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Chapter 92 Challenge Ended, Defeating The Three

Liu Xiao let out an angry roar and charged toward Lu Yu with his eight underlings!

The nine people charged at Lu Yu simultaneously, but he did not panic and responded calmly.

Zhao Kai followed behind Liu Xiao and swiftly rushed at Lu Yu.

Lu Yus strength was scaring them.

If they could not join hands to cripple Lu Yu now…

Then, the three of them were destined to be under Lu Yu for the rest of their academic days.

The three had a very good relationship and came from noble backgrounds.

If they joined hands, this batch of freshmen would listen to their words and work for them.

However, with Lu Yu around, even the three of them working together would not be able to take charge of the freshmen.

The group of people ran toward Lu Yu.

Liu Xiao deliberately ran two steps slower and let his underlings take the lead in rushing toward Lu Yu.

The two underlings who led the charge held clubs in their hands and sandwiched Lu Yus front and back.

They swung their clubs and crashed onto Lu Yu!

Lu Yu immediately activated his Dragon Shadow skill, disappearing on the spot!

The clubs passed through Lu Yus figure as though they had swung at empty air.

Just as the thugs halted, Liu Xiao felt a chill on his back.

He turned his head stiffly and realized that Lu Yu was already behind him!

“Bastard, go to hell!”

Liu Xiao was shocked by Lu Yus speed.

He swung his saber in fear and slashed at Lu Yu!

Lu Yu reached his right hand out at lightning speed and grabbed the saber.

Then, he gripped it with force!

With a loud shattering sound, Liu Xiaos saber was crushed by Lu Yus claw and turned into metal pieces on the ground.

When Liu Xiao saw his saber shattered by Lu Yus claw, he was so terrified that his face turned pale.

“What are you all standing around for Surround and disable him!”

Liu Xiao gave the order, and his underlings surrounded him.

Lu Yu did not give them a chance and immediately punched Liu Xiaos face.


After a muffled sound, Liu Xiao was hit in the jaw by Lu Yus punch and was directly sent flying!


Liu Xiao fell heavily to the ground.

The intense pain made him writhe.

“Attack! Return the damage a hundred-fold!” Liu Xiao cried out.

Liu Xiaos underlings heeded his orders and surrounded Lu Yu.

Thus, Lu Yu withdrew his attack stance and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

He lowered his head slightly and closed his eyes.

In the next moment, his eyes opened wide.

A pair of dragon eyes appeared, freezing everyone in their spots!

A terrifying aura spread out from Lu Yus body.

The surrounding thugs felt their calves go weak and nearly collapsed to the ground.

Zhao Kai, standing beside them, also felt this aura, and his expression turned ugly.

“This aura… is too terrifying.”

None of Liu Xiaos lackeys dared go forward, and they began to retreat.

Some nervously swallowed their saliva; some were so nervous that their hands were trembling, and some were so scared that they wet their pants.

Seeing his lackeys cowardice, Liu Xiao was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

“You bunch of trash! To think that I spent so much money to support you guys, you really are a bunch of good-for-nothings!”

Lu Yu walked towards Liu Xiao and looked down at Liu Xiao, lying on the ground.

“Youve lost.

Pay up!”

Liu Xiao raised his head and glanced at Lu Yu.

He was immediately frightened by Lu Yus threat and cowered.

“Its just two million.

Ill just give it to you…”

Although he was unwilling to give up, he still took out a bank card from his wallet and handed it to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu took the bank card from his hand and looked at Zhao Kai and Xu Mao beside him.

“Its you guys turn.”

The two of them walked over unwillingly.

They lowered their heads and took their bank cards from their pockets.

Neither of them dared to look straight into Lu Yus eyes.

After the two of them took out the bank card, they handed it to Lu Yu together.

“Not bad.

At least youre willing to admit your loss.

If you want to continue to spar with me in the future, Ill be there anytime.”

Lu Yu accepted the three bank cards and said with a smile.

After saying that, Lu Yu opened his villas door and walked into it.

He couldnt be bothered to waste any more time dealing with them.

Xu Mao and Zhao Kai hurriedly ran over and helped Liu Xiao up.

“Young master Liu, I didnt expect this fellow to be so strong!” Zhao Kai Xin said unwillingly as they realized they wouldnt be able to be the leader of their batch in the future!

Liu Xiaos eyes were filled with reluctance.

“We have to get rid of that guy.

If we keep him alive, hell be a disaster sooner or later!”

Zhao Kaixin nodded in agreement.

Xu Mao continued, “Which of us didnt come to Clanorth University for the resources here Once that guy becomes the first place, we wont be able to enjoy any of the precious resources!”

Liu Xiao snorted coldly.

“Dont worry.

He wont be the boss of us.

He doesnt have the capital to fight with me!”

He stood up shakily and slowly left the place with the support of his underlings.

Lu Yu returned to the villa and entered the living room.

He saw Yun Zirou and Su Qing wearing tight sportswear and lying on the ground doing push-ups.

Their tight sportswear perfectly displayed their alluring figures.

Looking at the two beauties sweating profusely, Lu Yu did not have the heart to disturb them.

He only admired them for a moment before heading to his training room to start his training.

Tomorrows trial was the Commanding Academys, and Lu Yu did not know much about what it would entail.

However, Lu Yu knew that the students who graduated from this academy could directly work in the military.

This alone attracted quite a number of students.

The Commanding Academy had naturally become the dream academy for all the new students.

After all, the future of someone graduating from this academy would be brighter.

Also, the treatment they receive would be better.

However, the thing that attracted Lu Yu the most was that the medical fees for the soldiers and their families would be completely free!

Lu Yu did not know when his aunts illness would recover.

This was likely a bottomless pit that would make Lu Yu constantly work for her medical fees.

However, if he could join the military, he did not need to worry about his aunts illness at all.

He would only need to wait for the doctors to start her surgery.

After cultivating until late at night, Lu Yu mastered his new Dragon Shadow skill and fell asleep.

The following day, Lu Yu drove Yun Zirou and Su Qing to the university square.

The car arrived at the parking area near the square.

After getting off the car, they quickly gathered at the place where the other freshmen were.

Lu Yu stood at the end of the team.

After scanning around, he found that Liu Xiao was also among them.

The injury on his face had almost recovered.

It seemed that rich people could receive different treatment.

They just needed a few high-grade recovery medicines and would recover more or less in a night.

The freshmen lined up and began to wait for the Deans arrival.

The crowd began to chatter amongst themselves.

“Its finally the Commanding Academy trial.

Im all prepared!”

“I heard that the recruitment slots available at the Commanding Academy are very low.

I hope that I can be one of them…”

“Of course! You can enter the military, get a military rank, and enjoy the military resources after graduating from this academy.

With such treatment, they cant go around recruiting many people!”


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