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At one o’clock in the morning, the car drove into the Yilian manor.

There were four people in the car.

Uncle Rong, the driver, was in the driving seat and was responsible for driving.

Xu Qingli was in the co-pilot seat.

She turned her head from time to time to look at Mu Jiurong and Xu Zhao in the back row.

Xu Zhao was already drunk and lying on his back slantingly, almost unconscious.

Compared to Xu Zhao’s lack of demeanor, Mu Jiurong, who had also drank too much, still looked personable.

He held his forehead with his hands, closing his eyes as he rested.

The car stopped and Mu Jiurong opened his eyes.

Xu Qingli quickly got out of the car, walked to the back seat and opened the door: “Brother Jiurong, how do you feel” The voice was tender.

She had worn a dress for the banquet tonight, with a one-shoulder design, showing her shoulders and a small bit of breasts.

She had ditched her usual fresh style of dressing.

Many people had stared at her tonight.

The banquet was an informal commercial banquet, and the scene was a bit chaotic.

Xu Qingli was not required to attend.

Mu Jiurong always took Tan Qianru there.

But it was rare that Tan Qianru was unwell and could not go with him.

Xu Qingli volunteered to replace her.

This was the first time Xu Qingli had the opportunity to become Mu Jiurong’s female companion alone, and she would never give up this opportunity.

Mu Jiurong had nothing to say about it.

Seeing that her work ability was not bad, he nodded in agreement.

Xu Zhao didn’t approve of it, but Mu Jiurong nodded, and Xu Qingli was eager to try again, so he had to take her to explain, telling her to be smart and follow them closely.

It was a pity that Xu Qingli really lacked experience in dealing with this kind of occasion.

She was caught in the wrong place and was forced to drink.

Mu Jiurong and Xu Zhao couldn’t leave her alone.

They could only drink instead of her.

Xu Qingli felt annoyed that she was dragging them back, and at the same time she was happy that Mu Jiurong stood in front of her to give her a hand.

And even if they were eating and drinking, when it was time, Mu Jiurong stood up to go home, not staying and in turn stunning those who had begun to show their ugliness.

Those people didn’t dare to embarrass him, at most they punished him to drink two more glasses, and sent him away kindly.

Xu Qingli could clearly see the love and envy in the eyes of the women present.

They seemed to sigh: Why did they fail to become Mrs.


Xu Qingli couldn’t help thinking: When will she become Mrs.


After keeping it down all night, with her cautious temperament, she carelessly showed a little affection towards Mu Jiurong.

But Mu Jiurong looked the same as usual.

In fact, his eyes were slightly dazed, he was obviously drunk and confused, so he hadn’t noticed Xu Qingli’s abnormality at all.

Xu Qingli reached out to help him, and he leaned against her directly.

Mu Jiurong could stand firm by instinct.

Xu Qingli didn’t need to exert any effort to hold his arm against his body.

There was a feeling of a dream coming true, and her face flushed with excitement.

Uncle Rong, the driver, wanted to help.

Xu Qingli cleverly blocked it: “Mr.

Mu is fine, I’ll be fine.

Uncle Rong, please take care of my brother.”

Seeing Mu Jiurong’s face, Uncle Rong saw no objection, so he did not insist.

Xu Qingli helped Mu Jiurong walk into the house all the way, wishing that the road under her feet would be longer, in fact it would be better if there was no end.

She thought she could send Mu Jiurong directly to the study lounge.


Mu should be asleep at this hour.

In the past, whenever Mu Jiurong came back late, he didn’t disturb Mrs.

Mu and went to the study lounge for the night.

The supporting facilities in the lounge were very complete, more spacious and comfortable than the guest rooms.

She had just started to go up to the second floor when Mrs.

Mu, who was wearing a home-style dress, greeted her.

Xu Qingli was taken aback, and immediately calmed her expression as if nothing had happened, then she smiled: “Mrs., you haven’t slept yet”


Mu nodded at her, looked at Mu Jiurong with concern, and stretched out her hand: “How can you drink like this”

Mu Jiurong took her hand and pulled her into his arms: “Zhen Er…” Then there was no sound, and the whole person was lying on her in a relaxed manner.

Xu Qingli instantly fell to one side alone.

A warm yellow light was on in the aisle of the stairs, and the light always remained on before the male owner arrived home.

Under the warm light, Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu were intimately close together, as if they were one entity, and others seemed to be unable to intrude between them.

Xu Qingli’s good mood for the night disappeared immediately, her eyes darkened when she looked at Mrs.


Seeing that Mrs.

Mu was struggling to hold up the relaxed Mu Jiurong, Xu Qingli hurriedly went over to help.


Mu smiled apologetically to her.

The two worked together to help Mu Jiurong into the master bedroom.

Mu Jiurong lay down on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

Like an outsider, Xu Qingli watched Mrs.

Mu take off his shoes and unbutton his shirt to make him sleep more comfortably…


Mu found that Xu Qingli was still standing on the side.

“Thank you for just now, Qingli.”

“This is what I should do.” Xu Qingli said, “I’ll get you a hot towel.” Without waiting for Mrs.

Mu’s response, she turned and walked into the bathroom.


Mu was a little surprised and felt that it was not suitable for Xu Qingli to stay here like this.

With her usual cleverness, she should avoid it early.

But she was so diligent that Mrs.

Mu couldn’t rush her clearly for a while.

Of course, Xu Qingli knew that she should say goodbye and could not rely on it to avoid being seen by Mrs.


But she didn’t want to leave like this, but she also didn’t know what she could do.

Deliberately procrastinating in the bathroom for a while, when Xu Qingli came out with a hot towel, Mrs.

Mu was no longer in the bedroom, only Mu Jiurong was lying on the bed with his clothes messed up.

Xu Qingli was stunned…

When Mrs.

Mu came back with the hangover tea, Xu Qingli stood at the door of the master bedroom respectfully and immediately said, “Mrs., if there is nothing else, I will go back.”


Mu said: “It’s so late, you’re a girl, why don’t you just stay in the guest room for one night”

Xu Qingli shook her head: “Thank you, madam.

It’s okay, I didn’t drink, I’m sober, I want to send my brother back to return him to sister-in-law,” she said mischievously.


Mu politely persuaded her with a few more words, but Xu Qingli tactfully refused and insisted on leaving.


Mu had to say, “Then you be careful on the way back.”

Xu Qingli smiled and agreed.

When Xu Qingli left, Mrs.

Mu returned to the room and found that there was a dish of clean hot water beside the bed, and a neatly folded towel was placed on the edge of the dish.

And Mu Jiurong was still how he looked like when she went out, without having been freshened up.

Obviously, Xu Qingli didn’t do anything untoward.

Just now Xu Qingli stayed in the room.

For a moment, Mrs.

Mu felt that she wanted to take care of Mu Jiurong on her behalf.


Mu thought, Xu Qingli still abides by the rules.

The abnormality just now, maybe she was just tired.


Mu put the hangover tea on the table, twisted the towel to wipe Mu Jiurong’s face, wiped it to the side of her neck, when Mrs.

Mu was startled slightly.

Because the towel was stained with a faint red.

Very light red, like a little bit left after wiping- the color of the lipstick.

And just now when Mu Jiurong leaned on her and she touched this position, there was nothing on it…

Mu Yixi rushed to throw the lipstick-coated tissue into the toilet, and then stretched out and beat back a big yawn.

“You are not a good thing.” Feng Weiming said after having been observing Mu Yixi for a few months.

In order to dig a hole for Xu Qingli to jump, Mu Yixi prepared for several months.

Like a thief, he secretly recorded Mu Jiurong’s schedule, presumably by Mu Jiurong’s movements and through other people’s words and deeds, to find ways to help Mrs.

Mu see such a scene ……then he seized this opportunity at once and used the paper towel covered with lipstick lightly printed on it on Mu Jiurong’s neck.

It was almost seamless.

The only fly in the ointment was that Feng Weiming, who was deliberately observing him, caught the plan.

Because after Xu Zhao’s wedding banquet that night, Feng Weiming had been slightly wary of Mu Yixi.

He always wanted to make sure that Mu Yixi was harmless to Mrs.

Mu and the others.

Mu Yixi had a clear conscience on this point and generously allowed him to supervise, but he had to make three rules to prevent him from intervening in what he wanted to do.

Feng Weiming agreed, and then watched the whole process of Mu Yixi’s design and how he framed Xu Qingli.

Of course, it could not be said to be framing, but revealing Xu Qingli’s real thoughts.

Hearing Feng Weiming’s brilliant summary, Mu Yixi seemed to curl his lips at him proudly.

“Are you fighting the injustice against Xu Qingli” Mu Yixi said confidently: “I remember you didn’t like her either.”

Feng Weiming: “She is not a good thing either.” Her all actions were a very low-level thing in themselves.


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