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Chapter 71 Fighting For First Place, The Only Speed Skill

After dodging the first small ball, Xu Mao revealed a relaxed expression.

“Theres no difficulty at all.

Hurry up and activate the second machine!”

Xu Mao said proudly and then easily dodged the consecutive balls.

Very soon, the second machine was activated.

Two small balls flew at Xu Mao consecutively, causing him to feel a slight struggle.

“Tsk, its still nothing much to me!”

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, and his breathing became heavier.

He had used up nearly half of his stamina.

The instructor nodded his head in admiration.

“Not bad, finally an outstanding freshman.

If you persevere, youll definitely be able to last until the third machine!”

Seeing this, the surrounding freshmen couldnt help but sigh.

“As expected of the direct disciple of a master.

His strength is indeed stronger than all of us.”

“I have long learned that a renowned master took Xu Mao as his disciple.

Now, we can finally see the results of his learning!”

“The first place should be him, right It cant be anyone else.”

“Hehe, its hard to say.

Theres still Lu Yu.”

Hearing those words, Liu Wen immediately refuted, “One relies on luck, while the other relies on strength.

How can he be compared to my senior”

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No one said anything else.

Some were silent, while others firmly believed that Xu Mao would get first place!

The crowd got into a heated discussion.

Lu Yu was the only one left, carefully observing Xu Mao.

Xu Maos stamina was almost exhausted.

His final result should be to last until the activation of the third machine.

Lu Yu could see that Xu Mao was already exhausted in his current state.

However, if he could hold on until the activation of the third machine, it would be considered a pretty good result.

Soon, the third machine was activated.

Three small balls shot out consecutively, causing Xu Mao to clench his teeth.

He hurriedly activated his skill.

His footsteps changed, causing him to instantly move four to five meters horizontally and dodge the three small balls.

However, soon, the following three balls came at him again.

He had no choice but to use his skill continuously.

The current him could only rely on his skills to dodge.

Otherwise, with his raw speed, he would be unable to dodge the three balls consecutively.

However, he could not use his skills consecutively for long.

Even just the consumption of his mana alone was unbearable.

At that moment, Xu Mao was entirely focused, and his muscles were tense.

He was seriously treating the machine as his opponent.

However, after dodging a few times, he was still accidentally hit by a small ball.

“Damn it! I actually didnt dodge that!”

Xu Mao shouted with a face full of distress.

If he could hold on for a bit longer, he would be able to hold on until the fourth machine activated!

If he could hold on until the fourth machine, then he was guaranteed to be ranked at least in the top three!

Xu Mao sighed regretfully.

“Sigh, what a pity…”

The instructor also felt that it was a pity.

He could see that Xu Mao was a good seedling.

Unfortunately, he didnt hold on for a little longer.

However, he felt that there should not be anyone else who could persist any longer than Xu Mao.

The other freshmen also felt the same way.

Before the trial began, they all felt that it was not too difficult to dodge a small ball.

However, when they experienced it for themselves, that wasnt the case at all.

The difficulty of this trial was not something that an ordinary person could pass.

After the instructor watched Xu Mao leave the stage, he shouted, “Next, please begin the trial!”

The next person to go on stage was Lu Yu.

When the crowd saw Lu Yu enter the trial area, everyone started discussing.

“Its finally Lu Yus turn.

I wonder how long he can last.”

“Do you think Lu Yu can still get first place this time”

“I dont think so.

He took a beating in the previous trial.

He definitely wont be able to last in a trial that requires high agility.”

“I think so too.

He will only last until the second machine.

He shouldnt last any longer.”

At this moment, Xu Mao looked at Lu Yu with pride.

He absolutely did not believe that Lu Yu could break his record.

Liu Wen was beside him and massaged his shoulders.

“Senior, you will definitely be number one this time.

No one can be more outstanding than you.”

“No **!” Xu Mao snorted in disdain.

At that moment, after Lu Yu had made his preparations, the first machine began to fire.

The first small ball was instantly shot toward Lu Yu!

Lu Yu leaned to the side and easily dodged it.

Following that, the second ball was shot over.

Lu Yu continued to dodge with ease, and it seemed that the current difficulty was very easy for Lu Yu.

His speed had a value of 240, and none of the freshmen here had a speed of over 200!

Xu Mao was the same as his speed did not exceed 200.

Perhaps he could only catch up to Lu Yus normal speed by casting a speed skill.

Soon, the second machine was activated.

Two small balls were shot out consecutively, but Lu Yu could still deal with them easily.

He first dodged the first small ball, then bent down to dodge the second.

The entire process looked easy.

In Lu Yus eyes, the trajectories of these tiny balls were like a slow-motion replay.

With his outstanding reaction speed and movement speed, Lu Yu could easily dodge the simultaneous shots of the two machines.

When the other freshmen saw this, they exclaimed, “Damn, theres something to be seen here.”

“His speed is indeed quite fast, and he looks very relaxed.

Theres no pressure on him at all.”


His breathing is calm, his movements are swift, and hes not nervous at all.”

“Theres a chance.

Hes likely to break Xu Maos record!”

At this moment, Xu Maos brows were tightly knit as he looked nervously at Lu Yu.

He could not understand why Lu Yus speed was so fast!

His smooth use of the shield meant that he was very strong.

Since his strength was robust, then his speed should have been weak.

However, Lu Yus performance showed as if he had no flaws at all.

His speed was also outstanding.

Xu Mao felt a feeling of imbalance in his heart.

Even he himself could not achieve such an achievement in all attributes, so how could anyone else do it

At this moment, the third machine began shooting, and everyone held their breath.

Whether Lu Yu could break the record and get first place depended on this moment!

If Lu Yu could persevere, then he would be first.

If Lu Yu failed, he would have no choice but to be in second place.

Xu Mao was hoping that Lu Yu would make a mistake, but he remained calm on the surface.

Three small balls came at him, and Lu Yu focused on the small balls.

Very soon, the first small ball came at him, but Lu Yus gaze was set on the second ball.

He quickly estimated that if he dodged the first small ball, the second one would catch up to him quickly.

It would be challenging for him to dodge then!

Moreover, the third ball was also getting close to him.

Lu Yu roughly calculated that he should not force the dodge!

Therefore, Lu Yu jumped on the spot and leaped into the air!

Everyone was puzzled.

Even if he jumped up, he could not dodge all the small balls.

Moreover, he could not adjust his position in the air, so he would have no chance to dodge after he landed.

“Isnt he courting death by jumping like this”

“He wouldnt be able to dodge all the balls.

He would have to take a hit after landing.”

“Sigh, its over.

He will only be second…”

Just as everyone thought Lu Yu was about to get hit, Lu Yu, suspended in midair, stepped into the air and made a second jump!

The second jump helped Lu Yu jump higher into the air and successfully dodged all three small balls.

When the instructor saw this, he was happy.

“A double jump skill that would actually allow him to jump this high.

It seems he has been training hard!”

The instructors mentality changed.

He felt that Lu Yu was about to break the record! The first place was very likely to be Lu Yus!

At that moment, Xu Maos heart was burning with anxiety.

If Lu Yu continues not to make a mistake, then he would really be in second place!

Lu Yu landed on the ground, and the three small balls had already flown away.

Following that, the second wave of small balls shot out.

Lu Yu continued to use his double jump and avoided the balls!

The freshmen were all dumbfounded.

At the speed Lu Yu was going, they could not catch up to him at all…


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