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Mu Yixi took to boarding life just like a fish in water!

When he was raised by his biological mother Hu Qin in his previous life, he was strictly required to make progress every day.

To become a person worthy of the status of the young master of the Mu family, he needed to be consistent, not let his true thoughts be seen through, and not be beaten in any way.

He wanted to regain everything that “belonged” to them mother and child from Mu Yiqi, the real eldest young master of the Mu family, who had never even seen him.

Mu Yixi had never led a normal life as a primary school student.

At this age, he was just like Qin He was now, always gloomy and depressed, and lonely.

But now it was different!

Elementary school courses were easier for him than drinking water.

He didn’t need to deliberately become the one with the best grades.

He just listened to class every day and played with Mu Yiqi and the other boys.

He even joined the football team! Every day like an idiot, he competed with these young kids for a ball, and then laughed and forgot about it.

There were little girls on the court cheering them, making the enthusiastic little boys more and more vigorous as they were playing!

In the beginning, Mu Yixi had to imitate Mu Yiqi to be like a normal primary school student.

Afterwards, he gradually got used to it and didn’t need to imitate anymore.

Mu Yixi had already realized the pure innocence of happiness.


Mu was very pleased with the vivacious vigor of a child that naturally appeared on him.

They returned to Mu’s home to receive family education on the weekends.


Mu still didn’t restrain them too much, and she encouraged them to relax and not to work too hard.

However, Mu Yiqi and him were both very self-disciplined.

They played when it was time to play and learnt when it was time to learn.

It was clear that Mu Yixi has accumulated a lot of knowledge because of the memory of his previous life, but under this kind of education, he saw himself changing day by day and becoming better.

The feeling of heart being full was extremely unspeakable.

Mu Yixi felt that he had never been better! He loved his life now!

Of course, campus life was not only good.

Whenever and wherever there were people, there would be contradictions.

The students in Ya’an were all basically born in a complicated environment.

The composition of the students was not simple, and their hearts had a few more twists than their other peers of the same age under the long-term influence of their families.

It was not uncommon for them to form cliques and fight in secret.

There were so many different family background factors, direct lineage and collateral lineage each had their own faction, and legitimate children and illegitimate children each had their own factions.

Although the means of competing against each other was relatively simple and immature because of the young age, but it was also a very interesting to understand the internal and external relationships of each family.

Mu Yixi tried to guide Mu Yiqi to use the intricate relationships between his classmates to establish his own network.

But Mu Yiqi was obviously not yet old enough to suppress his wishes for the sake of profit.

Instead, he persuaded him not to worry too much.

He would play with whomever he wanted to play with, and he would fall out if he hated them!

“I am covering you!” Mu Yiqi said boldly! The children of their Mu family should be upright, not follow the stingy manner and go astray.

Mu Yixi couldn’t laugh or cry.

Mu’s family, Mr.

Mu Jingwei was a fine old fox.

Mu Jiurong was a scumbag in his private life, but his business vision was always sharp and precise.

He had heard the news in advance about what was said earlier this year, and he had been preparing for business trips one after another.

Why did he go to France to find Mu Jiuqin Mu Jiurong was not really so brotherly, or he won’t wait until now to remember to see his younger brother.

Compared with the twists of an adult’s heart, Mu Yiqi was truly honest and sincere.

But Mu Yiqi’s thoughts affected him.

At this age, it was the right time to be frank and confrontational, and the friendships that had been established since this time among the children of high-ranking families were the true relationships.

Couldn’t he see that most of the friends gathered around Mu Yiqi were of the same type Smart but without having lost the heart of a child.

Mu Yixi secretly reviewed.

He had never experienced such a wealthy life.

If he gave Mu Yiqi an idea indiscriminately, it may be self-defeating.

It was better to go with the flow and act according to the situation.

He didn’t trouble people, but trouble found him.

In the golden autumn of October, the weather turned cold, and Mu Yixi played football in that weather.

As he was blown by the cool breeze, he started showing signs of a cold the next day, and he was very groggy.

His body suffered excessively under the torture of his grandmother Hu Lijiao.

Although Mrs.

Mu later helped him to nourish and he looked much healthier, but still, he was a little weaker than normal children.

Fortunately, the school doctor confirmed that it was a minor problem which would be resolved after taking the medicine.

Mu Yixi stayed in the dormitory alone and drove away the worried Mu Yiqi-their class was playing a football game with the next class, and Mu Yiqi was the main scoring player, so it was impossible for him to stay.

Mu Yixi wrapped the quilt around him like a cocoon and closed his eyes to rest.

He did not fall asleep but was focused on watching the movements around the dormitory.

About fifteen minutes later, the door of the dormitory quietly opened and closed again.

“Mu Yixi, Mu Yixi…” Someone whispered Mu Yixi’s name, and stretched out his hand to push his quilt carefully.

Mu Yixi closed his eyes, breathing smoothly, as if sleeping.

The visitor carefully observed him for a while, and made sure that he was really not awake, and finally felt relieved, turned his back and began to act.

Mu Yixi heard a squeaky sound, the sound of a zipper, the sound of objects colliding, the sound of breathing quickly because of doing bad things, and so on.

The whole process only lasted two or three minutes.

After finishing the work, the visitor left the dormitory lightly.

When the other party walked away, Mu Yixi opened his eyes, and the corners of his lips rose into a mocking smile.

He lifted the quilt, pulled the Snoopy schoolbag on the desk, and opened it.

As expected, there were some things that did not belong to him: there were a few children’s watches from imported brands, the average price of whom was over 1,000 dollars, there was also a box of imported chocolates and a small pile of cash, with a minimum face value of one yuan and a maximum face value of one hundred yuan, the total of which would be about two thousand yuan.

In an era when ordinary people’s monthly salary was only a hundred yuan, these things together could be regarded as a huge sum of money.

If an adult stole it, he was afraid that they might go to jail for a few years…

Mu Yixi took out all the things and stuffed them into Lin Xiaoyang’s clothes cabinet, one of his roommates-yes, he just entered the dormitory and stuffed Mu Yixi’s bag with “stuff” from unknown sources.

People’s thinking this year was still relatively simple, and children were even more innocent.

There were no surveillance cameras in the school, and the cabinet doors and windows in the dormitory were not locked, which facilitated Mu Yixi’s actions.

With Mu Yixi’s adult eyes, living together for a few months, neither man nor ghost could escape his eyes.

Lin Xiaoyang regarded himself as Mu Yiqi’s follower and trailed behind him and Mu Yiqi and they couldn’t get rid of him, making people think that he was Mu Yiqi’s representative.

But behind Mu Yiqi’s back, he occasionally said domineering things in Mu Yiqi’s name, or deliberately misinterpreted certain words of Mu Yiqi, quietly ruining Mu Yiqi’s reputation.

The stupidest thing was that he once tried to sow discord between him and Mu Yiqi.

Considering the IQ of a six-year-old boy, Lin Xiaoyang was definitely smart and cautious.

It was a pity that he met Mu Yixi.

But as Mu Yiqi considered Lin Xiaoyang his friend, he didn’t care about his small movements at all.

So, Mu Yixi had to pay attention to it.

Later, he found out that Lin Xiaoyang was Feng Kun’s person, and because he won Mu Yiqi’s trust, he was taken seriously.

Mu Yixi really wanted to write a word of praise for these little guys, as they could play these games so well at this young age.

Although he had the shallowness of a child, Feng Kun was smart and insidious beyond his age.

Mu Yixi knew that he was being targeted and wanted to show him a good look.

The previous dormancy was just to reduce his and Mu Yiqi’s vigilance.

He had estimated that whenever there was a chance, Feng Kun would definitely use Lin Xiaoyang to make a big move.

This time he was sick and staying in the dormitory, and other classmates were in the classroom, and he was alone on the entire floor.

Wasn’t it the best time to “steal” The illegitimate child who can’t be shown had greedy eyes.

He could send Mu Yixi away with a box of imported chocolates… haha.

This time, he rolled up into the quilt and fell asleep on the bed again.

This sleep was extremely heavy.

When Mu Yiqi came to wake him up, the dormitory was already noisy.

“Um…what’s the matter, Xiaoqi” Mu Yixi rubbed his eyes and asked in a deep sleepy voice.

“Are you doing better, Xiaoxi” Mu Yiqi’s face was a bit dark at first.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s face full of weakness, he couldn’t help asking worriedly.

“Well, I’m better.” Mu Yixi nodded, looked at the crowded dormitory, and asked in confusion: “Why is everyone here Even Teacher Chen is here!”

Teacher Chen, the head teacher, was surrounded by the students.

His expression was complicated and helpless.

“Mu Yixi, you stole our things, hand them over quickly!” Fang Wei, the fat and strong man, said viciously.

He was Feng Kun’s follower.

“Student Fang!”

“Fang Wei, shut up, my brother won’t steal things!”

Teacher Chen and Mu Yiqi said at the same time.

“Everyone has gone to class, he is the only one in the dormitory, who else could have stolen!” Fang Wei said.

“Yes, it must be him!”

“Give me back my watch…”

“My pocket money…”

“It’s too much!”

The several little boys echoed.

Some of them were linked to Feng Kun, some were not, at least not on the surface.

But without exception, their status was not as good as Feng Kun.

Now Mu Yixi knew who had generously provided Lin Xiaoyang with “stolen goods”, and how many “allies” Feng Kun had in the class.

Neither Feng Kun nor Lin Xiaoyang spoke.

Feng Kun stood aside, Fang Wei led the show, with a faint smile on his face, while Lin Xiaoyang shrank from behind and dared not step forward.

“What’s the matter” Mu Yixi frowned, confused: “Stealing things”

Mu Yiqi was upset and said: “They are saying that you stole their things.

Humph, ridiculous! I don’t believe it! Xiaoxi won’t steal things!”

“The other dormitories have been searched, yours is the only one left!” Fang Wei said, even taking Mu Yiqi with him.

“Then search.” Mu Yixi was not angry at all and said generously: “Xiaoqi and I will definitely not steal things.

I believe Teacher Chen will return us our innocence.”

Finally, someone who knew how to respect the teacher.

Teacher Chen glanced at Mu Yixi and said, “Since the other dormitories have been searched, let’s search this one too!”

Teacher Chen was extremely annoyed! The status of teachers in this era was very high.

Even when he came to Ya’an, Mr.

Chen was respected by this group of delicate children.

But this time the facts caught him off guard.

There was a theft in the boys’ dormitory.

The students went back and found it quickly.

When Teacher Chen received the news, Fang Wei had already searched through the other dormitories with several classmates who had lost things.

It was too late for Teacher Chen to stop it.

Fang Wei was Feng Kun’s follower, he was so noisy, he must have Feng Kun’s support from behind.

This Feng Kun loved making trouble the most.

He was slippery and never did things by himself.

Teacher Chen couldn’t get his handle.

His mother Zhong Ruizhen was extremely powerful and had never reprimanded him.

At this time, Teacher Chen thought, I wonder if he is playing tricks this time.

If so, who would be the unlucky one When he arrived at dormitory 206, Teacher Chen’s head hurt immediately! There were two children from the Mu family in this dormitory, and one from the Qin family.

It was a pity that what he was afraid of did happen.

The spear was pointed at Mu Yixi, because he was the only one who was sick today, lying in the dormitory to rest, and the other classmates had gone to class.

However, after prospering for several generations, why would the rich Mu family shortchange their children Even though Mu Yixi’s identity may be a bit problematic, the degree to which Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi cared about him was enough to show that he was favored!

Moreover, the child was so sick that he fell asleep, and he woke up only after calling him several times.

Teacher Chen was afraid that there was something wrong with him, so he almost called the school doctor just now.

By now, the search for the dormitory could no longer be avoided.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s attitude, Teacher Chen suddenly felt relieved.

This was a kid with a plan.

Fang Wei and the others were also made a little apprehensive by Mu Yixi’s generosity, and an ominous premonition arose in their hearts, but now that it was difficult to go back, so they began to search.

The first target was Mu Yixi’s schoolbag!

“Don’t mess up my things.

If you mess up, you have to clean them up.

Don’t break my things either.

My mother brought my things back from France.

They are expensive.

If you break them, you will have to pay compensation.” Yixi said in a leisurely manner but the frightened searchers suddenly put their hands and feet lightly and did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

“No…” The person in charge of searching the schoolbag was called Tang Zhisheng.

He searched carefully but couldn’t find anything that didn’t belong to Mu Yixi.

Fang Wei didn’t believe it.

He stepped forward and grabbed his schoolbag: “I’ll do it!” He tried to search again and again, but still didn’t find anything.

He obviously said to put the stuff in the schoolbag! Fang Wei had been instructed by Feng Kun, and he was really puzzled at this time! He looked at Feng Kun subconsciously and saw the same stunned look on Feng Kun’s face.

“Why, is there anything special about my schoolbag” Mu Yixi asked meaningfully.

“No, no.” Fang Wei felt guilty as he said this.

Just now, he was so aggressive, but all the aggression had out like air from a balloon being punctured.

He slammed the schoolbag closed, trying to cover it up.

“What are you doing!” Mu Yiqi glared at him angrily.

He was a big-time figure, and he usually engaged directly with Feng Kun.

Fang Wei was a little scared when he got angry and looked even more daunted.

“Found it, here!” someone said loudly!

Everyone turned their gazes at once and saw four closets side by side.

One of the closet doors opened, revealing a handful of watches, chocolates, cash, etc.


The location was extremely conspicuous and clear at a glance.

“My watch!”

“Ah, my chocolates!”

“Really here!”

“A lot of money…”

Someone immediately recognized their own things and started talking loudly.

Fang Wei’s spirit was revived, and he immediately said again: “Ha, I said it was you…”

“That’s Lin Xiaoyang’s cabinet!” Mu Yiqi lowered his face and said coldly, immediately making Fang Wei choke.

After watching it for a long time, if he could no longer see the truth, his head would be filled with straw! Mu Yiqi looked at Lin Xiaoyang, who had been trying to hide behind everyone before, and was so angry that he could burn a hole in him.

Lin Xiaoyang quickly became the focus of everyone.

The person in front of him retreated automatically, revealing his figure.

As a follower, Lin Xiaoyang was short, and thin compared to Fang Wei’s fatness.

He had a sweet mouth and a very pleasing appearance.

At this moment, he suddenly raised his head because of Mu Yiqi’s words, his face was full of disbelief: “Impossible!”

“It’s all in your cabinet, what can you say Thief!” Mu Yiqi said.

The situation was unknown just now, and he did not speak.

Now Mu Yiqi uttered a voice, and naturally came out to support Mu Yixi.

He didn’t hesitate even though Lin Xiaoyang usually associated with them, which showed his popularity in the small circle.

Lin Xiaoyang’s face suddenly turned pale: “I, I don’t…I’m not a thief…”

“Then how did everyone’s things get into your cabinet They have feet” Someone said, his tone was ironic.

Lin Xiaoyang couldn’t argue, his face flushed with anxiety, his eyes couldn’t help but glance at Feng Kun: “I, I…” No matter how clever he was, he was only six years old, and he was completely panicking at this time.

Seeing that the situation was not right, Feng Kun immediately said, “It must be Lin Xiaoyang who stole them.

When we were in class, he went to the bathroom for a long time.”

Lin Xiaoyang was shocked, and his eyes were hopeless: “Feng Kun, you…”

Fang Wei said quickly: ” Yes, Lin Xiaoyang must have stolen them.”

“Yes, yeah, he disappeared for a long time.”

“I wonder why he took so much time in the toilet”

“He said that he didn’t have enough money recently…”

“Stole our things!”

“Thief! Thief!”

The people who accused Mu Yixi just now turned their spearheads to attack Lin Xiaoyang.

Lin Xiaoyang’s eyes were red with horror, and he opened his mouth several times to argue, but was interrupted by each of them.

No one wanted him to speak.

Feng Kun also kept warning him with his terrifying and gloomy eyes.

Feng Kun had accumulated great power in Lin Xiaoyang’s heart, and when he met his eyes, Lin Xiaoyang’s words got stuck in his throat, and he began to feel desperate.

“Teacher Chen, what do you say” Mu Yixi’s husky childlike voice, which was still sleepy, was very penetrating amid the noise.

The noise suddenly dropped by several decibels.

Teacher Chen didn’t know what to say, his scalp was numb, and his only feeling was: The children nowadays are terrible!

Mu Yiqi could see the problem, and Teacher Chen, who had a lot more experience than him, could naturally see it, and even sorted out the context.

This was basically a trap aimed at Mu Yixi, where they wanted to frame and then blame him for being a thief, so that he would become infamous.

Among them, the mastermind was Feng Kun.

Fang Wei and the other gang booing up here, were responsible for coming out to attract attention, Lin Xiaoyang was the executor, and he put the “stolen goods” among Mu Yixi’s belongings.

The whole plan combined the right time and place.

When Mu Yixi was sick, he used the roommate trusted by Mu Yiqi to frame him.

Lin Xiaoyang followed Feng Kun’s instructions.

Although the technique was not smart, if everything had gone smoothly, Mu Yixi could definitely have gotten into a lot of trouble.

At least Teacher Chen, as an adult, would not have been able to take the lead in this farce.

He could only follow the trend.

After all, he was somewhat concerned about their identity.

Secondly, if the something had been stolen from the dormitory, it needed be thoroughly investigated and a search of the dormitory was inevitable.

But Mu Yixi, who was supposed to be ill, got to know in his sleep of the plan to frame him, and did not follow the script.

The “stolen goods” that should have been found in his school bag magically appeared in Lin Xiaoyang’s cabinet, and the stolen goods were found on the spot!

Lin Xiaoyang was caught off guard.

Only then did he realize what was going on and he panicked and wanted to ask the mastermind Feng Kun for help, Feng Kun immediately turned into the one who testified against Lin Xiaoyang.

Because he couldn’t let Lin Xiaoyang confess against him, and the other small accomplices had the same idea, so they followed Feng Kun and pushed all the charges on Lin Xiaoyang.

All the people talked and directly nailed Lin Xiaoyang to death.

Simple, direct, and cruel.

This was the conspiracy of a child.

He was confused when he didn’t want to understand it, but he saw clearly now that there were many loopholes.

If Teacher Chen was determined to investigate thoroughly, as long as Lin Xiaoyang was brought away and asked in detail, the child would probably not be able to withstand the pressure and would confess.

But there was no definite evidence.

Just based on Lin Xiaoyang’s words, how could he punish a group of children with strong backgrounds headed by Feng Kun They were not short of money, and they had no motive for committing the crime.

He was afraid that even the “victim” Mu Yixi would not stand up and say anything.

No matter how they disliked each other and turned upside down, the relationship between the Mu family and the Feng family had always been very close.

Feng Kun’s amazing mother, Zhong Ruizhen, sat with Mrs.

Mu at every parent meeting, looking like she had a deep friendship with her.

Couldn’t he see that since Feng Kun turned on Lin Xiaoyang, Mu Yixi closed his mouth and leaned on Mu Yiqi softly, showing a naive and incomprehensible expression His goal was not Feng Kun at all, but Lin Xiaoyang.

As long as Lin Xiaoyang got enough punishment, Mu Yixi would be satisfied.

Feng Kun and the others, in the end, were not involved, and they had a suitable scapegoat, so they were equally satisfied.

From the moment Lin Xiaoyang acted against Mu Yixi, no matter what the result was, he was destined to be the cannon fodder of the game going on between the two sides.

Once he dealt with Lin Xiaoyang, his class would be peaceful.

Dealing with this group of people would not necessarily give results, and would even cause endless troubles, and he might not even be able to keep his job.

The most amazing thing was that no matter what, Lin Xiaoyang couldn’t escape responsibility.

Teacher Chen sighed and said with a stern face: “Classmate Lin Xiaoyang follow me to the office.

The others go back to your dormitory immediately, and it is forbidden to discuss this matter!”

Lin Xiaoyang’s face went gray and his whole body was shaking.

He knew he was over!


Chen, wait!” Mu Yixi said suddenly.


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