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Chapter 67 Everyone Shocked, New Realization

Lu Yu completed his daily quest and exchanged it for a treasure chest.

The following notification got Lu Yu excited.

[ Congratulations on obtaining a Dragon Treasure Chest! ]

Lu Yus breathing became heavier.

It was another Dragon Treasure Chest!

Equipment or skills related to the dragon attribute were all mighty.

Each of them was precious in its own way!

The paper folding fan attacked once more.

Lu Yu quickly defended himself and blocked the paper folding fans attack.

Taking advantage of the short gap, Lu Yu quickly opened the Dragons Treasure Chest!

[ Congratulations on opening the Dragons Treasure Chest.

You have obtained a skill stone tablet! ]

The next moment, a skill stone tablet with dragon scales appeared in Lu Yus storage ring.

Lu Yu felt slightly helpless as he couldnt use any skills inside this barrier.

But soon, a guess appeared in Lu Yus mind.

This barrier was only released once and restricted the participants skills.

But if he learned a skill in mid-battle, perhaps he wouldnt be restricted by the barrier

Lu Yu had this thought in his mind.

He felt that if he tried and failed, it wouldnt matter.

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In any case, he was already number one.

This was a sure fact.

At that moment, the paper folding fan attacked again.

Lu Yu hurriedly raised his shield and completed another block.

Every time he swung his shield, he needed a lot of strength and speed.

Therefore, Lu Yus right arm was sore after this block.

Fortunately, he could still hold on for a while longer.

After his block was once again successful, Lu Yu quickly sent his consciousness into the skill tablet.

He absorbed and learned the details of his new dragon skill.

[ Dragon Shield: After the enemy attacks the shield, a counterattack will happen and release a shockwave onto the enemy.


Lu Yu was a little surprised.

It was a skill exclusive to a particular type of equipment!

This skill could only be released when a shield was in his hand.

Wasnt this perfect for his current situation

Thinking of this, Lu Yu could not help but laugh and decided to try to release the skill!

He would not be exposed if he used the skill carefully.

The next moment, the paper folding fan attacked Lu Yu rapidly again.

Lu Yu did not hesitate.

He quickly raised his shield and blocked once again!

But at this moment, Lu Yu felt the gathering of energy.

He could cast the shields skill!

Sure enough, the skill he had just learned could not be restricted by the barrier!

At that moment, Lu Yu cast the shield reflecting skill.

The shield in his right hand started to condense a terrifying power!

Lu Yu took a deep breath and grabbed the top of the shield with both hands.

Then, he used all his strength to stab it into the ground!

With a loud bang, Lu Yu smashed the shield onto the ground and broke the stone slab beneath his feet!

Instantly, a terrifying shockwave was released!

When the crowd saw this, they were all puzzled.

“Whats going on Why did he take off the shield in his hand”

“He even slammed it on the ground.

Is he not going to continue using his shield”

“Youre overthinking it.

He wouldnt be able to block the fans attack without his shield!”

“It looks like hes going to end it.

Hes probably exhausted.”

“Of course.

Hes already fought more than 120 rounds.

His stamina must have been drained.”

“Its already pretty good that he ended it now.

Hes the best in the school anyway.”

Everyone assumed that Lu Yu was going to end this trial.

After all, it had been going on for so long.

After so many rounds, it was time to end it!

However, a powerful shockwave was released when Lu Yu smashed his shield onto the ground.

A powerful air current rushed out from the cracks in the ground towards the direction of the paper folding fan!

This shock wave was released at an extremely fast speed.

The paper folding fan did not have the time to dodge at all and was instantly hit by this shockwave!

With a loud bang, the paper folding fan initially suspended in the air was torn into countless pieces under the enormous power of the shock wave!

The paper folding fan was ripped into pieces and fell to the ground.

For a moment, the whole place went silent.

Everyone didnt know what to say.

The situation in front of them had already exceeded their common sense.

“Whats going on The paper folding fan was actually torn to pieces.

Isnt it invincible”

“So he didnt smash the shield to the ground to end the trial!”

“If we think about it from another perspective, he did end the trial.

After all, the paper folding fan is gone.”

“The heck, isnt this a little too powerful How did he manage to release that shockwave”

“No one can not use any skills within the barrier.

In other words, he used his own strength and attack power to create that terrifying shockwave!”

For a moment, the entire hall was in an uproar.

In their hearts, Lu Yus strength had once again broken through the upper limit.

It had reached a point where they were terrified of him.

Under everyones astonished gazes, Lu Yu slowly walked down.

Outside the dungeon, the five deans looked at the scene, surging with emotions.

But they still looked calm on the surface.

“Student Lu Yu just tore apart your spiritual weapon!”

“How on earth did he create that impact Its power is pretty strong.”

“Could it be that he was born with divine power”

Liang Bo rubbed his chin and pondered, “Its not impossible.”

“From the video, we can see that Lu Yus strength is strong.

He can crush a mountain with one punch.

It is indeed terrifying.”

“Perhaps he is gifted and has crazy brute force.

Thats why he was able to create that shockwave and tear apart the paper folding fan.”

Liang Bo looked at Zhao Jin and asked, “Wasnt that barrier you released restricting their skills It seems he did rely on his strength to create that shockwave.

Zhao Jin nodded slightly.

“It is impossible for him to break through my barrier.

It seems that his strength is indeed his greatness.”

“Most importantly, Lu Yu isnt inferior in terms of speed and defense as well.

Im afraid we still dont know the upper limit of his strength.”

Zhao Jins words caused the few deans to sink into deep thought.

At the same time, a seed of thought was planted in their hearts.

No matter what, they had to drag Lu Yu into their academy!

They naturally wouldnt miss out on such a rare talent.

Within the dungeon, Lu Yu walked down the arena and returned to the crowd.

The crowd consciously made a wide path for Lu Yu, looking at him cautiously.

The few freshmen who had come to provoke him earlier were even more frightened and retreated from the crowd.

They didnt dare even look at Lu Yu.

Just one more look would cause them to have more nightmares at night.

The second trial soon began after Lu Yu returned to the group.

Everyone was looking forward to which academy would arrange the second trial.


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