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Chapter 99 Five First Places, Creating History

Zhang He announced loudly and emotionally that Lu Yu was the champion of this years trial!

Everyone went crazy when they heard this.

Lu Yu had single-handedly taken first place in the five great academies trial.

This was unprecedented in the entire history of Clanorth University!

Most importantly, the overall strength of this batch of freshmen was more than decent.

Liu Xiao from the Liu Financial Group in Ixdale, Zhao Kai from the Zhao family, and the genius swordsman Xu Mao, who had studied under Gu Ye!

These three peoples strengths and backgrounds were top-notch in the country.

At their age, they were almost unrivaled.

However, Lu Yu defeated these three people quickly and thoroughly.

Not only were there huge differences in attributes between the two sides, but also in terms of skills.

Such a huge difference in strength was beyond everyones comprehension.

They were puzzled how Lu Yu cultivated to be able to increase his strength so quickly!

The older students who placed the wrong bet all had painful facial expressions.

They had originally thought they would win, which was why most of them bet a lot of money.

But in the end, they all lost!

However, those who had placed their bets on Lu Yu cheered excitedly!

“Lu Yu is awesome.

I knew that I hadnt misjudge him!”

“He actually won.

If I had known earlier, I would have bet more money!”

“Damn, this batch of new students produced a terrifying freshman.

His strength is sure scary.”

“Thinking back to the time when I participated in the trial, my strength wasnt even half as strong as his.

How exactly did he cultivate it Im so impressed.”

“Why do you care so much As long as we got the money, thats good enough for me!”

The older students and the audience began to discuss it spiritedly.

They were all curious about Lu Yus strength.

In the middle of the square, all the freshmen who participated in the trial were looking at Lu Yu with eyes full of admiration!

These cultivators valued strength above all else.

The strength that Lu Yu displayed conquered them!

Those freshmen who had followed Lu Yu from the start were now standing behind Lu Yu.

After all five trials had ended, it was time for the results to be announced.

According to their performance, the Deans of the five academies would assign them to the academies they should go to.

The freshmen had no choice in the matter, except for Lu Yu.

He was an all-rounder, and every aspect of his game was outstanding.

For a genius like him, all five Deans naturally wanted to recruit him into their respective academies.

After Zhang He announced the trials final results, the five Deans began to have an intense argument in the spectator stands.

Lu Yu, however, waited quietly.

At that moment, a freshman ran to Lu Yus side.

With an anxious expression, he said hurriedly, “Brother Yu, Miss Yun was accidentally injured during the chaotic battle just now!”

Lu Yu looked at him and asked, “Did she drink the recovery medicine”

“I did, but it was useless.

She was bleeding profusely in many parts of her body, and it was impossible to stop.

Even a life potion didnt have any effect!”

Hearing this, Lu Yu could not help but frown.

It appears that she was in a near-death state.

In this state, normal recovery potions were useless.

They would have to use some life-saving items, and only then would there be some hope.

Entering a near-death state requires her health to drop to 5% or below.

It was very likely that she had suffered too much damage just now.

“Wasnt she well protected How did she get injured” Lu Yu asked.

The student sighed helplessly.

“At first, when the formation was maintained, she was indeed protected in the center.

However, after the team was scattered, she wasnt a close-range fighter, and her defense wasnt high, so…”

“Bring me there!”

After saying this, Lu Yu followed him through the crowd and finally arrived at an empty space in the middle of the group.

Yun Zirou was lying on the ground, unconscious.

Her armor was completely shattered, and her wounds were still bleeding profusely.

Her pale face was enough to show that she was bleeding out.

Su Qing squatted by her side and kept using her healing spell.

However, the healing effect was useless.

It could not bring her back from being in a near-death state.

“Su Qing, leave it to me.

Your treatment is ineffective.” Lu Yu walked over and said lightly.

Su Qing heard Lu Yus voice and suddenly raised her head.

When she saw Lu Yu, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ive already contacted the medical staff at the university, but it might be too late.” Su Qing looked worried.

Lu Yu squatted beside Yun Zirou and carefully examined her wounds.

Her body had multiple cuts, and blood flowed all over the ground, giving off a heavy smell of blood in the air.

It showed how dangerous and chaotic the battle was.

Lu Yu twisted his storage ring, and a half-black and half-white flower appeared in his hand.

This was the Yin and Yan Twin Flower he obtained when he fought the double dungeon Boss.

Lu Yu had no use for this flower throughout his journey.

The medicinal effects would gradually wear off if he continued leaving it inside his storage.

Now, there was finally a usage for it.

After all, this flower could only be used in a near-death state, and it would be rare for Lu to be in a near-death condition.

Then, Lu Yu gently pressed Yun Zirous chin and placed the Yin and Yan Twin Flower inside.

Just as the flower entered her mouth, it turned into a spiritual energy ball and rushed straight into Yun Zirous body.

Then, everyone was surprised as they witnessed Yun Zirous body recovering at an astonishing speed!

The bloody wounds instantly healed and formed scabs.

Then, they fell off, revealing the smooth, white skin below.

It was as if she had never been injured before!

Yun Zirou opened her eyes, lifted her head, and sat up with difficulty.

When the others saw this, they cried out in surprise.

“Its the Yin and Yan Twin Flower.

This rare plant can only be grown in extreme regions.”

“Damn, Lu Yu even has such a tool”

“Miss Yun is saved.

The effect of this flower is really strong…”

“Lu Yu is so generous to his own people, using such a precious item on her.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

As one of the few rare life-saving items, the value of the Yin and Yan Twin Flower was quite high.

The fact that Lu Yu used it on someone else shows his attitude toward his followers!

At that moment, more and more people began to believe that following Lu Yu was the right thing to do.

If this situation had happened on Liu Xiaos side, he would not have used such a precious item to save his people!

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou, sitting up, and asked softly, “Hows your condition Are you okay”

Yun Zirou nodded in confusion, “I remember that I was seriously injured before I fainted, but now…”

“Did you save me”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, “Thats right, have a good rest.”

“I… I dont know what to say, but I owe you my life.

Ill remember it and repay you in the future.”

Lu Yu waved his hand.

“Theres no need to repay me.

Youre all fighting for me.

Im the one responsible if anything happens to you all.”

Lu Yu knew very well that if these people werent willing to follow him, he alone wouldnt be able to fight against 100 people.

Thus, Lu Yu wouldnt just stand by and watch if someone was injured.


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