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Chapter 89, Fourth Trial Complete, Astonishing Potential

After drinking the medicine, a notification appeared before Lu Yus eyes.

After carefully reading this notification, Lu Yu came to a sudden realization.

It turned out that his Ancient Dragon Body wasnt complete, and his progress was only 3%.

Although it was only 3%, he already had a pair of dragon claws and a pair of dragon eyes.

He didnt know what changes it would bring when it reached 10%!

Lu Yu was a little excited.

He didnt expect that his constitution was still far from being thoroughly developed!

He couldnt even imagine what kind of strength he would get when it was fully developed.

However, this progress wasnt an easy one to improve.

A bottle of 5-star potion, the Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine, only increased it by 2%.


It would probably take a long time for him to increase it to 100% of the complete form.

It seemed that his focus in the future would be on the development of his constitution…

The ingredients of this bottle of 5-star Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine added up to more than ten million.

Lu Yu really couldnt afford such a sky-high price for these potions at the moment.

His current savings hadnt even exceeded twenty million dollars.


And most importantly, his aunt was still in a top-tier hospital in Ixdale.

Spending money in that kind of hospital was faster than burning it.

If he wasnt careful, he might go bankrupt!

It seemed that if he wanted to increase his strength quickly and, at the same time, provide his aunt with better treatment conditions, he had to earn more money…

Initially, when he was in Southen Railer State, Lu Yu thought that earning hundreds of thousands, or even a million, was already enough.

However, when he arrived in Ixdale, he realized that 10 to 20 million was nothing here.

The other freshmen finished their tasks one after another.

Some finished their tasks perfectly, while others chose to give up because it was too difficult.

Chen Sheng checked their finished products one by one, gave them a fair appraisal, and recorded them in his files.

Then, he began to announce the results of this test loudly.

“First place, Lu Yu!”

“Second place, Liu Xiao.”

“Third place, He Yang…”


Soon, Chen Sheng read out everyones results from the test.

All the freshmen lined up again.

When they heard the test results, some were happy and disappointed.

“The test has officially ended.

All of you can prepare for the next trial of the academy!”

“You may leave now.”

After disbanding the crowd, a teleportation door opened in front of them, leading them straight to the square of the academy.

With complicated emotions, the students passed through the teleportation door one after another and returned to the university square.

Upon returning to the square, the crowd realized that the five Deans were no longer waiting for them!

“Where is the Dean of the Commanding Academy Why isnt he here”

“The other Deans arent here either.

Where did they all go”

“Is the upcoming trial still being held today”

Everyone was confused.

Chen Sheng picked up his phone and took a look at the message.

Then, he looked at the freshmen and said, “Everyone, Ive received some news.

The Commanding Academys test is scheduled for tomorrow.

Everyone, please go back and prepare for the next trial!”

When the freshmen heard the news, they all dispersed and went back to make their preparations for the subsequent trial.

In the crowd, Yun Zirou and Su Qing walked through the crowd and trotted to Lu Yu.

Both of them had excited smiles as they ran to Lu Yu.

“A 5-star potion, and you actually managed to make it!” Su Qing said in surprise.

“I didnt expect your pharmaceutical skills to be this high.

Why dont you become my familys pharmaceutical consultant, and Ill support you” Yun Zirou chuckled.

“Stop joking.

I dont have enough pharmaceutical experience.”

Lu Yu was telling the truth, but Yun Zirou refused to believe it.

“How can a person with the skills of a 5-star pharmacist not have enough pharmaceutical experience” Yun Zirou felt that Lu Yu was joking.

Lu Yu shook his head helplessly.

He didnt want to say anything more in this area.

“Lets go! Its time to go back!”

The three of them walked toward the parking area together.

“The five Deans left at the same time.

They didnt even greet us and even postponed the test.

Did something happen” Su Qing guessed as she walked.

Lu Yu shrugged.

“It has nothing to do with us.

Lets wait until tomorrow…”


At the same time, in the top conference room of the Academy.

In the luxuriously decorated conference room, five people were sitting upright.

In front of them was the president of Clanorth Academy, Gu Zhanyan.

Behind the six of them was a giant screen.

The screen displayed the recording of Lu Yus test!

“Everyone, its clear to us now that student Lu Yu is a rare genius!”

“To achieve astonishing results in all four aspects is not something an ordinary person can achieve!”

“No matter how amazing the geniuses of the previous years were, they werent even one-tenth of Lu Yus.

His performance is truly worthy of being recorded in history!” Gu Zhanyan said, with a serious expression.

The five Deans seated below all fell into deep thought.

“The president is right.

We must pay more attention to Lu Yu.

He is too important to us!” Liang Bo said solemnly.

The other Deans spoke, one after another.

“I think its not ridiculous even if we devote all our resources to training him.”

“His future is bound to be limitless.

If we can help him quickly reach the peak of his strength, he will thank us in the future.”

“Clanorth University got another top student.”

Every year, Clanortg University sends a large number of talents into society.

These talents would go into all walks of life.

Some reached the top and were able to repay their alma mater.

Because of these students, Clanorth Universitys position as the number one university in the country was unshakable!

Therefore, they paid great attention to the top geniuses among the freshmen.

Gu Zhanyan nodded slightly, “What you guys said is true.

However, lets continue to observe him and see what kind of situation hes in.

This level of strength doesnt match his age.”


The five of them replied in unison!

At that moment, Lu Yu brought Yun Zirou and Su Qing back to the universitys villa area.

It was still early, so Lu Yu felt he could do something else.

Ever since he came to Ixdale, he had not visited his aunt.

Lu Yu decided to visit his aunt and check on her condition.

Hence, Lu Yu drove out again and arrived at the universitys center.

There was a teleportation node in the academy.

From here, one could be teleported to Ixdale or a few nearby big cities.

In this world, only ordinary people would move by car.

Cultivators were more inclined to use teleportation arrays.

Moreover, the location of Clanorth University was a secret.

If he drove, he would probably get lost.

After arriving at the teleportation node in the university, Lu Yu saw all kinds of array formations around him.

The patterns on each array formation were utterly different.

Lu Yu quickly found the array formation to teleport to Ixdale and opened the teleportation door…


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