no reason

Yet, she shouldn’t misunderstand his kindness.

His emotions for her were all fake because of the love potion.

Falling for him would be the most foolish thing she would ever do if she allowed herself to be misled by these feelings when it was never there in the first place.

“Yes, I guess so.

I know.

I would never misunderstand and consider this as love.”


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