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Chapter 84 A Bribed Judge

In the freshmen team, Liu Xiao leaned on Zhao Kais ear and whispered something.

Someone noticed it but did not dare to say anything.

When Zhao Kai heard Liu Xiaos words, his eyes immediately widened.

He asked in a low voice, “Why did you call Chen Sheng over”

He did not doubt Liu Xiaos words because he knew that Liu Xiao had the ability to command Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng had worked as a technical consultant for many large enterprises; among them, the Liu familys consultant fee was the highest!

The more money they gave, the more attention Chen Sheng paid to them.

Liu Xiao continued, “I called him over to support us.

That Lu Yu has already won first place three times.

He wont be able to get first place in this trial!”

Zhao Kai shrugged his shoulders disapprovingly and said, “I remember youve learned a lot from Chen Sheng, so you should be pretty good in the pharmaceutical field.

Why are you afraid of Lu Yu”

“What if… What if hes hiding something Ill definitely get first place in this trial!”

“With Chen Sheng as our instructor, Ill be guaranteed to get first place in this trial!”

“He can give me some help and give Lu Yu some trouble at the same time.

Since thats the case, itll be easy for me to get first place.”

“This is the power of money.

No matter how strong Lu Yu is, hes still a peasant.

How can he be compared to me”

Zhao Kai nodded, “Money makes the world turn.

Although our family has an ancient heritage, we cant compare to you in terms of wealth.”

Liu Xiao smiled smugly.

At the same time, he glared fiercely at Lu Yu.

He wanted nothing more than to end Lu Yus winning streak right here!

Zhao Kai looked at Xu Mao beside him and hurriedly repeated Liu Xiaos words in a low voice.

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At that moment, Xu Mao had almost recovered from his injuries after a night of resting.

However, his face was still a little pale, and it seemed he had suffered internal injuries.

When he heard this, a brilliant smile appeared on his gloomy face.

“Thats great.

We must teach that guy a lesson and break his arrogance!”

Xu Mao clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

He still did not dare to say anything about how he was beaten up by Lu Yu yesterday.

It was too embarrassing!

Moreover, after that slap, he was traumatized.

Whenever he saw Lu Yu, he would feel a wave of fear.

Now, he did not even dare to look at Lu Yu anymore.

He could only curse at Lu Yu silently in his heart.

The three of them were confident that Lu Yu wouldnt do well in this trial.

The judge was all on their side.

It would be a miracle if Lu Yus results were even just good!

At that moment, Chen Sheng looked at the group of freshmen and said calmly, “Everyone, let me explain the rules to you.”

“The trial is divided into two parts.

One part is finishing your main task, and the other additional task is to achieve further and beyond.”

“The main task is to brew a bottle of 1-star medicine.

You pass the main task as long as you can concoct a 1-star medicine.

If you could come up with a higher star medicine, that would be even better.”

“The purpose of the main task is to test your basic pharmaceutical capabilities.

If you dont even have this basic capability, then theres no need for you to participate in the subsequent additional tasks.”

“For the additional task, you are to draw lots to brew a higher difficulty medicine randomly.

The higher the star ranking of the medicine, the higher your score will be.”

After saying that, Chen Sheng looked at Lu Yu.

He had already made a plan according to the rules.

He could let Lu Yu pass the main task, but he would never let Lu Yu pass the additional task!

The additional task was random, but he could determine what Lu Yu was to draw.

Therefore, he could tamper with the task so Lu Yu would get an extremely difficult medicine to brew.

Chen Sheng smiled confidently.

Such a small matter was a piece of cake for him.

When the freshmen heard Chen Shengs words, they started debating.

“We are going to start our brewing.

Im getting a little nervous.”

“Ive never touched these things before.

What if they explode”

“Damn, I usually just take a few materials and mix them.

Ive never used any of this equipment before.”

“I feel like its going to be very difficult.

Although Im a pharmacist, Ive never seen these tools before.”

The freshmen were all very worried.

They were unfamiliar with making medicine, as they usually bought it off the shelf.

Even those who majored in pharmacy were extremely nervous at this moment.

Among the crowd, only Liu Xiao had a calm expression on his face.

He had the experience of using all this top-tier pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment in his family company.

Thus, he was relaxed and did not feel even the slightest bit of nervousness.

“Now, begin your trial.

The materials have been prepared.

Please give your best efforts to complete the task given!” Chen Sheng shouted.

The crowd dispersed one after another.

The students went to the workbench and began to prepare their respective concoctions.

Lu Yu also went to a workbench and began to prepare his medicine brew.

The simplest potion was the life potion.

After drinking it, it would replenish the drinkers health.

Lu Yu first gathered the medicinal ingredients from the medicine cabinet.

He took out the Blood Flower, the Red Essence Vine, and the Essence Accumulation Root.

First, he crushed the Blood Flower to get juice from it.

After obtaining the blood-red juice, he placed it into a reagent bottle.

Next, he took out the Red Essence Vine, crushed it into a fine powder, and sprinkled it into the red juice.

Finally, he took out the Essence Accumulation Root.

He mixed it with pure spring water, crushed it into a viscous liquid, and added it to the reagent bottle.

According to his memory, he should have completed the life potion.

One could instantly replenish 100 health points after drinking it.

The replenishment speed of the life potion was much faster than that of the recovery potion.

However, the materials required were also more precious.

Lu Yu took the reagent bottle and placed it on the inspection equipment.


A notification sounded.

That was how Lu Yu knew that he hadnt succeeded in producing a life potion.

He could only continue to study and think of a way to reformulate it.

At that moment, Liu Xiao shouted, “Ive finished concocting it! Moreover, its a 2-star potion!”

His loud shout attracted everyones attention.

“Shit, so fast”

“Awesome, man, you completed it just like that.”

“Not to mention its a two-star potion.

Impressive, as expected of a genius pharmacist.”

Listening to the praises around him, Liu Xiao raised his head proudly and could not help but glance at Lu Yu.

When he saw Lu Yu buried in his research, he could not help but reveal a proud smile.

He could finally defeat Lu Yu in this area!

As for the other two, Zhao Kai and Xu Mao were also happy.

Liu Xiaos performance had finally given them hope of defeating Lu Yu.

After Liu Xiao finished brewing his potion, a few other freshmen also finished making their medicine.

However, most of them were 1-star medicines, the lowest grade of recovery potion.

At most, they could recover 30 to 40 health points.

Until now, there were already 30 to 40 new students who had completed the production of their medicines.

However, all of them were 1-star potions.

1-star potions were something that could be easily produced.

Therefore, this basic task was a freebie to them.

Only a tiny number of people with no experience in concocting potions wouldnt be able to do it.

At that moment, everyones gaze was on Lu Yu, as he had yet to produce his potion!


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