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Chapter 98 One Versus Three, Deciding The Winner

Liu Xiaos bodyguard was the first to move out and attack Lu Yu.

Liu Xiao himself followed closely behind and chose to be the last to go up and fight.

Lu Yu also rushed at Liu Xiao and soon clashed against his first bodyguard.

Lu Yu swung his right claw with all his might!

With just one strike, he easily injured his opponent.

Following that, Lu Yu swung out his second and third claw attacks!

Very quickly, Lu Yu broke through the group of ten bodyguards.

The ten bodyguards were all heavily injured, lying on the ground and struggling in pain.

At that moment, Liu Xiao clenched his teeth and rushed toward Lu Yu!

“Dont think that Im afraid of you.

Today, youre going to lose for sure!”

In the distance, Liu Xiaos followers continue charging toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu would be in a one-against-many situation as long as they surrounded him again.

If this continued, his stamina would be depleted very quickly.

Lu Yu had to finish off Liu Xiao here to determine the winner!

Lu Yu waved his claws and slashed at Liu Xiao.

Liu Xiao brandished his saber and clashed it against Lu Yus claws.


The two sides collided, and intense sparks were seen!

At that moment, Liu Xiao shouted, “Xu Mao, now your turn!”

Hearing this, Lu Yu immediately became alert.

From the start of the fight until now, he had not noticed where Xu Mao was.

It appeared that he had been hiding all this time.

After yesterdays battle, Lu Yu knew that Xu Mao had a skill that could easily break through his defense.

Moreover, it was 40% of his defense!

If his defense were broken through, it would be hard to guarantee his win if this many people surrounded him…

After catching a glimpse of a figure from the corner of his eye, Lu Yu retreated quickly, trying to avoid Xu Maos sneak attack.

However, Xu Maos longsword was locked onto Lu Yu.

A sharp sword aura started condensing on the sword!


A surge of sword aura suddenly shot out and flew toward Lu Yu.

The speed of the attack shocked Lu Yu, as he had not expected the speed of his attack to have increased by this much!

At this moment, everyone stared intently at Lu Yu.

If Lu Yu could not dodge this attack, then there was a high possibility that he would lose here!

However, the next moment, Lu Yu activated his skill, Dragon Shadow, and instantly appeared from Xu Maos line of sight!

The sword aura passed through Lu Yus afterimage and disappeared.

Everyone started discussing this fervently, as they were all shocked by Lu Yus speed.

Xu Mao looked at the expressionless Lu Yu in front of him, and a cold sweat immediately broke out on his forehead.

“Is there still such a huge difference in our speeds” Xu Mao was miffed.

Even after he enhanced his speed, there was still a huge difference between him and Lu Yu!

This was something hard for him to accept…

Lu Yu raised his right hand and prepared to slash his claws down at Xu Mao.

Looking at the insanely sharp claws, Xu Mao gulped and hurriedly said, “Brother Yu, I admit defeat.

Dont do it! Please dont do it!”

Looking at Zhao Kais bloody wounds made him tremble in fear.

He did not want to suffer the same fate as Zhao Kai.

Lu Yus claws stopped in mid-air and then retracted.

“Youve finally come to your senses.

It seems that its not too late for you to acknowledge my strength.”

However, just as Lu Yu finished speaking, Liu Xiao sneaked over by crouching under Xu Mao.

He silently took out his longsword and stabbed Lu Yus abdomen!

Liu Xiao used Xu Maos body as a cover to launch a sneak attack.

If the sneak attack succeeded, then they still had a chance.

If the sneak attack failed, then they would admit defeat.

Liu Xiao was not giving up and shouted, “Lu Yu, youre going to lose for sure!”

Lu Yu was surprised when he saw the longsword coming at him.

He did not expect this guy to be this shameless, performing such an underhanded sneak attack!

Lu Yu quickly took two steps back and slashed his claws over, slicing the longsword in Liu Xiaos hand into two!

Only the hilt was left in Liu Xiaos hand as he looked dumbfounded.

Lu Yu quickly reached forward and grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up.

“You like sneak attacks, huh I think youre courting death!”

Liu Xiao was having difficulty breathing as the pressure around his neck tightened.

“Cough… its my wrong.

Let… let me down.”

He spoke with difficulty, and his face got deathly pale.

Lu Yu would not give him another chance.

He lashed out a kick, heavily kicking Liu Xiaos stomach!


After a muffled sound, Liu Xiao was sent flying by Lu Yus kick!

After flying more than ten meters, Liu Xiao fell to the ground like a broken rag doll.

The moment he slammed to the ground, he spat a mouthful of blood!

At that moment, other than Lu Yu, the other three leaders were down.

One fell to the ground, spitting blood and heavily injured.

The other was bleeding profusely from his chest, with numerous wounds all over his body.

The last one stood timidly beside Lu Yu.

The miserable state of the three confirmed the outcome of this trial!

At that moment, the surrounding senior students all went crazy.

“You three trash, stand up for me!”

“You lost just like that How can you lose in a three versus one Are you all trash”

“Fuck, how can you lose like that I really dont understand!”

“Isnt this a guaranteed win To think that I even bet on Liu Xiao.

I really misjudged him!”

“What kind of background does this Lu Yu have Why is his strength so terrifying”

“Damn, Ive earned over a million just by betting on Lu Yu.

Ive made a fortune!”

“Awesome, Lu Yu is my big brother now.

Ive earned a huge sum of money!”

“Lu Yu is my big brother from now on too.

Ill fight whoever dares to bully him!”

Some of the seniors were happy, while others were sad.

Quite a few seniors were sure that Lu Yu would lose, so they bet a lot of money on Liu Xiao and the others.

They lost everything, and this made them feel uncomfortable and anxious.

As for those who placed their bets on Lu Yu, they were thanking Lu Yu non-stop.

Lu Yus epic battle had made them a lot of money.

At that moment, when the freshmen participating in the trial saw that Liu Xiao and the other two were defeated, they all stopped fighting.

Lu Yu faced all the freshmen and shouted, “I think the outcome has already been decided.

Even with the three of them joining forces, they still couldnt defeat me.

The first place in this trial has already been decided.

Its meaningless for all of you to continue fighting.”

The freshmen supporting Liu Xiao and the others stopped fighting after hearing Lu Yus words.

Their leader was already defeated.

What meaning was there for them to continue fighting

The battle gradually came to an end.

The strongest leader had already appeared!

In front of the podium, Zhang He looked at Lu Yu with gleaming eyes.

This kind of strength and talent made him very excited.

The strength and status of someone like him entering the military would not be low in the future!

“I announce that this trial has ended, and the results are clear!”

“The first place goes to the well-deserved Lu Yu! Not only did he fight three other leaders at once, he even defeated them with an overwhelming victory!”

“Adding the result of this trial, Lu Yu has obtained the first place in all five academies trials!!”

“He made history!”


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