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Chapter 72 Speed-Type Dragon Skill

While he was dodging the balls, Lu Yu gradually discovered some patterns.

Every time the machine fired, it would lock onto his current position and quickly shoot out a small ball!

Therefore, Lu Yu needed a swift reaction and speed to escape from the spot to avoid the small ball.

From the looks of it, his double jump still had some room for improvement.

After five rounds of shooting, the fourth machine was activated!

At that moment, Lu Yus result was in first place, far ahead of Xu Maos result.

Outside the field, Xu Maos eyes were gloomy.

He was miserable that Lu Yu had stolen the limelight once again.

It was making him feel resentful!

The other freshmen looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

They had never thought Lu Yu could be so strong in the speed trial!

Moreover, he had only used a double jump skill and could dodge all the way to the activation of the fourth machine.

Without a doubt, his basic speed attribute was very high, much higher than theirs!

“This is a little ridiculous.

His strength is already so strong, yet his speed is still so fast and so agile…”

“The gap between us is too big.

We are supposed to be all geniuses that are one in ten thousand, yet theres still such a gap between us.”

Before they came to this university, they were all publicly recognized geniuses in their high schools around the country.

They were worshipped and respected by other students.

However, after arriving here, they realized they were mediocre.

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Especially when compared to Lu Yu, they felt they didnt deserve the title of genius.

“I didnt expect Lu Yus speed to be so fast.

This really surprised me.” The instructor crossed his arms and looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

He himself had only managed to hold on until the fifth machine was activated.

At that moment, everyone admired Lu Yus elegant movements.

Four small balls shot toward him consecutively like a shotgun, and Lu Yu had to use all his concentration to dodge the small balls!

He stomped on the ground and dodged to the right!

However, the distance between him and the balls was still not enough.

He quickly followed up with a double jump and instantly increased the distance between them before successfully dodging the small balls.

Lu Yus breathing became heavier.

After enduring for so long, he had already used up a lot of his stamina and mana points.

However, with Lu Yus current mana points, it would not be a problem for him to use another ten or so double jumps.

The second round of shooting began, and the four small balls spread out and attacked him instantly.

Lu Yu exerted strength in both his legs, and the muscles in his thighs bulged as he stomped on the ground.

Surprisingly, Lu Yu did not use the double jump this time, but he still barely managed to dodge the four small balls!

Before Lu Yu could let out a sigh of relief, the next round of shooting started again.

He did not expect that when the trial continued, it would increase the number of machines and reduce the gap between the shots!

Lu Yu did not have a chance to catch his breath at all and hurriedly dodged the next round of balls.

The freshmen outside the arena looked at Lu Yu and nodded in admiration.

“This speed is definitely superior to mine.”

“If I were to fight him, he would be behind me before I could react.”

“This speed is almost twice as high as mine.

My speed attribute is 110, and its not considered low, right”

“If you dont specialize in speed, it should be enough.”

“If thats the case, Lu Yus speed should be at least 200!”

Everyone was surprised.

They didnt expect Lu Yus speed to be so high.

Among the new students, only those who specialized in speed could have such high speed stats.

“The most important thing is that Lu Yus mana stats arent low either.

Even after releasing many skills consecutively, he still shows no signs of exhaustion.”

The freshmen were all stunned.

Lu Yu was simply beating them up in all directions!

While they were discussing, Lu Yu was still trying to dodge, and he was already slowly getting used to the four small balls.

Very soon, the fifth machine was activated!

“The fifth machine was activated so quickly”

“Damn, hes definitely in the first place.”

“Among the remaining people, there cant be anyone getting a better result than him, right”

“Haha, among us, the strongest Xu Mao hasnt even surpassed three machines, so theres even less hope for us.”

Once these words were said, the freshmen all nodded their heads in agreement.

At the same time, they all accepted their fate.

They wouldnt have the chance to snatch first place.

At most, they could compete for second or third place.

At this moment, Xu Maos expression was hideous.

Initially, the crowd was discussing and praising him, but now their focus was all on Lu Yu!

The resentment in his heart increased again.

He was secretly unhappy with Lu Yu being in the limelight.

The five machines began to fire simultaneously, and Lu Yu felt slightly tired.

It seemed that his highest result would be on the fifth machine.

However, this result was already good enough as it was the same result as their instructor.

With this result, he should be first, right

Lu Yu felt that among these new students, there should be no one who was faster than him.

Their results were even worse than his.

But he still wanted to hold on a little longer.

If he failed, he would just give up…

With this thought in mind, Lu Yu was still entirely focused.

He tried his best to dodge the five small balls.

After the first round of attacks, Lu Yu hurriedly released his double jump, instantly increasing the distance between him and the balls.

The area covered by the five small balls was vast, and Lu Yu was already feeling exhausted.

He had to use his double jump to its limit in order to dodge the five small balls.

Following that, the second round of shooting came, not giving Lu Yu a chance to react at all.

Lu Yu hurriedly released his double jump skill yet again, but at this moment, the sound of a system notification rang in his mind.

[ Due to the hosts continuous speed cultivation, the dragon skill speed category has been successfully unlocked! ]

[ Dragon Skill Speed Category: Dragon Shadow ]

Hearing this notification, Lu Yu was first stunned, then surprised.

He did not expect that, after just unlocking two main categories of his dragon skill recently, he would unlock the third category this quickly.

The Dragon Scales corresponded to the defense category, while the Dragon Muscle, Dragon Fist, and Flaming Claw corresponded to the offensive category.

Lu Yu did not have any speed-type dragon skills.

At first, Lu Yu thought that he was unlucky, but he thought that maybe he was not qualified yet.

In previous battles, Lu Yu mainly relied on his defense and offense and rarely relied on speed to fight.

But now, in this trial, he unexpectedly unlocked what he needed.

Lu Yu quickly checked the skill description of Dragon Shadow.

[ Dragon Shadow Lv1: Quickly teleport four meters in a certain direction while leaving an afterimage on the spot.

As the level increases, the teleportation distance and the afterimage staying time will increase.

Mana cost: 15]

After reading it, Lu Yu was overjoyed.

This dragon skill was simply too powerful.

This short-distance teleportation and the confusing afterimage could significantly increase Lu Yus mobility.

Most importantly, the mana consumption was not high and could be used at will.

Factoring in the consumption and Lu Yus recovery rate, he could use this skill many times!

Lu Yu quickly took out the skill tablet and used his mind to learn the skill, Dragon Shadow, instantly!

Lu Yu suddenly opened his eyes.

At that moment, five small balls appeared in front of him.

They were only five meters away and could instantly hit Lu Yus body!


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