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Chapter 68 The Difference In Weapons

Lu Yu returned to the crowd.

The freshmen made way for him and looked at Lu Yu with respect.

The crowd began to discuss Lu Yus performance.

“This is too ridiculous.

He actually destroyed the paper folding fan.

How did he destroy something that we cant even defend against”

“I thought that the rules of the competition were to defend against the attacks of the paper folding fan I didnt think that we would even be able to fight back!”

“From the looks of it, Lu Yus strength is much stronger than ours.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be possible for him to outperform us by this much!”

“Genius, an absolute genius.

He will definitely be able to enter the Weapon Academy.

Theres no doubt about it!”

“The gap… how could it be so huge…”

“I have clearly worked hard…”

The surrounding freshmen sighed, feeling a little uncomfortable.

The gap in strength between them made them feel despair.

“Im afraid that he will achieve an unprecedented result, which is to win first place in all five competitions.

At that time, he can choose whichever academy he wants to go to.

At the same time, he will also receive huge support from the school!”

Once these words were said, everyone present nodded their heads in agreement.

“Well, no **.

Hes so much stronger than we are.

Hell definitely win first place in every competition!”

“Thats true.

The first place has already been decided.

Itll definitely be Lu Yu.

At most, well be fighting for second place.”

“We got to find a chance to curry favor with him.

Hell definitely be an elite member of society in the future.

Hell be someone who stands at the highest level of society, and we will benefit if we can be on good terms with him in advance!”


Many pretty girls who heard this started to cast flirtatious glances at Lu Yu.

At that moment, someone couldnt help but utter a voice filled with resentment.

“Youre all just talking nonsense.

He was just lucky enough to choose the shield.

Otherwise, he definitely wouldnt have achieved such a result!”

The person who said this was a man dressed in a plain white robe.

He was tall and thin, and his long hair was disheveled.

From his movements, he had the aura of a gentleman.

Behind him was a girl who was also dressed in a white robe.

Both of them raised their heads slightly, and their eyes were indifferent.

They were looking down on the people around them.

Someone asked in confusion, “Young Master Xu, isnt it inappropriate for you to say that”

“Hmph! You weaklings naturally dont understand what I mean.

I, Xu Mao, guarantee with my reputation that he will definitely not be able to get first place in the next competition!”

He spoke with absolute certainty, and his tone was decisive and sharp.

The young lady beside him echoed, “You should just listen to my seniors words.

After all, you all dont have the right to question him!”

Hearing those words, the crowd burst into laughter.

“Haha, for someone to be able to attend school here, how much difference in strength would we have Is it interesting, trying to show off”

“Thats right.

Dont think that you are that formidable just because you are under a famous master.

The formidable one is your master, not you!”

“I think that you are just jealous!”

“Control your junior well.

She hasnt even become a disciple of your master, yet she dares to act so arrogantly!”

Xu Mao calmly explained, “It seems like you guys dont understand.

Let me explain then.”

“First of all, the paper folding fan is an offensive weapon.

Its defense is inherently weak.”

“So, there is an advantage to using a shield.

Not only can it defend against the paper folding fans attack, but it can also give a strong counterattack.”

“The main reason we cant hold on for too many rounds is that our weapons cant provide defense!”

“Faced with a high-speed spiritual weapon with extremely high attack power, we couldnt defend against it, so we were quickly eliminated.”

“So the answer is obvious.

It was the advantage of the weapon that allowed him to achieve this effect, understand”

As soon as Xu Mao said this, everyone present fell into deep thought.

He added, “We are all special being able to attend this school.

Everyone trains diligently, so no one should be much stronger than the other.

I cultivate day and night and only sleep five hours a day.

How is he that much stronger than me Could it be that he doesnt sleep”

His junior, Liu Wen, nodded heavily.

“I have seen my seniors hard work.

He should be in the first place.

That guy just got lucky!”

Xu Mao was miserable.

He had worked so hard, yet he was behind someone else!

Moreover, he was the personal disciple of a reclusive master.

The treatment he received in cultivation far exceeded that of his peers.

Even some of the prestigious families could not compare to his masters strength and status, even if they placed their entire family on the line!

Under such conditions, he could quickly increase his strength without taking any detours!

But he still did not get first place…

He could not accept this result.

But fortunately, he found the reason!

He still raised his head arrogantly and looked down at everyone.

“If I choose that shield, I will be the first place.

As for Lu Yu Its just a coincidence!”

As he said this, he glanced at Lu Yu.

His extremely arrogant look made Lu Yu feel ridiculous.

Lu Yu knew this was a trial organized by the number one university in the country.

How could there be such a big loophole

However, when the other freshmen heard Xu Maos words, many nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

A shield against a paper folding fan does have this advantage!”

“Fuck, why didnt I think of this before If I did, I would have chosen the shield first!”

“Ah! If I were given a shield, I would definitely be able to produce the same effect!”

“Thats right.

Everyone is a genius.

No one is better than the other”

“In that situation, I would be able to do it as well.

Its just a difference in weapons.”

“Hes right, as expected of a disciple of an excellent master!”

“Bro, does your master still accept any disciples I want to be your junior!”

“I also want to be your junior.

Give me a chance…”

When Liu Wen heard this, she berated, “Even I havent officially become his junior yet, and you guys want to cut the queue Cant you all take a look at yourself in the mirror”

Liu Wen crossed her arms in front of her chest and huffed.

Xu Mao looked around at the other freshmen showing flattering smiles.

He could not help but smile, and his face was filled with pride.

Everyone in the world wanted to become the disciple of his master, Gu Ye.

However, very few were truly worthy of being a disciple of his master.

This was also the reason why he was so arrogant!

Lu Yu smiled helplessly when he saw that the publics opinion was suddenly skewed to the other side.

However, he did not care about the opinions of these people.

He did not care about anything else as long as he could get first place.

The faces of those freshmen fawning over Xu Mao only made him feel disgusted.

Lu Yu closed his eyes to rest and waited for the second teleportation door to open.

All the freshmen were also waiting for the second teleportation door to open.

At the same time, the five principals gathered together for a discussion.

“DeanZhao, do you think Xu Maos words make sense Did Lu Yu only achieve that result because he obtained a shield”

Xuan Ya looked at Zhao Jin and asked.

Zhao Jin lowered his head and pondered for a moment before shaking his head.


If he could achieve such a result just by relying on his shield, then I wouldnt be the Dean anymore!”

“How many years has this competition been held Ive already achieved the perfect balance in this trial.

A single weapon cant dominate the performance of the other weapons overwhelmingly!”

Liang Bo nodded in agreement.

“What Zhao Jin said makes sense.

How long have we been preparing for these trials How could there be such a loophole”

He continued his analysis.

“Even though a shield has a strong defense, the weight of the shield is hefty.

Those who hold the shield will not be able to move quickly, let alone block the paper folding fans attack!”

“Therefore, the fact that Lu Yu can quickly swing his shield to defend or counterattack means that his strength far surpasses that of the others!”

“Not just his strength, but also his speed, reflexes, and agility! They are all above the other freshmen!”

Liang Bos analysis made the other three Deans nod in agreement.

“No wonder no one chose a shield.

They dont have the strength to wield it!”

“To think that some freshmen still think Lu Yu won because of the shield.

This is too laughable.”

“The gap between them seems to be huge…”

The eyes of the Deans lit up, and they quickly understood the situation.

“Zhan Yang, its your turn next,” Zhao Jin said.

“Alright, Ill open the next teleportation door and prepare for the combat technique trial!”

Zhan Yang took a heavy step forward and began to release his energy to open the next teleportation door.

In the weapon trials space, a circle of light gradually opened before everyones eyes.

The teleportation door opened, and the next trial began.

“Attention all students; the next trial has begun.

Please enter!”


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