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Chapter 5


Mu’s family was situated in Xin’an City’s wealthy residential area, Yilian Garden.


Mu and Mr.

Mu had moved in after they got married.

Yilian Garden was in the suburbs and it occupied a lot of area.

There were comprehensive facilities including the school, hospital, playground, large-scale supermarket and such.

It had formed an area itself.

Even more, security was top-notch.


The buildings  in Yilian Garden were all individual villas that occupied more than two hundred square feet.

Each had its own private garden, parking lot, and servants’ room.

Each villa was at least a hundred meters from the next one.


The car stopped in front of a beautiful European style villa.


Mu Yixi sat on the wheelchair and tightly hugged the teddy bear in his arms, his body stiff.

He lowered his head and his face was pale; he pursed his lips and said nothing.


Seeing this, Mrs.

Mu had Aunt Wang push the wheelchair while she walked to Mu Yixi’s side.

She reached over and held his hands, saying, “This is mommy’s home and Yixi’s home in the future as well.

Xiao Xi, don’t be afraid.

Mommy’s Yixi is very brave.

Lift your head…”


After a while, he lifted his hand and held onto Mrs.

Mu’s hands tightly as though trying to get power from her hands.

Then, he slowly let go of Mrs.

Mu’s hands and raised his head looking in front of him firmly.

Although from the posture of him hugging the teddy bear and his stiff expression, one could tell that he was nervous and ill at ease, Mrs.

Mu was already satisfied.

They’ll work on it step by step.

There was no way they could achieve their goal in one go.


Mu Family was a large and influential family for hundreds of years.

It wasn’t easy to claim connections with the family.

From Mu Jiurong’s tiny family to Mu Family’s residence, Mrs.

Mu could protect Mu Yixi, but she still needed to take care of her two children.

There was no way she could take care of all aspects.

If Mu Yixi wanted to stand his footing in the Mu Family, he needed to become independent.


Mu encouraged and guided him mainly, unable to pamper and indulge him as she did in the hospital anymore.



Mu brought Mu Yixi into the residence.

The moment they entered the living room, her pair of daughter and son ran over to her, calling out, “Mommy, you’re back!” Yet, their eyes were on Mu Yixi sitting on the wheelchair, full of curiosity.


Likewise, Mu Yixi was looking at them too.


The six years old Mu Yiqi looked very familiar to Mu Yixi.

They both inherited Mu Jiurong’s thick and dashing eyebrows, deep and narrow eyes, tall nose bridges, and red moist lips.

They had slender figures, but didn’t appear that weak either.

They were basically a young handsome version of Mu Jiurong.

If they stood next to him, one could clearly tell that they were his sons.

He was born premature and younger than Mu Yixi by five months, but he was much stronger and taller than the latter.


The four years old Mu Yixuan had both parents’ strengths.

She had an exquisite and cute face.

She carried a fat little chicken doll and blinked her big eyes, tilting her head while looking at him.

She appeared to be a cute and sweet little doll.


However, the moment the two children opened their mouths, Mu Yixi knew that...


Mu Yiqi said rudely, “Mommy, he’s the big brother Why is he so tiny I’m the big brother!”


Mu Yixuan knitted her brows in annoyance and said in a soft voice, “He looks very similar to big brother chick, but he’s smaller than him.

What animals are smaller than chicks Oh, a mouse.

Big brother mouse.

Ah, Xiao Xuan doesn’t like mice though.

I don’t want to hug him to sleep…”


If this was the twelve years old Mu Yixi from past life, he definitely would’ve exploded from anger and cursed them out loud! Listen to their words! Small, mouse...Had he not known any better, he would’ve thought they were doing this on purpose and specially came over to show him who was boss.

Thinking from a worse perspective, what could five years old know Clearly, they were taught by adults.

Wasn’t this a hint that Mu Jiurong didn’t welcome him Either that or Mrs.

Mu didn’t really want him to enter the Mu Family as she showed...


This pair of brats!


If he hadn’t had his past life’s memory, Mu Yixi would’ve held a grudge against them in his heart.

However, he knew that they didn’t mean that.

Mrs Mu wanted to change their opinions about Mu Yixi.

Since she decided to adopt him, she wouldn’t let her children ruin his image.

In contrast, she’d guide them to like him.

Although he didn’t go through the same experiences with this pair of siblings, Mrs.

Mu had done a lot of work for them to peacefully get along with each other.

She had once told him about Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan’s interesting childhood events.


For example, Mu Yiqi was annoyed with Mu Yixuan, his cute little sister, because she was a girl.

Therefore, she couldn’t play along with him.

Even more, she dragged him down.

He had to let her in everything.

It just so happened that mommy said he was the big brother, so he needed to take care of his little sister.

Mu Yiqi sullenly assumed his responsibility as the big brother.

At that time, Mu Yiqi wished for mommy to get him a big brother.

That way, he could make his big brother take care of his troublesome little sister.

Besides, he could also have a big brother to play and take care of him like he did for his little sister.



Mu knew that he wanted a big brother.

Mu Yiqi was already eager to meet his big brother when she mentioned that he had one.


Therefore, Mu Yixi understood why Mu Yiqi acted as though he was seriously shocked.

He must be screaming in his heart: where is my tall and all mighty big brother!


Mu Yiqi looked similar to Mu Jiurong, but his personality was much closer to Mrs.



As for Mu Yixuan, don’t look at how soft-looking she was, but she had inherited Mu Jiurong’s craftiness.

She wasn’t aware because she was young, but she had total control over her big brother, Mu Yiqi.

What a pity that she was a girl and like Mrs.

Mu, her heart softened towards people she trusted in, causing her to suffer in the future.


The future coldhearted ice beauty was still a cute and adorable girl right now.

She was still distressed over Mu Yixi’s address.

This was because she had the habit of sleeping with someone at night.

However, there was no way that her three family members would indulge her in this habit.

Therefore, Mrs.

Mu made a compromise.

She had Mu Yixuan pick three dolls from her collection, representing her “daddy,” “mommy,” and “big brother.” That way, Mu Yixuan would be able to hug her “family” to sleep every night.

The latter agreed with this method, so she carefully picked out her “daddy dog,” “mommy rabbit,” and “big brother chick.” “Daddy dog” was a dog doll bigger than herself.

She could wrap her arms around it and sleep.

“Mommy rabbit” was smaller than “daddy dog,” but still a bit bigger than her.

She could spoon and sleep with it.

“Big brother chick” was a fat little chick, only half the size of Mu Yixuan.

She could hug and squeeze it however she wanted to.

Meanwhile, she was the “little rabbit” that was just a bit smaller than her “big brother chick.” But no matter the animal, only her family had this treatment.



Mu Yixuan naturally wouldn’t pick an animal for an unfamiliar kid that she just saw for the first time and then hug “him” to sleep.

It was probably because Mrs.

Mu told her that her big brother was part of her family that Xiao Xuan started to ponder over which doll to represent him.


Therefore, Mu Yixuan was in distress right now and had trouble choosing.

She thought of a mouse in the first moments when she thought of an animal smaller than a chick.

However, she hated mice...


Mu Yiqi exploded first! With a red face, he said, “I already said I’m not a big brother chick!” He had objected to this name many times! Why was he a little chick Why couldn’t he be a lion or tiger, but rather a weak and slow little yellow chick He opposed this strongly, but even Mu Jiurong couldn’t escape being the “daddy dog.” Mrs.

Mu also looked on without saying anything.

She lightly said, “Then you can sleep with your little sister at night then.” The underlying words were that he didn’t need to be “big brother chick” if he decided to sleep with her.

Then he’d be tortured by Mu Yixuan like the “big brother chick” No! He’d rather have “big brother chick” suffer for him! It was one thing to say it on a normal basis, but why did she have to say that in front of his new big brother Mu Yiqi felt that his dignity as a masculine boy had been hurt!


Mu Yixuan pursed her lips and said, “But big brother is big brother chick…”


Mu Yiqi quickly glanced at the confused Mu Yixi and said angrily, “I’m not!”


Mu Yixuan stomped on her feet.

“You are!”


Mu Yiqi said out loud, “I’m not!”


The siblings started fighting!


It was unclear whether one should laugh or cry at this development.


Mu Yixi snorted, causing everyone’s attention to be on him.


Mu Yixi didn’t realize.

He looked at Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, wearing a small smile.

He shyly said to Mu Yiqi, “Little brother, I’m not small.

I just hurt my leg, so I can’t stand up.

When I recover, I’ll play with you.” Then he turned to Mu Yixuan and delivered the teddy bear in his hands to her, “Little sister, this is my favorite teddy.

Can I be your big brother teddy”


Hearing that Mu Yixi’s leg was injured and that he couldn’t stand up, Mu Yiqi immediately glanced at his leg in pity.

“I know.

When I was running last time, I fell and hurt my knee.

It hurt a lot and I also bled.” He scrunched his face, having lingering fears.

“Don’t be scared.

Once you recover, I’ll play with you.” He generously said.

In Young Master Mu’s mind, playing was the most important.

As long as he didn’t need to bring his cumbersome little sister.


He didn’t realize, but after seeing that the small Mu Yixi was injured, he unconsciously started to act like a big brother again.


Mu Yixuan was originally observing Mu Yixi and assessing how similar he was to a teddy bear.

However, she became anxious after seeing that her big brother and the new big brother became companions.

They looked so similar that they seemed like the same person! She grabbed Mu Yixi’s teddy bear and said, “I want to play with you guys!” Seeing that her big brother’s face fell immediately, she looked at Mu Yixi and miserably called out, “Big brother teddy…”


Mu Yiqi widened his eyes and looked at Mu Yixi, scared that he’d agree to take his little cumbersome sister.

Then, they wouldn’t be able to play.

He didn’t dare to openly oppose, otherwise Mu Yixuan would definitely create a big disturbance.

Therefore, he tried his best to give him a look, hoping that Mu Yixi could understand his hint.

Otherwise, he won’t play with him if Mu Yixi agreed.

He’d have him take care of his little sister! He was already in elementary school, so he was an “adult.” His friends would definitely laugh at him if his little sister came to his school and followed him around!


Mu Yixi carefully thought about it before saying, “I want to play with you guys.

How about this I’ll play with my little brother for one day and then I’ll play with my little sister the next day.

On the third day, you guys can play together and the day after, we’ll all play together, okay”


“Okay!” Mu Yiqi said happily.

He was great in math and immediately noticed that his days of playing with his little sister would decrease from four to two days.

It was much better than playing with her every day! Plus, they got to play together on the third day.

He could make his new big brother take care of his little sister, so he’d be free! He just needed to take care of his little sister for one day; that’s amazing! Yay!


“Ok!” Mu Yixuan said, not backing down.

She was actually confused by Mu Yixi’s explanation and didn’t understand.

However, Mu Yixi didn’t seem to be abandoning her to play with her big brother, so she agreed.

Mu Yiqi always disliked her, so she wasn’t happy about this either.

Now that she had a new big brother, it wasn’t like she must play with Mu Yiqi.

She won’t let his big brother steal her new big brother away!


The two siblings glanced at each other and they gave each other a daring gaze.


Mu Yixi became a best-seller right now.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this result.


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