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Chapter 73 An Unprecedented Result

The five small balls in front of him immediately reached him.

Lu Yu did not hesitate a moment longer and immediately activated his skill, Dragon Shadow!

The freshmen outside the arena saw this and cried out in surprise.

“Its over.

Its over.

Lu Yu hesitated for a moment just now.

He cant dodge it.”

“What was he doing just now Otherwise, he could have dodged another wave.”

“Looks like his run ends here, but his first place is certain.”

“What a pity.

I think he can still dodge more…”

The freshmen expressed their regret, thinking there was no chance for Lu Yu to dodge this wave of balls.

However, just as they finished speaking, the small ball arrived in front of Lu Yu.

Everyone knew that the small ball was about to hit Lu Yus body when they saw it.

But in the next moment, the ball passed through Lu Yus body!!

The freshmen were shocked and cried out, “Whats going on Did it pass through his body”

“Fuck, so what is this Is this considered a failure”

“How did it pass through He became transparent”

“Whats going on How did the ball pass through his body”

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When Xu Mao saw this, he frowned.

However, in the next moment, Lu Yus figure gradually disappeared.

They rubbed their eyes.

At that moment, they were surprised to see Lu Yu appear not far away.

“Eh, am I seeing things What happened just now”

“He disappeared and appeared somewhere else.”

“I was paying full attention to it just now, and even so, I didnt notice there was another Lu Yu.”

“I understand now.

Lu Yus speed was too fast, and he left an afterimage on the spot!”

As soon as these words were said, the crowd was in an uproar, and they all stared at Lu Yu with wide-opened eyes.

“This is impossible.

How did he suddenly increase his speed”

“This is just teleportation, leaving an afterimage.

This must be a speed-type skill!”

“Damn! He actually has another trick up his sleeve! Hes sure insane, only using it now!”

“A speed-type skill that produces an effect of teleportation The quality of this skill is definitely good.”

“Awesome! Wouldnt it be easy for him to withhold the onslaught of five machines if thats the case”

Everyone started to look at Lu Yu with interest, anticipating what kind of results he would be able to achieve in the end.

As for Xu Mao, his mood turned sour when he saw this.

He initially thought that Lu Yus moment of glory was about to come to an end.

He did not expect Lu Yu to have yet another skill to continue this trial!

At that moment, Lu Yu dodged yet another wave of balls and seriously focused on the next wave of balls.

Very soon, the next wave of attacks came.

The speed of the small balls suddenly increased, and they arrived in front of Lu Yu in an instant.

This was the scary part of the trial.

The speed of the balls sent out by the machine was also random.

Sometimes it was ridiculously fast, and sometimes it was slow.

The narrowly dodged balls were usually the balls with a sudden sharp increase in speed compared to the last wave.

This time, Lu Yu did not hesitate to release his Dragon Shadow Skill immediately!

With a swoosh, his figure teleported four meters to the left.

Following that, the five small balls passed through Lu Yus afterimage.

At that moment, all the new students were certain that this was Lu Yus speed-type skill, and it was a skill that he had just shown.

They started to be curious.

How far could Lu Yu go with this speed skill

At that moment, the five machines finished their last shooting wave, and the sixth machine activated!

Lu Yus eyes were fixed on the machines, ready to release his skill at any moment.

Soon, the first round of shooting came, and Lu Yu easily used the Dragon Shadow skill to dodge it.

The second and third rounds of shooting came, but Lu Yu used the Dragon Shadow to dodge them all yet again.

Lu Yu was originally on the verge of exhaustion when he was at the five machines.

He did not expect the arrival of a dragon skill would make him feel relaxed, even with the activation of the sixth machine.

Dragon skills were indeed extraordinary.

It was much more powerful than ordinary skills!

When the freshmen saw Lu Yu once again dodge the balls in a relaxed state, they were stunned.

“Damn, it was difficult for him to dodge them just a moment ago.

Now, its gotten easier”

“This is a little much.

What a ridiculous skill he was hiding up his sleeves.”

“What kind of skill is this I want it too!”

“This skill is definitely not ordinary.

I have browsed through many skill tablet shops, and it is rare to see such a powerful speed-type skill.”

At that moment, Xu Maos heart was twisting with jealousy.

He had paid an unimaginable price to become a disciple of his current master!

In the end, the speed-type skill that he had obtained from his master was far inferior to the one before him.

He could not accept this fact and was very jealous of Lu Yus skills.

The wall of arrogance in his heart also began to shake…

Everyone was looking forward to what kind of record Lu Yu would break.

That would be an achievement that they could never hope to achieve!

The number of shooting machines continued to increase.

The seventh one was activated, and then the eighth one was activated.

The people outside the arena were so shocked that they could not speak.

The instructor, who was pretentious before, also looked at Lu Yu nervously.

When he entered the school, he also took the same speed trial.

However, his result was only three machines, and he only lasted until the fourth round of shooting.

Even if it was just this result, it was enough to make him proud even till now.

Every time he met a new student, he would brag about it.

It was the same this year.

He used his results to show off, hoping to suppress the arrogance of these geniuses.

However, he didnt expect that there would be such a dark horse in this batch of freshmen!

Lu Yus current result was already completely thrashing him.

Moreover, it wasnt over yet.

He was still continuously challenging his limits!

Very soon, the ninth machine was activated.

Lu Yu began to feel exhausted, and it was already difficult for him to dodge just by relying on the Dragon Shadow.

After releasing the Dragon Shadow skill, he had to do a double jump as soon as possible to increase the distance between him and the balls quickly.

Nine small balls shooting out simultaneously were already covering a large area.

The four-meter teleportation distance was already making it impossible for him to dodge them completely.

Lu Yu still barely managed to hold on.

He wanted to break a higher record than ever before.

The tenth machine was activated!

The freshmen present were all in an uproar!

“The tenth machine! In the entire history of Clanorth University, there has never been a freshman who could achieve such a result.

What kind of talent does he have What kind of skill is he using How can he be so powerful”

“If I say Lu Yu will get first place this time, no one would refute me, right”

“This is too ridiculous! His speed is simply terrifying!”

“Lu Yu is the real first place! This result simply overpowered Xu Mao!”

“Who said that Xu Mao must be the first Come out!”

“I can only use the wordterrifying to describe it…”

At that moment, Lu Yu was still seriously treating the machines as his opponents!

The interval between the shots decreased even further, and the balls range of cover was wider.

Lu Yu gradually felt that his speed was insufficient.

His mana alone could not keep up with how frequently he used his skills.

Finally, Lu Yus mana was exhausted during the second round of shooting.

He could not simultaneously release the Dragon Shadow and double jump and was struck by a small ball.

The instructor pressed the remote control, and the machines stopped shooting.

He sized up Lu Yu.

His face looked calm, and his insides were already in turmoil!


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