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Chapter 69 Three Trials, Perfect Figure

A teleportation door opened in front of the freshmen, and Zhan Yang appeared.

When the freshmen saw Zhan Yangs muscular body, they gulped.

The students of his academy would definitely not dare to cause any trouble…

Zhan Yang looked at the crowd and said, “The second trial is a combat technique trial.

Everyone, follow me in and begin the trial!”

After saying that, Zhan Yang turned around and entered the teleportation door.

The other freshmen followed him and entered the teleportation door.

After passing through the teleportation door, everyone appeared in another empty room.

Zhan Yang stood not far ahead, with three instructors behind him.

“Cough, cough, is everyone here”

“Everyone is here.

We can begin the trial!”

The freshmen lined up and quickly checked the number of people.

“The three people standing behind me are the three instructors in charge of this trial.

Each of them is responsible for an area.

These three trial areas are offense, defense, and speed!”

Just as the freshmen were puzzled, Zhan Yang continued explaining, “Most of the combat techniques you have learned can be divided into these three categories.

Therefore, you only need to display your talent in these three areas.”

When the new students heard this, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

“It sounds pretty simple.”


“Can we use skills in this trial”

“Do we have to undergo all three trials in one go That would be too exhausting…”

The new students raised many questions, and Zhan Yang began to answer them.

“In this trial, you can only use skills.

Your equipment or accessories must be removed, and you must wear a specific training uniform.

You must completely rely on your physical body to carry out the trial!”

“You dont need to complete three trials.

You will be drawing lots and get one of them.”

“Next, begin your preparations!”

After Zhan Yang finished answering them, the new students began their trial preparations.

They took off their equipment and put it into their storage rings.

Some treated their equipment as their daily clothes, and after taking them off, only their underwear remained…

Xu Mao took off his long robe, and his expression was hideous.

Without this plain white robe, his image as a gentleman had been significantly reduced.

“How troublesome.

I hope this trial quickly ends!” Xu Mao grumbled.

“Senior, I think you look pretty good.

Taking off your long robe shows off your perfect muscles, which are eye-catching.” Liu Wen revealed a flattering smile.

“Cut the crap! How could I not know that my muscles are perfect” Xu Mao said coldly.

Liu Wen was the sects outer disciple.

She had to get his approval if she wanted to become his masters genuine disciple.

Therefore, Xu Mao knew that Liu Wens praise wouldnt necessarily be genuine.

However, he was still very confident in his figure.

Liu Wen curled her lips and didnt dare to say anything.

At that moment, a person walked over with a similarly ugly expression.

“Im speechless that I cant use any equipment.

All the good equipment I have is wasted!”

This person had a square-ish face and a muscular physique.

There was a vicious aura around him, and he seemed familiar with Xu Mao.

“Zhao Kai, my equipment isnt bad either.

Didnt I put them away obediently too”

Zhao Kai was unconvinced as he said, “Every piece of my equipment is a piece of blue equipment that has been passed down since ancient times.

Three of them are even of purple quality.

Can yours compete with mine”

Xu Mao was instantly speechless.

He had no way to refute these words.

Zhao Kai came from an ancient family in Ixdale.

Theyve been around for nearly a thousand years and have a strong foundation.

Their foundation was not something that he could compete with.

“Hmph, even if I dont have any equipment, I will still get first place!” Zhao Kai said, very arrogantly.

Xu Mao only smiled faintly at this.

The two of them were good friends, so he would not argue with him for first place at this time.

However, in his heart, he had already decided that he would be in the first place.

Zhao Kai would merely be his stepping stone!

On the other hand, Lu Yu also took off his equipment and placed it into his storage ring.

Then, someone came in and gave each of them a training uniform.

Lu Yu picked up the uniform and looked at it carefully.

It was a pure black skin-tight uniform and made of unique materials.

Wearing this kind of uniform would be helpful for sports, and many athletes also like them.

Lu Yu quickly put on the uniform.

The uniform tightly covered his whole body, making Lu Yu feel lighter.

Most importantly, this tight uniform outlined Lu Yus perfect muscles.

“Wow, these muscles are too perfect!”

“Sheesh, that mermaid line.

I love it.”

“Bro, your abs are too tempting!”

“Could I rub them”

Many girls gave him lustful looks, making Lu Yu feel a little awkward.

His well-defined chest muscles and abs were much more defined than the others.

After Yun Zirou and Su Qing saw him, they quickly walked over.

“I didnt expect you to have a hidden gem.

You must have trained a lot with such good-looking muscles, right” Yun Zirou grinned as she looked at Lu Yus muscles.

Su Qing looked at Lu Yu calmly, but her heart was stirred.

Lu Yu casually replied, “Not really.

I dont usually pay much attention to it, and the muscles appear themselves.”

His words immediately caused everyone to feel uncomfortable.

“Listen to him.

What is he even talking about”

“I dont even have these muscles from being in the gym every day.

What boastful language.”

“Oh well.

He does have the goods to boast about.

If I had these muscles, I would act even more pretentiously than he!”

On the other side, both Xu Mao and Zhao Kai got so angry that they gritted their teeth when they saw this.

Especially Xu Mao.

He thought his body was well-proportioned and robust.

He also thought his muscles were pumped and well-shaped.

However, his expression turned gloomy when he saw Lu Yus muscles.

They were not even in the same category.

Lu Yus muscles were like a sculptures, with clear edges and corners.

Xu Maos muscles were covered by a layer of fat, only revealing a shallow outline.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Im not in good condition today.

Otherwise, my muscles would outshine him instantly!”

His eyes stared at Lu Yu with a gloomy expression.

Liu Wen quickly agreed, “You are right.

Its just that you are not in good condition today.

Under normal circumstances, you could beat him instantly!”

However, her eyes were fixed on Lu Yus abdominal muscles when she said this.

She could not move her eyes away at all.

Xu Mao gritted his teeth in embarrassment.

He could not even be bothered to scold her.

Standing at the side, Zhao Kai did not look all too good either.

Although his muscles were big, they lacked beauty.

He looked like a rough, burly man.

Initially, the two of them should have been the focus of this trial.

After all, one came from a prominent family while the other came from an ancient family.

Moreover, both of them were geniuses!

However, the attention of the new students was all on Lu Yu.

Their hearts were filled with hatred; they wanted nothing more than to rush up and fight Lu Yu!

After Lu Yu put on his training uniform, Yun Zirou and Su Qing also started to put on their black tights.

When they put them on, they instantly attracted countless eyes!

The moment they put on the black tights, it instantly outlined the perfect figures of the two of them!

Those perfect curves, tight and stylish figures, coupled with a beautiful face, were simply captivating.

They caused the male students present to be entranced.

“Damn, their figures can only be described as perfect.”

“Their looks go well with their figures.

Just looking at it makes me feel happy!”

“If only I could have one of them, my life would be worth it…”

Not far away, Xu Mao and Zhao Kai were stunned when they saw the two girls.

“Shes so beautiful.

Young Master Xu, that cute girl is very suitable for you.” Zhao Kai pointed at Su Qing and said.

Xu Mao lowered his head and smiled proudly, “Not really.

Miss Yun is also very compatible with you.”

Zhao Kai was overjoyed.

“Well, of course.

My Zhao family is much stronger than hers.

If I propose to her, her family will be so happy!”

After the two of them flattered each other, they suddenly realized a problem.

The two beauties surrounded Lu Yu and did not even look at them.

Instantly, the two of them turned gloomy.

“I just remembered that these two are already living with Lu Yu…” Xu Mao revealed a hopeless expression.

Zhao Kai clenched his fists.

“Hmph! Ill teach him a lesson sooner or later.

Ill let him know whos the boss!”

Then, Lu Yu chatted with Su Qing and Yun Zirou for a while, and the trial started.

The freshmen began to line up and draw the lots for their trial.

Everyone was praying, hoping they could pick one they were good at and obtain a good ranking.

Very soon, it was Lu Yus turn to draw the lots.


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