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Chapter 74 Second Phase, Attack and Defense Trial

“Lu Yus result is ten machines on the second round of shooting! Currently ranked first!”

The instructor announced loudly, causing the surrounding freshmen to applaud enthusiastically.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu with glorification, as if they were looking at a superstar.

Lu Yu took two deep breaths, wiped off the sweat on his forehead, and returned to the team.

Many freshmen gathered around Lu Yu.

“Brother Yu, youre too strong.

You actually managed until the activation of the tenth machine!”

“My minds been blown.

Its ridiculous.”

“Brother, can you bring me along”

“Big Brother, what is your speed skill Can you introduce it to me…”

Lu Yu chuckled but did not reply.

His dragon skill was his exclusive skill.

Even if he told them, they would not be able to learn it.

Lu Yu looked at the training ground.

The next freshman was going up on stage.

However, Lu Yu had nothing to worry about.

He would definitely be number one!

Xu Maos face was ashen.

Lu Yus outstanding performance made him so jealous that his heart was twisted.

Initially, he was the star in the crowd, and countless people should have worshipped him.

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But now, he had been treated coldly, and no one paid attention.

His hard-earned results were no longer worth mentioning.

The result of activating the three machines would still be worth bragging about if Lu Yu had not appeared today.

However, compared to Lu Yu, his results were laughable.

Xu Mao looked at Lu Yu with a cold and resentful gaze.

Standing at the side, Liu Wen was utterly speechless upon seeing Xu Maos resentful gaze.

Whether it was praise or consolations, she would definitely be scolded by Xu Mao.

The arrogant and conceited Xu Mao was no longer as arrogant as before.

Instead, he was filled with bitterness!

If not for Lu Yu, he would still be a genius student under a renowned master, overlooking the geniuses from all over the country!

However, Lu Yus existence had caused him to lose his pride!

He swore in his heart that he would definitely take revenge!

At that moment, the instructor walked over to Lu Yu.

“Student Lu Yu, I have some questions to ask you…”

He scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Feel free to ask, and Ill try my best to answer.” Lu Yu revealed an easy-going smile.

The instructor whispered in embarrassment, “I want to ask, how did you cultivate your speed Youre so strong, much stronger than me.”

“You must be a genius in this area, so I want to ask you, its best if you can personally guide me.”

The instructors words caused the freshmen beside him to be dumbfounded.

Youre an instructor, so why are you seeking guidance from a freshman

However, they could also understand.

This freshmans results were twice those of the instructor, so it was natural for him to be humble.

However, this scene in Xu Maos eyes completely made him unable to endure any longer!

He couldnt stand someone stealing the limelight like this! After all, he had worked so hard to cultivate just to gain the admiration of countless people at this moment.

He walked toward Lu Yu angrily!

“Lu Yu, I want to have a one-on-one fight with you.

Whats the big deal about running fast You only know how to run!”

Lu Yu sized up the person who suddenly walked over.

He could tell at a glance that this guy had a vicious aura covering him.

It seemed that he had been holding a grudge for a long time.

Most importantly, his hairstyle and elegant makeup indicated that he enjoyed dressing up and acting as a gentleman.

Now that he was so hot-tempered, his true nature was exposed.

“You want to fight one-on-one Thats fine.

I can accompany you.” Lu Yu did not refuse, as his way of cultivation was to constantly engage in actual combat.

How could he miss an opportunity now that someone had delivered himself to his door

“Hehe, at least you have the guts.

You only know how to defend and escape.

Youre just a coward.

I think you dont even have an offensive skill!”

Xu Mao looked at Lu Yu with contempt.

At this moment, the instructor opened his mouth and said, “Coincidentally, the second phase of the Combat Techniques Academys test is an offensive and defensive competition.

Two people in a group will carry out a one-on-one duel.

If you succeed in offense or defense, you will be able to score points.”

Xu Mao laughed loudly, “Haha, just what I wanted!”

“Oh right, is the grouping random”

The instructor shook his head slightly, “Its not random.

You guys choose your own opponents.

You guys will go and look for opponents with similar strength.

Only then will you have a chance to win and save us the trouble of grouping.”

Hearing these words, the freshmen expressed their agreement.

They did not want to be Lu Yus opponent as they would definitely be beaten up.

However, Xu Mao, who was in over his head, got arrogant again.

“Great, then Ill team up with Lu Yu.

I want to fight him one-on-one!”

The instructor looked at Lu Yu.

“He has issued a challenge to you.

Do you agree”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Whats there to disagree about Come on.”

Xu Mao chuckled.

His gaze toward Lu Yu was filled with provocation.

“Ill break you now and let the others know just how “good” you are!”

“I, Xu Mao, wont let you steal my first place!”

At this moment, Xu Mao seemed to have gone crazy as he shouted at Lu Yu hysterically.

The other freshmen saw this and started to dissuade him.

“Brother Xu, dont get ahead of yourself.

Youre definitely not a match for him.”

“Arent you underestimating him too much”

“You must stay rational, or else youll lose even more miserably.”

“Dont try to dissuade him.

If he doesnt fight Lu Yu, what if Lu Yu was assigned to us”

“Hell no, I dont want to fight Lu Yu.

At that speed, I wouldnt even know how I lost…”

Seeing this, Xu Mao shouted, “Stop talking nonsense! What youre seeing is just an illusion.

Let me break this illusion!”

Lu Yu couldnt be bothered with him as this fellow was obviously in over his head.

He must have seen his spectacular results and felt unbalanced.

To deal with such a person, it was best to let him face reality clearly.

“In this trial space, the surrounding walls are actually individual private rooms.

After you form a team, enter the room and begin the attack and defense trial!”

“The results will be calculated automatically in the room, and the winner will be determined.”

“This competition will directly affect your final results, so please take it seriously!”

“In addition, if you didnt perform well in the speed trial just now, you can put in more effort here to improve your results.”

As soon as these words were said, many new students had a new glimmer of hope.

Those who had initially performed poorly all put in more effort.

Especially those new students whose speed was abysmal, such as the tank cultivator…

Soon, the surrounding walls began to open the iron doors simultaneously, revealing the empty room inside.

The room was not big, about the size of a fighting cage.

After the freshmen were divided into groups, they entered their respective rooms together.

Once the door was closed, the competition officially began!


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