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Chapter 66 Record Broken, Extraordinary Perception

In the training ground, Lu Yu was still on the stage, fighting against the paper folding fan in the air.

And the number of rounds had already exceeded a hundred!

Everyone was dumbfounded, including the freshman who used the whip.

They initially thought that being able to withstand ten rounds was already their limit because most peoples results were three to five rounds.

Each additional round was a massive ordeal for them!

However, Lu Yus arrival had broken their understanding.

The five deans looked at the big screen with serious expressions outside the arena.

“Zhao Jin, why is Lu Yu doing differently from what you guessed”

“Didnt you say he couldnt last more than ten rounds What do you say now”

“He actually broke through more than a hundred rounds.

I think that there has never been such a shocking record in the entire history of Clanorth Universitys freshmen!”

The other deans exclaimed in surprise.

Zhao Jin looked at the screen, his expression turning serious.

“His strength is well ahead of the other freshmen and well ahead in all aspects!”

Zhao Jin had seen the video of Lu Yus mountain collapsing punch, so he naturally knew that Lu Yus strength was extraordinary.

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However, that was only because his skills were powerful.

He felt that since Lu Yu had never used a weapon, the results of this trial would be abysmal.

But now, he was speechless.

Xuan Ya, who was at the side, smiled slightly.

“It seems you will definitely choose Lu Yu as your number one.

In the future, you will also increase your assistance to him, right”

Zhao Jin shook his head helplessly.

“You are overthinking it.

Im afraid that I wont be the one choosing.”

“Its not just me who doesnt have that right.

You guys wont have it either.”

The other four academy deans naturally knew what he meant.

“You think he can clear the dungeon Thats not possible, right”

“I dont believe it.

He must have his weaknesses.

These five dungeons cover all aspects.

Its impossible for him to reach the pinnacle in every aspect!”

“Ive seen his videos.

His battle prowess is powerful, but to be honest, his battle tactics are inferior.

He definitely wont be able to clear my dungeon,” Liang Bo said casually as if he had already seen through Lu Yus weakness.

Zhao Jin shook his head slightly, “You guys dont believe me Then lets continue watching.

Lu Yu is certainly not an ordinary student.

He really has a chance of clearing the dungeon!”

Clearing the five dungeons meant taking first place in all five dungeons.

In history, a talent that encompasses all aspects were extremely rare.

There might only be one student out of every ten batches of freshmen.

Because of this rarity, the other deans thought Lu Yu couldnt do it.

The other deans didnt understand why Zhao Jin believed in Lu Yu, but they continued to watch with serious eyes.

Zhao Jin could see that this was indeed Lu Yus first time using a shield.

From the very beginning, it was a process from unfamiliar to proficient.

This was unbelievable.

In less than half an hour, he could use the shield skillfully.

This level of comprehension meant that he was undoubtedly unique.

Because of this, Zhao Jin believed in Lu Yu so much and felt he could clear the five dungeons!

The freshmen inside the dungeon looked at Lu Yu in the ring and started discussing.

“He actually broke through 100 rounds! What a feat!”

“Thats beyond my comprehension.

That student with the whip only lasted ten rounds.

Does it mean that Lu Yus strength is ten times stronger than that persons”

“Shit, doesnt that mean that hes way stronger than us”

“Its hard to say, but in terms of overall strength, Lu Yu is absolutely much stronger than us.”

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu on the stage in the crowd and cheered excitedly.

She had once again witnessed Lu Yus strength, and it made her excited.

She felt as if she was witnessing the rise of a true genius!

Even at Clanorth University, where geniuses gathered, Lu Yu stood out like a crane among chickens.

His appearance caused the shine of the others to dim considerably.

At that moment, on the stage, Lu Yus sharp eyes were locked on the paper folding fan.

Its trajectory was gradually accelerating, but he could still barely keep up.

Lu Yu raised his shield and completed the block once again.

At that moment, the shield in his hand was filled with countless small dents, and the shield was almost on the verge of destruction.

From the beginning, Lu Yu had felt a little strenuous, but he still planned to continue the trial, challenging his own limits!

Of course, even if he threw away his shield and ended the competition, he would take first place and break the school record.

However, Lu Yu did not care about this at all.

He only wanted to challenge his own limits!

From the beginning, Lu Yu began to pay attention to his mission progress.

In the daily mission, there was a mission that required him to swing his claws 100 times.

It appears that when he swung his shield, it was equivalent to swinging his claws.

Therefore, Lu Yus blocking action was included in the mission progress.

He looked at the panel in front of him, showing his current progress.

[ Daily quest: Swing Claws (89/100) ]

There were only a few more swings left.

Lu Yu would soon be able to obtain todays quest reward.

Next, he swung his shield widely to block the incoming paper folding fan!

This way, whenever he swung his shield widely, it would be counted as a swing of his claws!

When everyone saw this, they were a little puzzled.

Lu Yu had resisted for more than a hundred rounds.

Logically speaking, his physical strength should have been exhausted, and his movements should have started to slow down.

But why did it look like his movements were getting more energetic

This made them very confused.

“What kind of physical strength does he have Hes been holding on for so long, and now hes even increasing the range of his movements”

“Did he drink a stamina potion just now He must have drunk it, and he must have drunk a high-grade potion.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to hold on for so long!” Someone said with certainty.

“Do you need to say more He must have drunk a lot of potions just now, or else he wouldnt have been able to hold on until now.”

Gradually, some people in the crowd began to spread the rumor that Lu Yu had drunk many enhancing potions to achieve his current results.

But then, Su Qing stood up and retorted, “I was standing beside Lu Yu just now.

He didnt drink any potions at all!”

“Hah! Do you think Ill believe you Youre already living in his house, so its obvious that you would speak up for him!”

“Thats right!!”

Soon, someone supported Su Qings words, “I was also standing beside Lu Yu just now.

He really didnt drink any potions at all!”

One after another, students came forward to testify.

Only then did everyone become convinced.

However, they still felt that it was ridiculous.

If Lu Yu didnt drink potions, how could he have such a performance

Could it be that Lu Yu had already surpassed them by a large margin

The lively discussions in the audience did not affect Lu Yus control and performance in the slightest.

Soon after, Lu Yu completed the next block.

At that moment, he heard the notification sound in his mind.

[ Congratulations on completing the daily mission: Swing Claws (100/100) ]

[ Please select the reward… ]

Lu Yu chose the treasure chest and decided to open it immediately…


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