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Chapter 85 Additional Task, Drawing Lots

The other freshmen finished brewing their medicine one after another.

Soon, only Lu Yu was left.

He stood before his workbench, continuing to brew his medicine seriously.

Everyone looked at Lu Yus back and couldnt help but sigh.

“Looks like we finally found Lu Yus weakness.

Hes not good in terms of being a pharmacist.”

“He wont be able to get the first place this time!” Someone laughed gloatingly.

“Hes not up for this.

If he cant get the first place in this side job trial, the trial of the Commanding Academy will probably be even harder for him!”

“I didnt expect Lu Yus pharmaceutical capability to be this weak.

Its been so long, and he still hasnt finished his brewing.”

At this moment, Liu Xiao stared at Lu Yus back and laughed loudly.

“Hahaha, thats it I thought he would be more powerful than this.

What a waste of my time and energy!”

Liu Xiao was secretly miffed.

If he knew that Lu Yus pharmaceutical skills were this bad, he would not have bothered to get Chen Sheng here.

A few of Liu Xiaos underlings around him chimed in.

“Boss, you will definitely be number one in this trial!”

“Lu Yus arrogance has reached its peak.

Next, its our stage!”

“Boss, you are the best! In terms of medicine brewing, beating ten Lu Yu is not a problem!”

“Bosss pharmaceutical skills are unparalleled in the world.

No one can match him!”

Listening to his underlings compliments, the corners of Liu Xiaos mouth curled up proudly.

A smile could not be stopped from showing on his face.

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When the other freshmen heard this, they also sighed.

Lu Yu had finally fallen from the altar.

At that moment, Lu Yu was still thoughtfully staring at the medicinal herbs in his hand.

Chen Sheng came over and looked at him carefully.

“Why dont you give up Dont torture yourself.

Without the talent, there would be no result even if you persevere.”

He began to persuade him.

His mission here was to help Liu Xiao eliminate Lu Yu.

If he could eliminate Lu Yu, he would easily receive his reward.

Lu Yu did not respond.

He just poured the liquid in his hand into the reagent bottle.

Then, he took the potion bottle and put it on a machine.


The potion is a 1-star life potion.”

A robotic notification sound sounded, and everyone looked over.

“Hes finally done.”

“It looks like it was not easy for him.”

“He barely passed the basic task.

With such skills, he will be eliminated by the additional task!”

“Thats right.

Theres a gap between the main task and the additional task.

This gap isnt something that an ordinary person can cross.”

“He finished the main task after using so much effort.

Its better for him to forget about the additional task…”

Although the surrounding freshmen saw that Lu Yu had completed the main task, they werent optimistic about Lu Yus future results.

When Liu Xiao saw this, he stopped smiling but was still very confident.

“Hmph, is there any point in struggling Ill let you know what a pharmaceutical genius is!”

The subordinate next to him immediately shouted.

“Boss, let him see what despair is!”

“I believe that Big Boss will definitely win first place!”

“He finished completing the basic task last, so the additional task will not be any better.

Maybe he will be last in the competition this time!”

The people below the stage mocked and ridiculed him.

Almost no one thought highly of Lu Yu.

If he had completed the basic task with such difficulty, he would probably be eliminated immediately in the additional task.

Lu Yu ignored the comments of the people around him and just handed the bottle to Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng opened the bottle cap and sniffed it carefully.

Then he nodded slightly and said, “Its not bad; the quality is very pure.

Youve passed.

Prepare for the additional task trial.”

Lu Yu returned to the team.

Everyone stopped talking and waited for Chen Shengs next instructions.

In the crowd, Yun Zirou, who was beside Lu Yu, asked in a low voice, “Do you have confidence in the additional task”

Lu Yu answered confidently, “Of course I have confidence.

Is there a need to ask”

The doubts of others did not affect Lu Yu at all.

When Lu Yu was preparing the life potion, he used the Eye of the Dragon God and glanced at the materials he was preparing to synthesize.

The Eye of the Dragon God gave him the detailed process of preparation needed.

When Lu Yu took up one of the materials, the Eye of the Dragon God could let him know all the potions that could be synthesized using this material!

At the same time, he could also look at the detailed formulas of those potions.

His Eye of the Dragon God transformed Lu Yu into a walking encyclopedia for pharmacists.

He would clearly know what kind of medicine to make and how to make it from his ingredients.

The reason why he was so slow in making the potion was actually that he was looking at other kinds of different medicines.

After getting this ability, Lu Yu had the confidence he needed to do well.

Thus, this was why he was not bothered by the ill-will of the people around him.

Yun Zirou did not know why Lu Yu was so confident, but she still cheered him on.

“Alright, work hard! I believe that you can do it!”

Su Qing also revealed a sweet smile and cheered him on.

“I believe that you can get first place again!”

Lu Yu smiled faintly and nodded slightly, “You guys too.

Work hard…”

At that moment, Chen Sheng walked to the front of the crowd and held a box in his hands.

“Next, we will proceed to the additional task.

Each of you will come forward and draw a lot to determine what medicine you will make!”

“The lot you draw cannot be changed.

Otherwise, it will be considered as giving up on the trial!”

“Line up and draw the lots one by one!”

After Chen Sheng finished speaking, the freshmen lined up and began to draw lots one after another.

“2-star speed-up potion Lucky.

Its not that difficult.”

“Mine is a 2-star potion strength-enhancing potion.

Its not bad too…”

“Hey, how did I draw a 3-star potion Its over for me.

Its over.”

“I also got a 3-star potion.

I dont even have any pharmaceutical experience!”

The freshmen drew lots one after another.

Some of them were in twisted expressions of pain, while others were excited and happy.

At that moment, it was Liu Xiaos turn to draw.

He reached out and casually took out one.

After opening it, he immediately chuckled.

“Its just a 3-star potion.

Theres no challenge at all.

This is too boring.”

Liu Xiao had a relaxed look on his face.

A 3-star potion was not difficult for him at all.

He glanced at the other new students and found that they did not have much confidence that they could handle a 3-star potion.

He felt much more at ease.

“Looks like Ill definitely be number one in this trial! All of you can give up as soon as possible!”

Everyone was unable to refute Liu Xiaos arrogant words.

They also believed that the number one this time would be Liu Xiao!

In the field of high-end pharmaceuticals, it was impossible to be good at it without being rich.

After all, those rare materials require a large amount of money.

Without financial resources, it was impossible to get good at it!

However, Liu Xiaos family did not lack money!

It was Lu Yus turn to draw, and he went up to Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng looked at Lu Yu and smiled.

There was a mechanism inside the lottery box in his hand.

Once activated, the original lot would be replaced with another!


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