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Chapter 7 Dark Forest

Lu Yu jogged to the black market and completed todays daily quest.

He exchanged it for 1 free skill point.

Since he only had one skill, he could only use this skill for Armor Penetration.

After some fiddling, Lu Yu heard a notification sound.

[ Congratulations on completing the enhancement.

Armor Penetration skill is Lv2.


[ Armor Penetration Lv2: This enhancement has increased the effect of penetrating the skin, causing internal damage to increase by 5% ]


As Lu Yu had not engaged in actual combat yet, he was not clear about the actual effect of this enhancement.

Nevertheless, in the path of cultivation, there would be no lack of opportunities for actual combat.

Lu Yu looked at the Awakeners trading center in front of him.

Its a large location, but its only two stories high.

As soon as he reached the door, Lu Yu could hear the noise inside.

Because the Awakeners were a complicated group, a portion of the law didnt apply to them.

It was due to these unique privileges that the Awakeners had that this uncontrolled black market was formed!


Lu Yu walked through the black markets entrance.

As soon as he entered, he saw a crowd of people before him.

Everyone was walking in a hurry, trying to find something to strengthen themselves.


The place was surrounded by a circle of shops, with many notice boards placed in the middle of the area.

You are reading on MYBO XN 0 V E L.


Some of them had trade offers written on them, while others had requests written on them.

In this place, where there were no rules, anything could be traded.

As long as there was money, anything could be bought.

As for those without money, they could only sell their labor to earn money.

The most common quest was to offer to fight for others.

Helping wealthy individuals hunt ferocious beasts, obtain materials, and sell them.

Needless to say, the use of these materials was for evolution!


Lu Yu looked around and found that almost half of the quests here were of this type.

Moreover, the quest reward was pretty bountiful!

He silently noted down a few suitable quest and then quietly walked to a corner where no one was around.

In the corner, Lu Yu took out a black jacket and pants from his backpack.


After putting them on, Lu Yu took out a black face cloth to cover his face before walking out again.


He was a newbie who had just awoken.

Generally speaking, it was tough for newbies to receive quests.

If people saw that Lu Yu was still a student preparing for his college entrance examination, he would probably return empty-handed today.

It was easy for rookies to mess up, and no one was willing to waste time on rookies.

Although Lu Yu covered his face, it did not affect his ability to accept quests in the black market.

There were many people dressed as Lu Yu here.

Some did not want to attract attention, and others feared being caught for their crimes.


Therefore, even though Lu Yu walked around dressed entirely in black, no one even noticed him.

He came to the quest area and stood at the side for a short observation.

He carefully observed how others accepted quests.

After memorizing it, he began to act.

It would be awkward if anything happened during the process of accepting a quest and it was revealed that he was a newbie.

Lu Yu scrutinized the process for some time and came to a conclusion.

One type of quest was a quest that was written on the notice board.

Under normal circumstances, the quest giver would be unwilling to show their faces.

Another type of quest was to receive them from a merchant.

To replenish their inventory, merchants would issue many quests and request the help of Awakeners to collect materials.

There were plenty of quests to go around, but knowing which region the quests could be completed in was critical.

There were some regions that ordinary cultivators couldnt handle.

Lu Yu opened the map on his phone and looked up the dungeon region.

Many areas were suitable for newcomers.

But in the end, Lu Yu chose the Dark Forest.

This area was a newbie area.

But at the same time, there was one of the materials needed for the evolution of the Dragon Claw, the Shadow Cat Demon Fingernails.

“This is it.

I hope I can get the materials!”

After dimming the screen on his phone, Lu Yu walked toward the merchants location.

Lu Yu had his eyes on a shop and walked over.

At that moment, Lu Yus phone rang.

He took it out and saw that it was a call from his homeroom teacher.

“Lu Yu, why arent you at school today The school is giving a basic item to the students today, and it would be a pity if you werent here to collect it,” the homeroom teacher asked.

“I have something to do here.

Ill be there right away.”

“Alright, although you students have the first three weeks as free activities, its best to do them within the school.

There are many training grounds available in the school, and you have to work hard to have the chance to catch up.”


“I got it.

Ill be back in a while.”

“Alright, dont run around blindly with your situation.

Train obediently, and at least you wont be left far behind by others.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

Lu Yu smiled helplessly.

If he were to train in school, he would definitely end up useless.


Only by evolving into the Dragon Claw would he have a future!

Lu Yu walked along the streets of the black market.

He looked at the shops beside him and found they all looked extravagant.

However, Lu Yu only wanted to take on a beginner-level quest.

Soon, he saw a shop with simple decorations.

He quickly walked in and saw the quest information posted on the door.

“Quest Target: collect 100 [ Eye of the Cat Demon ].”

“This quest is good.

Its just right for me.”

Lu Yus first target was to head to the Dark Forest to collect the Shadow Cat Demon Fingernails.

It would be much more convenient if he took on collecting the Eye of the Cat Demon as his secondary goal.

Hence, Lu Yu walked in.

The owner of the shop was a fat man wearing overalls.

When he saw Lu Yu walking in, he walked over with a smile.

“Hello, are you here to buy something or accept a quest” He asked with a big smile.

Lu Yu pointed at the door and said, “I just saw a quest to collect 100 Eyes of the Cat Demon.

I want to accept that quest.”

“No problem, this is the quests information.”

The owner gave him a piece of paper, and Lu Yu took it.

“The quest area is in the Dark Forest, but its Challenger level.”

The boss nodded, “Thats right, only Challenger level will drop this material.”

Lu Yu thought for a moment and decided to accept the quest.

“Okay, Ill accept this quest.

What about the reward”

“Regarding the reward, Ill settle it after completing the quest.

The way we do so will be up to you.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

Generally speaking, the quests reward would be linked to the difficulty, and there was a set of rules in the market regarding it, so Lu Yu did not need to worry about this.

After completing the quest, he could either settle for money or convert his reward into other materials or equipment.

Lu Yu roughly estimated that this quests money reward would be at least tens of thousands of dollars.


“Take this.

This specific teleportation scroll can teleport you to the quest location at any time.”


A sheepskin scroll appeared in the bosss hand, and it was filled with an ancient yet plain aura.

Lu Yu reached out and took it.

“Alright, Ill take my leave then.”


“No problem.

Ill be waiting for your good news.”

Lu Yu turned around and left the shop.

He was not in a hurry to complete the quest.

Therefore, he returned to school first.

Although earning money was very important, he should not fall behind in his homework.

He needed to return to class and learn the knowledge of this world.


Previously, Lu Yu had been running back and forth between the school, his work, and the hospital.

But even so, he did not fall behind in any of them.

Although it was tough and tiring, he had to do it for his aunt.


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