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Chapter 62 The Five Academies

The freshmen ceremony had reached the most crucial part, the sorting ceremony.

There were five great academies at Clanorth University.

Each academy had its own specialties.

Entering a different academy would mean a different path in the future.

Soon, another five luxury cars drove over.

The doors opened, and five middle-aged men walked out.

The first person stood in front of everyone.

His entire body was muscular and paired with a bald head that symbolized strength.

One could tell at a glance that he was a strong person.

“Hello, students.

My name is Zhan Yang, and I am the dean of the Combat Techniques Academy.”

“Join my academy, and you will be able to learn the best combat capabilities and combat techniques, turning each of you into a combat machine.”

“Those who come to our Academy are all fighters.

If you have a healing talent, dont even think about it.”

After Zhan Yang finished speaking, he stepped back and returned to the group.

Following that, a second person walked out and scanned the crowd.

The second person was a middle-aged woman.

Her waist-length hair and light makeup made her look elegant and intellectual.


The pure white dress she was wearing made her look even more dazzling.

“Hello, everyone.

My name is Xuan Ya.

I am the dean of the Elemental Academy.”

“After coming to the Elemental Academy, you can strengthen your elemental abilities.

This path is more suitable for the position of a mage.”

After saying these few simple words, she returned to the team.

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Next, the third person walked out.

A middle-aged man wearing chain mail walked out.

He was tall and strong.

Other than the chainmail on his body, the rest of his body was also equipped with various equipment.

Moreover, every piece of equipment looked rare.

The worst equipment on him was blue grade, and most of it was purple.

“My name is Zhao Jin.

I am the dean of the Weapon Academy.”

“In our academy, you will learn to use various weapons and how to forge them.

Most importantly, you will also be able to obtain good equipment.”

Hearing this introduction, the freshmen below the stage were all interested.

It was great to be able to obtain additional equipment.

Following that, a fourth person walked out.

It was a tall and slender man with a gentle face.

He had a gentlemanly aura about him, and he was dressed in traditional clothes.

“My name is Liang Bo, and I am the dean of the Commanding Academy.

Our academy favors theoretical analysis and guidance in battles.

Whether it is a large-scale or one-on-one battle, it is within the scope of our research.”

“In other words, we rely on knowledge to fight.

We are more inclined to be civil servants.”

After the introduction, he returned to the team, and the last dean stood out.

“Hello, everyone.

My name is Li Yun.

I am the dean of the Side Job Academy.

You should have heard of this academy.”

“Our academy develops your side job outside of combat.

For example, making potions, alchemy, domestication, cooking, forging, and so on.”

“Students who enter our academy, I will determine a suitable side job for each of you based on your talent.

Welcome, new students.”

The cheerful man finished his introduction with a smile on his face.

After the five people finished their introductions, the roles of the five great academies were evident in the hearts of the new students.

They had decided which path they would take in the future.

Those who had decided on their primary occupation quickly decided which academy they wanted to attend.

However, Lu Yu was unspecialized and involved in many aspects.

For example, his combat techniques were superb, and he had a lot of equipment.

However, he had also mastered two types of elemental skills.

Whether it was the Combat Techniques Academy, the Weapon Academy, or the Elemental Academy, he seemed to be able to go to all of them.

As for the remaining two, he could go if he wanted to.

Following that, Gu Zhanyan came before the microphone and continued, “All new students, the next trial will be a dungeon trial.

Based on your performance, you can decide which academy you will enter.”

“Pay attention.

You dont have the right to choose.

Which academy you can enter is completely up to the few deans.”

“Therefore, you must do your best to display your strength.

Let the five deans see your potential clearly.

Only then will they be able to allocate you the academy you want to attend in the future.”

The freshmen nodded one after another and began to look forward to the upcoming trial.

The trial this time was crucial.

It could even be said that it was almost as important as the college entrance examination they had participated in.

If they did not perform well and walked on the wrong path, their progress would be hindered for a lifetime.

“Of course, nothing is absolute.

You will also have the opportunity to choose an academy.”

Hearing the principals words, the new students all listened carefully.

They all wanted to make use of this opportunity.

“As long as you can clear all the dungeons by yourself, you will have the right to choose an academy.

The principals have no right to reject your selection.”

Upon hearing this, many of the freshmen were disheartened.

They knew that this dungeon was definitely not simple.

It would be challenging for them to clear the dungeon by themselves.

However, most of them were confident.

Before they came here, they were all geniuses from their various cities.

Their proud past clouded their views that this wasnt any more difficult than the hurdles they had previously cleared.

Just clearing a dungeon by themselves It was an easy feat!

Every single one of them had the same thought.

“Next is the preparation stage.

When you are ready, you can enter the dungeon.”

The freshmen took out their equipment and started to equip themselves.

Some were wiping their armor, some were polishing their weapons, and many had already started to drink different boosting potions in advance.

There were also all sorts of potions to buff them up.

Meanwhile, Lu Yu had also begun his preparations for the dungeon.

He took out all his equipment from his ring.

First, he put on the Shadow Set.

Then, he put on the Rock Helmet and the Rock Armor.

Once he put on these two pieces of equipment, Lu Yu looked ready for battle.

Then, he put on the Fire Wrist Guard and the Water Wrist Guard.

These two pieces of equipment gave Lu Yu two different kinds of elemental attributes.

Finally, there was the equipment that he had obtained in the poisonous ruins.

They were the Amethyst Knee Guard, the Amethyst Badge, the Amethyst Glove, and a crowd-control immunity accessory, the Golden Phoenix Wing Crown.

Lu Yu equipped all this new equipment together.

Instantly, his attributes soared.

Lu Yu opened his attribute panel and saw his latest attributes.

[ Attack: 380 ]

[ Speed: 240 ]

[ Health: 350 ]

[ Mana: 200 ]

[ Defense: 250 ]

Among all the attributes, his attack was the highest.

It dealt close to 400 damage in one hit, and few people could withstand it.

At least among these new students, the tankiest of them all was only around 400 health.

If their armor got broken through, they would definitely die!

This time, the most crucial part of the equipment update was the Golden Phoenix Wing Crown.

Being immune to crowd control was very useful.

With his life-saving skills, almost no one could kill him.

The surrounding new students all put on their equipment.

At the same time, they drank all kinds of enhancement potions.

There were even some who enchanted their equipment on the spot.

Lu Yu was also a little hesitant.

Should he use those amethysts to enchant some of his equipment and add a few more attributes


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