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Chapter 82 A Talent Only F-Level

The moment Liu Xiao finished speaking, the freshmen present were all stunned.

Everyones expression was stiff, and they were silent.

They wanted to refute his words, believing that Liu Xiaos words were fake and nonsense.

However, they all knew Liu Xiaos identity.

He was the son of one of the top financial families in Ixdale.

The Liu Financial Group was one of the top five financial groups in Ixdale.

They were powerful and were involved in various businesses all over the country.

At the same time, their intelligence network spread all over the country.

They didnt dare question the source of his information.

If they did, it would be a slap to the face of the Liu Financial Group and an insult to the strength of the Liu Financial Group!

“Really, its just an F-level”

“The record must be wrong.

F-level is the worst talent.”

“No, no, how would an F-level get to where he is today”

“In the recruitment history of Clanorth University, there has never been a cultivator below B-level, right”

“Oh, I finally understand why the academy would treat Lu Yu so specially.

He is indeed a special case…”

Everyone had mixed feelings.

Anyone encountering such a strange thing would have mixed feelings, especially those geniuses with S-level talent.

At that moment, they felt a wave of pain in their hearts as their understanding had been broken.

Liu Xiao said very confidently, “The two of you are really trash.

Guess I have no choice but to deal with him myself!”

“His talent level must have been a mistake.

However, I will let him know who the boss is in the next two trials!”

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When Zhao Kai heard this, he immediately became unhappy and walked toward Liu Xiao, saying, “Who are you calling trash”

He was born into a prestigious family and was regarded as a genius from a young age.

He was called trash by someone, and it angered him!

However, just as he took two steps forward, a group of people surrounded him.

“Young Master Zhao, if you want to survive in this world, strength is only one of the aspects you need.

Do you know that wealth is also very important No matter how ancient your familys heritage is, what use is it without money”

After Liu Xiao finished speaking, a dozen underlings beside him burst into laughter.

They had been bought over by Liu Xiao with money and had become Liu Xiaos underlings long ago.

On the other hand, Zhao Kai, who came from an aristocratic family, had a sense of pride in himself.

He felt disdainful towards recruiting underlings with money.

“Liu Xiao, Id like to see what kind of methods you have to deal with that fellow!” Zhao Kai said coldly and then took two steps back.

Liu Xiao smiled to himself.

“Of course, Ill use money to deal with him…”

At that moment, Xuan Ya announced the rankings for this trial.

She kept the name list and looked at the crowd.

“The rankings have been announced.

Everyone, please get ready to proceed to the next trial.”

“As we have already gone through three trials today, and they are the weapons and combat techniques trials that consume your stamina and energy, everyone should go back and rest for the time being.

The remaining two trials will be held tomorrow.”

A teleportation door appeared in front of everyone, leading straight to the square in the academy.

The freshmen walked into the teleportation door one after another.

Lu Yu followed the crowd and walked into the teleportation door together.

After exiting the teleportation gate, the freshmen dispersed and went to do their own things.

Only after the five trials have ended will they be assigned to different academies.

Hence, they could only wait patiently.

When the crowd dispersed, Lu Yu scanned his surroundings to find Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

They were living together now, so Lu Yu was responsible for driving them back.

After scanning his surroundings, Lu Yu still could not find where Yun Zirou and Su Qing were.

At that moment, Lu Yu felt someone gently pat his shoulder.

He turned around and saw Yun Zirou and Su Qing standing behind him, smiling at him.

“You two, playing hide-and-seek with me.

Lets go.

Its time to go back.”

As Lu Yu spoke, he took the lead and walked toward the parking area.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing hurriedly followed behind him.

Both of them revealed cheerful smiles.

“Your performance today was amazing! I didnt know you were so strong!”

Su Qing said, with a face full of surprise.

Lu Yu asked, “Didnt you know my strength from before During the previous exam, I didnt hide my strength.”

“Yes, Ive seen it.

I didnt expect you to be strong in all offense, defense, speed, and elemental aspects.

You really scared me.”

Yun Zirou added, “Su Qing is right.

For an ordinary person, cultivating one aspect to the extreme is already remarkable.

Looking at you being excellent in all aspects, we were shocked.”

Then, Yun Zirou suddenly thought of something.

She frowned slightly and said, “I just heard from others that you only have an F-level talent.

Is that true”

Before Lu Yu could speak, Su Qing hurriedly said, “I can testify since we were classmates.

He indeed has an F-level talent.”

Yun Zirou slightly opened her tiny mouth and looked at Lu Yu with some surprise.

“So its true that you have an F-level talent.

Even if you dont eat or drink and just cultivate all the time, it would still be impossible to have this kind of strength with that talent level.”

“I want to ask how you increased your strength.

I hope you dont mind.”

Lu Yu revealed a gentle smile and explained, “My understanding of my talent is not complete, so its hard to explain.”

There was no problem with his explanation.

Lu Yus original talent was Claw Attack, but it evolved into Dragon Claw.

He was now told that he had an Ancient Dragon Body.

This had too many implications, and even he couldnt explain it clearly.

Most importantly, these things were not recorded in the textbooks.

He could not find any relevant information, so he naturally could not understand the whole gist of it.

Yun Zirou nodded.

“Looks like your talent is a little special.

You must explore it properly.”

At that moment, the three of them arrived in front of Lu Yus car.

Lu Yu opened the car door, and the three sat inside it.

They drove towards the villa area.

“Lu Yu, the next trials will be at the Side Job Academy and the Commanding Academy.

How are you doing in these two areas” Su Qing asked.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and shook his head slightly.

“I dont have a side job or know anything about the Commanding Academy.

However, Ill take it one step at a time.

Its useless to try hard at the last moment anyway.”

Su Qing and Yun Zirou both nodded in agreement.

Yun Zirou felt that it was a pity.

“You have already gotten first place in the first three trials.

It would be a pity if you didnt get first place in the last two.”

Su Qing said in agreement, “Thats right.

Getting first place in all five trials would be unprecedented in the universitys history.

You would definitely be valued by them greatly.”

“To be able to excel in all five aspects, you will be an all-rounder.

Moreover, you will be someone who can defeat others in all aspects.

Clanorth Academy would highly value such a talent.

Generally speaking, an all-rounder could go higher and further…”

Yun Zirou explained slowly.

Her family background was not ordinary, and she was aware of more information.

She could see that Lu Yus future achievements would not be ordinary.

She sighed in her heart.

It appears that she did not choose the wrong person after all!

Very quickly, the car was parked back in the villas garage.

After the three got out of the car, they stretched their bodies tiredly.

“Sleep early today and prepare for tomorrows trial.”

As Lu Yu spoke, he went upstairs and prepared to sleep.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing also went back to their rooms to sleep.

At that moment, the freshmen group chat was already abuzz with chatter.

The hot topic of discussion was, of course, Lu Yu and tomorrows trial.

Most people were optimistic about Lu Yus performance in the following two trials.

However, many people felt that Lu Yu would not be able to obtain any good results in the subsequent trials.

In their eyes, no one was perfect.

Since Lu Yu had obtained first place three times, it would be impossible for him to continue to obtain first place in the remaining two…

Soon, the night fell, and the entire Clanorth University fell silent.

All the students fell asleep one after another.

Morning soon arrived.

Accompanied by the hazy morning light, the freshmen came to the university square in high spirits.

They could not wait to start the last two trials and were eager to see Lu Yus next performance.

Soon, a luxury car drove into the square, attracting the freshmens attention.


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