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Chapter 65 Lu Yus Turn, A Miracle

All the freshmen have completed the trial except for one.

The deans looked at the scene in the square and started talking amongst themselves.

“What kind of results will Lu Yu obtain”

“Im not sure, but judging from the aura he released just now, it wouldnt be ordinary.”

“Sigh, wont we know his level soon by the result But I reckon it will be challenging for him to break the record of ten rounds.”

Zhao Jin nodded slightly, “Most likely.

When the others were preparing just now, wearing their equipment, most students had their own weapons!”

“But only this student doesnt have his own weapons.”

“In other words, he doesnt have the habit of using weapons in battle.”

“If thats the case, no matter how strong he is usually, it will be difficult for him to display his strength here.”

“Furthermore, as he doesnt use weapons, he wont be proficient in using them.”

Zhao Jins deduction caused the other academy deans to nod in agreement.

The freshmen watched as Lu Yu chose his weapon and prepared to step onto the stage.

“Hes the only one left.

I wonder what his results would be.”

“I dont think its going to be too good.

He doesnt even use a weapon.”

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“Haha, the highest level achieved in this trial is ten rounds.

It doesnt matter if he goes up or not.”

“How can a person who doesnt use a weapon normally get a good ranking in this trial”

At that moment, Lu Yu came to the weapon rack.

Almost all the weapons here had been chosen, and only a shield was left.

Moreover, this shield was quite big.

Its tip could reach his abdomen when placed on the ground.

It was similar to the one used by Spartan warriors.

With such a giant shield, just lifting it would take a lot of effort.

Facing such a nimble opponent, he would probably only be beaten up.

At that moment, Yun Zirou walked over and suggested, “I think this is unfair.

He came in last, and he didnt get to choose earlier.

He can only use this kind of weapon that no one uses.

It will affect his trial, and he wont be able to display his full strength!”

The others gave different opinions.

The trial began from the moment the dungeon opened.

If he entered too slowly, its expected that he would only be able to choose weapons that no one else wanted.

This is normal.”

“Thats right, and I also feel that this is normal.”

“I feel that this is unfair.

The trials purpose is to test the students talent in weapons, but if they cant even choose their weapons freely, how can they display their talent”

“I think it makes sense…”

Different opinions appeared at this moment.

Some people thought it was fair, while others felt it was unfair.

However, their discussions did not prevent Lu Yu from stepping onto the stage.

Lu Yu walked onto the stage and raised the shield in his hand.

When the trial began, no one discussed it anymore.

Instead, they watched as Lu Yu started the trial.

At that moment, Lu Yu faced the paper folding fan and raised the shield in his hand.

Although the shields weight was heavy, Lu Yus strength was strong.

His strength had increased once again after awakening the Dragon Muscles.

Therefore, it was easy for him to raise this heavy shield.

It did not have much effect on his speed.

Moreover, Lu Yus speed was 240, which was much higher than the other freshmen.

Speed was one of the key factors in this trial.

Suddenly, the paper folding fan turned into an afterimage and rushed toward Lu Yu.

The paper folding fan wasnt inanimate.

It had intelligence, and it naturally would not stupidly rush into Lu Yus shield.

Although the shield was huge, there were still places that did not cover Lu Yu.

For example, Lu Yus feet.

He raised the shield with both hands, exposing his feet.

The paper folding fan instantly attacked Lu Yus right foot.

Lu Yu raised his shield high and saw the paper folding fans teleportation trajectory!

The next moment, Lu Yu abruptly lifted his leg and kicked out.

The terrifying force from his kick sent the paper folding fan flying.

After flying for a short moment, the paper folding fan returned to the stage.

The audience was a little surprised.

Lu Yus reaction speed was too fast!

He could actually react to the paper folding fans attack instead of predicting it.

He was counterattacking the paper folding fan due to his fast reaction speed!

Then, the paper folding fan began its second round of attack.

It used teleportation again.

This time, it teleported behind Lu Yu, planning to launch a sneak attack.

A persons back was always their weak point.

Whether it was the back of the neck or the back of the head, they were all fatal parts of a humans body.

Exposing the back was naturally dangerous.

Lu Yu had experienced many battles, so he knew this principle!

Just as the paper folding fan launched its attack, Lu Yu turned around at lightning speed and raised the shield in front of him!


With a muffled sound, the paper folding fan smashed heavily onto Lu Yus shield and created a dent in the steel shield!

Lu Yu gritted his teeth under the force of the smash.

The second round of attacks from the paper fan was perfectly blocked!

Everyone below the stage was surprised by Lu Yus speed.

“I only blinked for a moment.

When did he turn around”

“His speed is too fast.

Hes simply inhuman!”

“If only I could be half as fast as him…”

When Yun Zirou and Su Qing saw Lu Yus performance, they cheered him on happily.

Two beautiful women cheered him on from the sidelines, causing everyone to feel jealous.

At that moment, Lu Yu was entirely focused on the third round.

This time, the paper folding fan teleported to the top of Lu Yus head and attacked his head!

Lu Yu raised his shield and blocked it above his head without saying anything!


With another muffled sound, Lu Yu completed the third block, which was getting easier.

The paper folding fan attacked from all possible openings during these three attacks.

But no matter which angle it was, it was all blocked perfectly by Lu Yu.

Next, as long as Lu Yu focused on blocking, he could hold on for a long time.

Very soon, the fifth round had arrived.

There were a few dents on the shield, but it still did not cause any damage to Lu Yu.

Then, the tenth round arrived, and Lu Yu still managed to hold on.

Lu Yu easily broke the record of the man with the whip set before him!

Outside the arena, the deans of the major academies were speechless.

This was completely contrary to their predictions!

Under their predictions, Lu Yu would at most last five rounds.

For a person who had never used a weapon to be able to use a shield so skillfully was truly surprising.

Although the skill level of his shielding wasnt high, it was still a test of experience, reaction speed, and strength.

Everyones attention was on Lu Yu as they watched him carry out the trial.

Ten rounds had passed, fifteen rounds had passed, and twenty rounds had passed.

However, for Lu Yu, this trial was straightforward.

Every time he swung his shield, he could perfectly block the attacks of the paper folding fan.

This shield turned him into a small fortress in Lu Yus hands.

The shield in Lu Yus hands blocked the paper folding fans continuous attacks.

The number of rounds of resistance continued to increase.

In the end, Lu Yu broke through to the hundredth round!

He withstood the paper folding fans hundredth attack!

At this moment, the freshmen below the stage were already dumbfounded.

Lu Yu broke the record and even exceeded it by more than ten times!

Lu Yus performance made all the freshmen and the five deans exclaim in admiration.


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