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Chapter 91 Challenge, Bet

Lu Yu told them his wager.

After all, he had just paid 15 million in medical expenses and was almost broke; he was left with 200,000 to 300,000.

These three people were all from prestigious families.

It shouldnt be a big problem for them to have two million in pocket money.

Liu Xiao looked at Zhao Kai and Xu Mao and asked, “Do you have two million dollars on you”

Zhao Kai answered without hesitation, “Yes, dont worry about it!”

Xu Mao was a little hesitant, mainly because he was slightly traumatized by Lu Yu defeating him previously.

If he were beaten up by Lu Yu again, he would be injured and have to pay two million dollars.

This was not a small amount for him.

Liu Xiao stared straight at Xu Mao, “Young Master Xu, why are you acting like this What have you experienced”

Hearing this, Xu Mao got a little angry.

He was the disciple of a renowned master, so what was there to be afraid of

“Okay, Ill join too.

Its just two million.

I can afford it!”

Hearing this, Liu Xiao nodded his head in satisfaction.

Then, he looked at Lu Yu.

“Youre so confident.

Do you think you can fight three of us at once”

Lu Yu smiled faintly, “You guys are the insecure ones.

It seems you all only decided to fight me after gathering in groups of three.”

The corner of Liu Xiaos mouth twitched.

It was indeed not courteous of him to fight with numbers.

But to take revenge, he didnt care!

“When youre beaten until youre screaming, dont beg us to show mercy!”

Liu Xiao took the lead and walked toward Lu Yu!

Behind him, Zhao Kai and Xu Mao followed closely behind.

They were all ready for battle.

Zhao Kai took out his battle axe, while Liu Xiao took out his saber.

Xu Mao took out a green-white longsword, and the three rushed toward Lu Yu!

Seeing the three of them rushing over, Lu Yu also got ready for battle.

All of them were far inferior to him if they were compared to him one at a time.

However, with the three of them attacking simultaneously, Lu Yu had to be careful!

Liu Xiao took the lead in charging over and slashed down at Lu Yu with his saber.

Lu Yu activated the Eye of the Dragon God and squinted.

He saw that Liu Xiaos attack was only 260!

Lu Yus defense was 270! This slash from Liu Xiao could not even damage Lu Yu!

Lu Yu raised both of his arms.

Both of his arms were covered with a layer of thick and hard dragon scales!

When Liu Xiao saw Lu Yus pair of dragon arms, he was shocked!

Just looking at those strong arms made him feel a wave of fear!

However, he slashed down with his saber, and it landed heavily on Lu Yus arms!


A metallic clang rang out as the saber landed on Lu Yus arms.

There was a bright spark when the saber collided with the hard scales!

Liu Xiaos eyes immediately widened.

His full-strength slash did not cause any damage to Lu Yu!

The most unbelievable thing was that several cracks appeared on the blade of his saber!

“This… is impossible.

How high is your defense”

He knew that his attack was around 260.

Since this attack did not damage Lu Yu, this meant that Lu Yus defense was higher than 260!

Such a high defense made Liu Xiao completely dumbfounded!

He quickly put away his saber and took two steps back.

“Its your turn! Go!”

When Zhao Kai heard that, he rushed over with his battle axe and swung it at Lu Yus head!

Lu Yu looked at Zhao Kai carefully.

When he saw his attributes panel, he realized Zhao Kais attack power was 300!

An attack of 300 was not low; Lu Yu only had 400.

His defense was only 270.

In other words, his defense could not wholly defend against Zhao Kais attack!

Seeing that the huge axe was about to chop down, Lu Yu immediately used both his hands to block in front of him.

Following that, Lu Yu activated his skill, Strong Wall!


Another metallic clang rang out as Zhao Kais giant axe chopped down on Lu Yus arms!

Seeing this, Zhao Kai laughed aloud, “How dare you even try to use your physical body to block my huge axe Youre simply courting death!”

However, when he finished shouting arrogantly, he was surprised to find that his axe could no longer be swung.

Lu Yu firmly blocked it!

He held the handle of the axe tightly in both hands.

No matter how hard he tried to press down, he could not take another step forward.

“Why are you not pulling back”

Lu Yu snorted and pulled back his left hand.

His dragon claw instantly flashed out!


Lu Yu swung his sharp claw and struck Zhao Kais huge axe!

A loud bang was heard.

Zhao Kais battle axe was shattered into pieces.

Zhao Kais eyes widened.

A single claw attack had sliced his precious battle ax into pieces.

Moreover, the cut was sharp and smooth.

There was not a single jagged edge on it!

He was stunned.

Lu Yus claw attack was so fierce.

Zhao Kai retreated quickly.

He gulped, and his heart was filled with fear.

Lu Yus pair of sharp claws scared him so much that his entire body trembled.

He couldnt even imagine what would happen to him if this pair of sharp claws caught him…

Moreover, his weapon had already been destroyed, greatly reducing his battle prowess.

At that moment, Liu Xiao was incomparably furious.

They were fighting three against one, but they did not gain any advantage at all.

His opponent had blocked all of their attacks with just two normal moves!

At that moment, Xu Mao stepped forward.

“Let me complete the armor break first.

It looks like this fellows defense is extremely high.

My skill, Star Sword, is mainly used to break through armor.

If it hits, it will pierce through 40% of his defense!”

Hearing Xu Maos words, Liu Xiao smiled smugly.

“Awesome! Break 40% of his armor, and we can break through his defense.

That way, well be able to fight much more easily!”

Zhao Kai also saw a glimmer of hope.

He placed all his hopes of them winning on Xu Mao.

Xu Mao held his longsword and walked toward Lu Yu.

Immediately after, his longsword started to be enveloped by a sharp sword aura.

“Lu Yu, you will definitely lose today! After I break through your defense, its better if you surrender!”

As he said that, he charged at Lu Yu.

At the same time, he stabbed Lu Yu with his longsword.


A surge of sword aura shot out and flew at Lu Yu!

“This is your skill, Star Piercing Sword”

Lu Yu chuckled.

In the next moment, he activated his skill, Dragon Shadow!

The sword aura instantly pierced through Lu Yus body!

Just as Xu Mao smiled, Lu Yus figure disappeared the next moment.

Only then did he remember that Lu Yu had a skill that could leave afterimages!

Suddenly, Xu Mao felt a chill on his back!

“Young Master Xu, have you forgotten that I was the first place in the speed test! Are you trying to break my defense Dream on!”

Hearing the familiar voice, Xu Mao quickly turned around.

However, the next moment, Lu Yus fist landed heavily on Xu Maos back!

With a muffled bang, Lu Yus punch sent Xu Mao flying!

Xu Mao was sent flying and landed heavily on the ground.

The heavy punch to his back caused his entire shoulder blade to shatter.

A painful wail instantly sounded out.


After seeing Xu Maos miserable state, Liu Xiao was stunned.

Only at this moment did he realize how big the gap between his strength and Lu Yus was.

He was unwilling to give up and roared, “Everyone, attack together and cripple this fellow!”

He had made up his mind.

He had to cripple Lu Yu.

Otherwise, they would all suffer when Lu Yu grew up in the future!


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