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Chapter 70 Trial Begins, Speed Trial

Lu Yu queued up in front of a paper box and started to draw the lots.

He randomly grabbed one and took it out to have a look.

On the paper was written “speed”.

“Looks like Im in a speed trial.”

Lu Yu thought for a moment and realized that he didnt have any skills that could increase his speed.

It seemed like he might be unable to utilize his second jump either.

He could only rely on his raw speed to deal with the trial.

After the freshmen had drawn their lots and distributed them to their respective trials, they began to stand in different groups.

In front of the three instructors, there was a line of their own.

Lu Yu stood in front of the instructor who was in charge of the speed trial and sized up the instructor.

He did not look old and wore a white uniform.

There was a dignified aura around him.

“All the freshmen who have drawn the speed trial have gathered, right Next, we have to prepare to begin the trial!”

“This trial tests your speed.

You can obtain points by dodging.

In the trial, you can only use speed-type skills.

Do you understand”

After the instructor finished speaking, the people began discussing animatedly.

“Awesome! Out of the four skills I learned, two of them are speed-enhancing skills!”

“Im almost the same.

Im so lucky!”


“Sigh, I dont even have a speed skill.

How am I supposed to complete this trial”

“Its over.

I really want to draw the lot again.

Not only do I not have a speed skill, but my speed attribute is also poor.”

“None of you are as miserable as me; Im a tank in my party.

I dont have any movement speed at all!”

Some of the freshmen were happy, while others were sad.

Lu Yus expression was calm, and his mood was not affected.

It would be a perfect match for him if he were to get the offensive trial.

Unfortunately, he got speed instead.

However, he was not discouraged just because of this.

In actual combat, he would not be able to give up just because he had a flaw in one aspect.

He just had to give it his all!

The instructor continued, “Next, all of you will take turns going up for the trial.

I want to see the speed of your batch!”

“Thinking back, I got first place the first time I participated in this trial when I entered Clanorth University!” The instructor said proudly.

“Moreover, Im proficient in dozens of skills, and more than half of them are speed-type skills.

For freshmen like you guys, the road ahead is still very long.

It would be amazing if you guys could be proficient in just one now, as Im proficient in more than ten.

So remember, you all have to be humble.”

The teacher said it proudly as if he was showing off.

The freshmen couldnt stand this teacher acting so pretentiously, but they didnt dare to say anything.

They could only silently watch him as he flaunted his strength.

“Next, Ill give you a demonstration and let you see my prowess!”

As he spoke, he turned around and looked behind him.

He pointed at a row of machines and said, “Thats an automatic shooting machine.

It will randomly shoot out balls that are similar to ping pong balls.

What you have to do is to dodge these small balls that are shooting at you!”

“As the trial continues, the number of machines will increase.”

“The trajectory, speed, and angle of these small balls are completely random.

Therefore, dodge them purely based on your reaction speed and movement speed!”

As he said that, the instructor walked to the trial area.

There was a distance of about twenty meters from the machine.

The distance wasnt too close, so there was still room for reaction before the small balls hit them.

The machine began to shoot, and the instructor also began to dodge it seriously.

The first machine began to shoot, and a small ball was shot out.

In an instant, it arrived in front of the instructor.

He quickly dodged to the side, but immediately after, it shot the second time!

He began to dodge continuously and looked like he was doing it with ease.

The freshmen watched his dodging movements and tried to get the hang of the pattern in advance.

After watching for a while, they discovered that the small balls were shot out randomly, without a pattern to follow.

Very soon, a second machine began to shoot.

The instructors forehead began to sweat slightly, and his movements also began to accelerate.

Then, the third machine opened fire, and three small balls shot out consecutively.

It was already getting a little difficult for him.

The freshmen looked at the instructors dodging movements and could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“Hes so fast, and his movements are leaving afterimages!”

“Damn, if it was me up against these three machines, Im afraid I wouldnt be able to dodge them…”

“Its already so difficult with the activation of three machines.

What about the fourth and fifth machines”

“I feel like I will be stopped here.

These small balls are too fast!”

“The instructors reaction speed is sure fast…”

Lu Yu carefully observed the instructors dodging speed.

He weighed whether he could dodge them.

Soon, the fourth machine was activated.

Four small balls shot out at the same time, making even the instructor nervous.

He could not be eliminated early, or else the freshmen would laugh at him!

He used his skill, and even more afterimages began to appear behind him.

In almost an instant, he moved five meters to the right.

After casting his skill, the remaining small balls continued to shoot out.

He could only gasp for breath and continue dodging.

After observing for a while, Lu Yu felt that he would only be able to reach the stage of four machines if it was him.

He did not know if he would be able to get first place this time…

At that moment, the fifth machine was activated.

The teacher began to struggle.

After dodging a few times, his speed was unable to keep up.

In the end, he was hit by a small ball and ended the trial.

“Oh, the level of my prowess is about here.

If it were you newbies, you should be able to last until the third machine.”

“Work hard.

Sooner or later, your strength will be as strong as mine.”

After boasting, the teacher began to organize the trial.

“The first student, Shao Qiang, start your trial!”

A freshman walked up.

After he was well prepared, the machine was activated!

The first ball was shot at him, and he almost didnt react in time.

He quickly rolled sideways and dodged the first ball!

But then, before he could stand up, the second ball came at him.

He didnt dodge in time and was hit by the second ball.

“Damn it, how did it end so fast!” He said unwillingly.

Then, the second freshman went on stage.

After he dodged four or five balls, he was also eliminated.

After that, three to four freshmen went on stage but were eliminated before the second machine started.

The teacher was speechless.

“Are all the freshmen this year so weak”

At that moment, Xu Mao, who was standing at the front of the line, went on stage!

In an instant, everyones attention was on Xu Mao.

Many people recognized him and knew that he was the disciple of a renowned master.

They knew his strength was powerful!

“Its Xu Maos turn.

I wonder how long he can last.”

“Hes much stronger than us.

He should at least last until the second machine is activated, right”

“Isnt that obvious Who do you think he is”

“Young master Xu, you can do it! The champion this time will definitely be you!”

“Lets teach them a lesson and let them know how formidable you are!”

“With Young Master Xu around, we can just focus on fighting for second place.”

Many people in the crowd were trying to curry Xu Maos favor.

This was so they would have a better chance to become disciples of his master.

Xu Mao ignored the praise of the others and slowly walked to the trial area.

The machine activated and began to shoot out small balls!

The first ball was shot instantly, and Xu Mao easily dodged it.

“Thats it It seems to be simple.”


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