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Escaping the Archduke of the North’s Obsession - Chapter 6.1 - Sleepy Translations

Isabella entered the forest while she carried a bag of herbs.

It would have been better if Duke Kyar didn’t come along, but she had no choice but to let him accompany her there after he insisted that a woman should never go there alone.

Where are the herbs, anyway

Finding herbs in this icy forest was more complex than she thought.

Also, the expanse of the forest was too far and wide that it was hard to explore everything in just a day.

“Huh This flower”

As she dragged her tired feet to walk unto the forest floor, snow-white flowers situated at the roots of a large tree caught her eye.

This flower, which can also bloom during cold weather, was something she had come across in Isabella’s notebook.

It was a flower called Gloria, which contained cold energy that was the opposite to the flower, Fleria, which was the main ingredient in making the red medicine.

The flower, whose petals, roots, and stems were distinctly white, was a poisonous plant that could lead to a person’s death if eaten by ordinary people,  causing the body temperature to drop instantly.

However, it was a medicinal herb that amplified the power of Kyar’s lineage, who were all born with the ability of ice.

“Do you recognize this flower”She asked, and Duke Kyar merely shook his head.

“I’m not interested in flowers.”

Perhaps, Duke Kyar wasn’t familiar with the flower itself.

“It’s a beneficial herb for you.

You’re Highness.

It’s a flower that contains cold energy.

If you continue to eat and train your magic abilities, you will become stronger than what you are now.”

Unfortunately, the Duke showed little interest in what she said.

“My power is already so strong that it overflows.”

She understood.

She didn’t think the flower would help this person if he were already beyond that level.

She was grateful for the herbs he had given him but, at the same time, sorry for feeding him a love potion, so she brushed the idea off and moved on as she thought about producing medicine with these particular flowers.

Yet, just in case, she was going to watch a little.

She took the small shovel out of the bag she had carried behind her back and carefully dug the ‘Gloria’  from the ground.

Next, she shook the soil from the roots and put the flowers in her bag.

He stood still and watched her do it and, he slowly began to follow her as she moved forward.

They saw a frozen lake from a distance, but it wasn’t the only thing that piqued her curiosity.

Isabella pointed to a large cave next to the frozen lake.

“There’s a cave there.”

“That’s right.

Come to think of it.

Strange grasses and flowers grew in there.”

Her blue eyes sparkled at  Archduke Kyar’s response.

That cave appeared to be a bare land.

There were a lot of herbs in the forest of Rubella Castle in the novel, but she found it strange somehow because people found it hard to find.

“Let’s hurry up and go.”

Excited, she ran to the cave at once.

She couldn’t wait to see the precious herbs with her own eyes.

Because she ran so fast without even glancing down at her path, she lost her balance and slipped when she reached the entrance of the cave, where it was frozen in thin ice.

“Huh Huh”

In that instant, she fell backward, and she struggled to regain her balance.

Nevertheless, his solid arms managed to hold her up.

“Be careful– No, it isn’t that bad to clumsy.”Duke Kyar lowered his voice as he held her as if she was light as a feather.

Duke Kyar held her in his arms like a princess, and she glanced up at him awkwardly while her hands circled his neck.

“Thank you for helping me, but you should put me down now.”

Duke Kyar settled her feet carefully to the ground.

She swore that she saw regret flash across his countenance after she was released from his arms.

“It doesn’t matter if you fall a few more times.

Being clumsy is a part of your charm.”

She suppressed a smile and muttered inaudible nonsense as she watched Duke Kyar, who still followed her.

The love potion was even more dangerous than she thought.

How can her clumsiness attract the Duke

But that wasn’t important right now.

The temperature was different from the cold forest before.

She looked around the numerous herbs growing inside the warm cave with a determined gaze.

For other people, the flowers, grasses, and herbs here may have been unknown and undiscovered, but for Isabella, what was growing in front of her was the future.

She noticed the blue flowers in particular, and she quickly recognized that it was the type of plant that treated the rare disease of the heroine.

Pleased, she observed it some more.

The name of this flower was Bella.

Initially, it was a flower with no name, but it was stated in the novel that Isabella utilized this flower to make the cure and named it ‘Bella.’

Leaning closer, she looked down at the ‘Bella’ flowers that would guarantee her a solid and bright future.

Then, with the small shovel in her hand, she carefully dug the roots of the ‘Bella’ flowers.


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