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Chapter 6 Going To The Black Market

Su Qing sent over an invitation to Lu Yu, causing everyone to be puzzled.

“Is this for real Su Qing actually went to invite Lu Yu!”

“Didnt he awaken the weakest talent One of them is the weakest, while the other is the strongest.

How can they possibly go well together”

“Bloody hell, that kid Lu Yu is sure lucky.

Why cant such a good thing happen to me”


“No way.

Whats so good about him that Su Qing actually took a liking to him”

“Maybe its because hes more handsome.”

“Damn, Im not bad looking either!”


Just as everyone was puzzled, Lu Yu gave his answer to her invitation.

Although Su Qing was publicly recognized as the school belle with her superior family background and strong talent, Lu Yu was already used to cultivating alone.

“Im sorry, I prefer to cultivate alone.

Ive never considered forming a team or anything like that.”


Everyone was stunned after hearing this.

The school belle with an A-level talent took the initiative to invite someone to form a team, but she was rejected! No one would believe it if this kind of rumour was made up!

Moreover, she was rejected by a person who was publicly acknowledged to have the most useless talent!

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“Whats going on Has Lu Yu gone crazy Why did he reject her!”

“You are actually rejecting such a good opportunity Give it to me if you dont want it!”

“Goddess, he doesnt want to form a team with you.

Im willing! Form a team with me!”

“Su Qing, its useless to be just handsome in this world.

I have B-level talent.

Come with me!”

At this moment, Lu Yu ignored the dumbfounded Su Qing and turned around to leave.

Su Qing looked at Lu Yus back and was surprised.

She had never thought that her invitation would be rejected.

Looking at the group of simps behind her, Su Qing revealed a disgusted expression and left the place.


Lu Yu quickly rushed out of the crowd and left the library.

Next, he planned to visit his aunt first.

At the same time, he would report the results of his awakening.

Although the results were unsatisfactory, Lu Yu did not plan to hide them.

It was about 10 kilometers from the school to the hospital in the citys center.

While visiting his aunt, he could complete his daily quest.

Thus, Lu Yu did not take a taxi and just ran along the street.

Soon, after passing through a crowd, Lu Yu saw the hospital in the citys center.

At that moment, a notification appeared in front of his eyes.

[ Congratulations on completing the daily quest.

Please choose your reward.



[ 1.

Obtained 5 free attribute points.


[ 2.

Obtained 1 free skill point.


[ 3.

Obtained random treasure chest.


Lu Yu pressed on the panel and selected 5 free attribute points.


[ Congratulations on obtaining 5 free attribute points.

Please distribute them yourselves.


After that, Lu Yus personal attribute panel appeared before him.

He was still in his initial stage and had no actual combat experience, so he did not know which attribute was more suitable for him.

Lu Yu felt that he should distribute them evenly.


[ Attribute points have been distributed.


[ Attack: 61 ]

[ Speed: 58 ]

[ Health: 97 ]

[ Mana: 90 ]

[ Defense: 46 ]


When the attribute points were allocated, Lu Yu felt a surge of energy welling inside him.

After absorbing it, he felt refreshed and renewed.

The tiredness he felt after finishing his run here was gone entirely.

After distributing the attribute points, Lu Yu walked into the hospital and went to his aunts ward.

There was a middle-aged woman with silvery hair on the white hospital bed.

She was Lu Yus aunt, Liu Yi.

She was only in her forties, but because of her illness, she looked like she was in her fifties or sixties.

Lu Yu walked over and held her hand.

Although her illness made her look extremely weathered, one could tell from her overall character that she was a peerless beauty when she was young.

“Aunt, do you feel better” Lu Yu asked softly.


Liu Yi nodded slightly.

“Much better.”

“By the way, today is your day of awakening.

How did it go”

Liu Yis eyes were filled with hope.

She had placed all her hopes in Lu Yu.

Lu Yu smiled faintly.

“My awakened talent is outstanding.

It suits me very well.”


“With my talent, I can earn even more money.

I will definitely cure you!”

Liu Yi nodded slightly, her face full of relief.

Lu Yu saw her tired expression and said, “You go ahead and rest well.

Ill come back to visit in two days.”

Liu Yi nodded slightly and closed her eyes sleepily.

Lu Yu walked out of the ward and went to the payment counter.

He planned to use his salary to pay for the medical expenses.

However, when he saw the bill, Lu Yu frowned.

It was twice as expensive as usual!

Lu Yu gritted his teeth and paid the bill with the entirety of his salary.


Lu Yu went to the attending physicians office with the bill in his hand.

“Hello, doctor.

Im here to understand my aunts condition.”


Lu Yu walked in, and the doctor recognized him with just a glance.

Due to Liu Yis strange condition, the doctor had a deep impression of both Liu Yi and Lu Yu.

“Ah, its you.” he answered, “come and sit.”

After Lu Yu sat down, the doctor continued, “Your aunts illness is very special.

It has never been seen before in our entire medical history.”


“Ive consulted many hospitals and held a meeting with all of them, but they could not provide anything useful about this illness.”

“At the moment, the only thing I can do is prescribe some drugs to suppress the illness.”


Hearing the doctors words, Lu Yu was a little bewildered.

His aunts illness was so unique that several hospitals collectively could not find a solution!


“In her current situation, she could only stay in the hospital and continue using medicine to maintain her bodys function.”


Lu Yu could only helplessly nod his head.

“Alright then.

If theres a solution, you must let me know.”


The doctor nodded his head.

“Of course.”

After walking out of the hospital, Lu Yu stood on the street and rummaged through his pockets.

He was penniless now and had to go to work quickly.

However, as he had already awakened his talent, he did not have to do the labour-intensive work he always did.

Lu Yu immediately thought about the notion of going to the fighting ring in the black market.

Although it was dangerous, the profits were much higher.

He needed to earn more money, or else his aunt would be unable to hold on much longer.

It was already late today, so Lu Yu went home to rest.

The next day, when the sky brightened, Lu Yu got up early and was ready to head out.

He opened the map on his phone and found the location of the black market.


Although everyone called it the black market, in reality, this was the Awakeners trading center.


Most of the Awakeners would gather here to trade or carry out quests.

Then, Lu Yu opened the daily quest panel.

The quests on it were exactly the same as yesterday.

Lu Yu chose to complete todays quest with the same long run.

It just so happened that the distance between his home and the black market was more than 10 kilometers.

As long as he ran there, he would complete the daily quest!


Thus, Lu Yu ran along the empty streets in the early morning towards the black market.

After running about three-quarters of the way, Lu Yu saw a notification pop up.

[ Congratulations on completing the daily quest.

Please choose your reward.


The reward was exactly the same as yesterday.

However, this time, Lu Yu chose a free skill point.


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