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Chapter 87 5-Star Potion, Completed!

At that moment, Lu Yu was in a difficult situation.

Chen Sheng was basically telling Lu Yu that he was intentionally messing with him and that he should give up! He wanted to brew a 5-star potion but wasnt allowed to take any high-grade materials.

How could he make something without the necessary ingredients

However, Lu Yu would never give up.

He had to take first place in this trial!

“I will definitely be able to concoct this 5-star potion! I have to use these materials as well! Do you understand”

Lu Yus words made Chen Sheng unhappy.

“You think you can do it just because you say you can Who do you think you are, a God”

Liu Xiao shouted, “Its a waste to put these things in your hands! Dont even think about wasting them!”

The two sides were in a stalemate, and no one was willing to give up.

Standing behind Chen Sheng, Liu Xiao and a few underlings backed him up.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing cheered for Lu Yu beside him.

Suddenly, a light suddenly lit up beside them.

The light opened and turned into a teleportation door.

Then, three middle-aged men in gray robes walked in.

Seeing this, Chen Sheng asked respectfully, “Mr.

Huang, why are you here”


Lu Yu looked at the man and saw the symbol of the Pharmacists Union on his chest.

He instantly knew who they were.

These three people were all members of the Pharmacists Union.

“I heard that youre holding the freshmen trial here, so I came to take a look,” said the man called Mr.


At that moment, he suddenly saw the neatly arranged materials on the workbench.

He walked over with a face full of surprise and couldnt help but exclaim, “Chen Sheng, I didnt expect you to improve this greatly.

Youve figured out all the materials so quickly!”

Hearing this, Chen Sheng was instantly dumbfounded.

The materials on the table were the ones that Lu Yu had collected.

It had nothing to do with him.


Huang, are you serious Are these materials correct” He asked in disbelief.


Huang nodded slightly.

“Of course.

It seems that you will be able to refine this 5-star medicine and advance to a 5-star pharmacist soon.” He smiled with joy.

However, Chen Sheng was shocked instead of happy.

He lowered his head and fell into deep thought.

Liu Xiao, who was beside him, also had an incredulous expression.

“Sir, are you serious Are those really the right materials”


Huang nodded.

“Of course.

Otherwise, why would I be congratulating him”

Chen Sheng and Liu Xiao were both stunned.

Lu Yu took a step forward and looked at the pharmacist who had just arrived.


Huang, I am the one who collected the materials on the table.

It has nothing to do with Chen Sheng.”

Hearing this, Mr.

Huang was taken aback.

He looked at Lu Yu and asked, “You Really”

He looked at Chen Sheng and saw that Chen Sheng didnt deny it.

He looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

“Are these really the materials you collected None of them are wrong!”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, “I collected them…”

Chen Sheng shouted, “He just happened to collect them by accident.

Hes not a pharmacist, so could he make a 5-star potion”


Huang, you dont understand.

He even had difficulties brewing a 1-star potion.

How could he make a five-star potion”

Liu Xiao quickly agreed, “Thats right.

He was just lucky and just happened to pick the right ingredients.

If he were to start making the potion, he wouldnt be able to make it!”

Hearing the twos words, Mr.

Huang pondered for a moment before looking at Lu Yu, “Since thats the case, then come and prove it.

Let us see if you know how to make a 5-star medicine or not!”

Lu Yu walked to the workbench and started to concoct the medicine.

Chen Sheng and Liu Xiao were both speechless.

They didnt expect these three from the Pharmacists Union to come and disrupt their plans suddenly!

The two looked at Lu Yu nervously, afraid that Lu Yu would accidentally finish making the potion.

At that moment, Lu Yus eyebrows were tightly knit as he was seriously processing the herbs in his hand.

He walked back and forth in front of a few workbenches and used all kinds of tools and instruments to complete the processing of the materials until he extracted the essence and gathered it.

Gradually, a brand-new potion bottle appeared in his hand under Lu Yus busy work!

He held the medicine and placed it in front of everyone.

“Its done Just like that” Chen Sheng did not believe it was done.

Just now, Lu Yus actions were too clean and neat, with no extra movement.

He did not look like a novice pharmacist at all.

Instead, his movements made it seem like he was an expert pharmacist with rich experience!

He could not understand what was going on.

He had tried making this medicine countless times but could not get it done.

How did this young man complete it this easily before him

Liu Xiao, next to him, shouted, “Who are you fooling This is just a potion you simply made, so stop pretending.

You cant make the Dim Dragon Blood Secret Potion!”


Huang, next to him, carefully picked up the bottle and observed it.

“Its surprisingly similar.

Maybe this is the Dim Dragon Blood Secret Potion, but Im not too sure…”

He placed the medicine on the testing machine beside him.

Soon, a few words appeared on the screen of the machine.

“Verified, 5-star medicine: Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine.”

This announcement confirmed that this bottle of medicine made by Lu Yu was indeed the real deal!

At that moment, everyones gaze turned over!

Everyones faces looked shocked!

“Whats going on He actually managed to produce a 5-star potion”

“It must be fake, right This is impossible!”

“How can it be fake The machine cant lie!”

“Even a level 4-star pharmacist like Chen Sheng couldnt do it.

How did Lu Yu do it”

“Damn, is he really an all-rounder”

The crowd continued to debate, turning the area into a lively place.

When Chen Sheng and Liu Xiao saw this, both of them were stunned.

Chen Sheng, in particular, because he recalled the bet he had just made.

Ten million!

Although he could afford it, he still felt pain in his heart!

Most importantly, he was a 4-star pharmacist, but he was inferior compared to a fledgling youth!

The magnitude of Lu Yus talent made him sigh.

What a terrifying talent!

At that moment, Liu Xiao was dumbfounded.

He had spent a lot of money to invite Chen Sheng to stop Lu Yu from getting first place!

However, under the current situation, it would be impossible for him to not get first place!

Unless Liu Xiao also concocted a bottle of 5-star potion, then he would be on the same level as Lu Yu!

It was already difficult for him to make a 3-star potion, and a 4-star potion was already at a level that he did not dare imagine himself making.

The underlings beside Liu Xiao did not say a word at this moment, and their eyes were filled with helplessness.

Lu Yu looked at Chen Sheng and asked, “Now, I should be the first place in this trial, right”

Chen Sheng could not refute Lu Yus words because it was impossible for someone to have a higher score than Lu Yu.

After all, the most difficult additional task they had was only a 3-star potion…

Chen Sheng nodded helplessly.

“Also, I should be able to cash in on the ten million you bet just now, right”

Chen Sheng continued to nod.

At that moment, Mr.

Huang reminded, “Directly announce Lu Yus first place result.”

When Chen Sheng heard this, tears could not help but appear in his eyes.

After so many years of making medicine, he had never felt as aggrieved as he was today…


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