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Chapter 58 Recording Of Lu Yu Collapsing A Mountain

Lu Yu drove the car to the training ground with Yun Zirou in it.

The training ground that the school had assigned to Lu Yu was the same as a traditional martial arts ground.

It occupied an area as big as a stadium.

Such ample space could accommodate hundreds of cultivators to train together.

But now, this training ground only belongs to Lu Yu.

The two of them stood in the center of the dojo, surrounded by all kinds of equipment for Lu Yu to train with.

Yun Zirou scanned her surroundings, feeling somewhat excited.

Typically, a dojo like this would be allocated to at least fifty students to use together.

However, Lu Yu could enjoy an entire dojo by himself.

It really shows the importance the university placed on him.

Yun Zirou took out her phone and said, “Lu Yu, our batch of freshmen has created a group.

You can join too.”

Lu Yu took out his phone and joined the group chat.

There were only two to three hundred freshmen this year.

Only four training grounds were allocated to these freshmen, and Lu Yu could use one training ground for himself.

The difference between their treatments was huge.

Lu Yu found a chair and sat down.

He opened the group chat.

He realized that the new students were already chatting enthusiastically.

Most of them were sharing the photos they had taken.

All kinds of photos were shared.

There were photos of the school building, the entertainment area, and the cafeteria.

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Of course, there were also photos of the training grounds.

However, the photos of the training grounds were all filled with people training diligently.

These top geniuses of the country were all extremely hardworking.

Even when they had just arrived at a new school, they didnt miss out on training.

Lu Yu looked at the photos of the training ground and realized that the space wasnt as big as the one he was in.

There wasnt even that much equipment.

It seemed that his training ground was specially built.

It was far from the other training grounds, even in terms of geography.

Lu Yu put down his phone and looked at the equipment around him, planning to start his training.

At that moment, a notification popped up on Lu Yus phone.

He picked it up and saw a message from Su Qing.

Since the end of the exam, he had not seen her much.

It seems that Su Qing was also in the new student group, and Clanorth University had accepted her.

Su Qing texted, “In our school, it seems that only the two of us have entered Clanorth University.”

Reading the message she sent, Lu Yu replied, “Looks like theres fate for both of us.

Lets meet whenever we are free.”

Su Qing texted again, “Oh right, Im training in the training ground.

You should come along too.

I want to spar with you one-on-one to see how strong you are.”

“Why dont you come to my training ground…” Lu Yu suggested.

Su Qing asked, “Isnt it the same”

Lu Yu didnt reply, only picking up his phone, taking a few photos of his training ground, and sending them over after that.

Su Qing didnt reply for a long time.

After waiting for quite some time, she replied, “Which training ground are you in Theres no one there!”

“Also, this training ground is more luxurious and has more space.

It doesnt look like a training ground for new students…”

Lu Yu replied, “This is my exclusive training ground.”

On the other end of the phone, Su Qing was stunned.

Did Lu Yu just mention he had his own exclusive training ground!

Although she was a little surprised, she quickly agreed to go over.

Why would she want to cram over here if she could go to a spacious training ground

Soon, Su Qing took the school bus and arrived at the training ground where Lu Yu was.

Lu Yu stood at the entrance of the training ground, waiting for Su Qing to arrive.

The scene of the two meeting was secretly recorded by a new student and sent to the class group.

When the picture of Lu Yu and Su Qing entering the training ground appeared in the class group, it instantly caused a wave of discussion.

“Whats this picture Why did these two go to a training ground we dont know of Are they new students”

“These two are freshmen.

The girls name is Su Qing.

Shes the school belle of a certain high school in Southen Railer State.

Shes cute, pretty, and I hear shes kind and generous.”

“Fuck, isnt this guy Lu Yu Hes also a freshman.

How is it possible that he was assigned a villa, a luxury car, and a training hall”

“Huh Really Why is he given so much”

“Not only that, he even moved in with Goddess Yun Zirou! Im so angry!”

“Who is this guy How could he get so many good things Is he getting girls assigned to him too”

“This isnt fair.

I want to protest!”

“I refuse to accept it! What right does he have to enjoy special privileges I want to challenge him!”

At this moment, Liu Xiao took the lead in sending a message to the group.

“This is too unfair.

We should go to the school and debate with them.

That guy doesnt deserve this many good things!”

A luxurious villa, a car, a private training hall, and two peerless beauties together.

All of this made the other freshmen angry with jealousy.

Quickly, they gathered 50 to 60 people and went to the academic affairs office together, hoping to get an explanation from the school!

Soon, they arrived at the academic affairs office and entered the office of the Dean of Education.

“Teacher! We need an explanation! We want to protest!”

Then, Liu Xiao took the lead and rushed in, making the dean jolt from shock.

“What are you all doing What do you want, barging into my office”

The deans berating made Liu Xiu shrink.

He said in a soft voice, “Sir, we have an opinion!”

The dean snorted coldly, “If you have an opinion, just say it.

What is it!”

Liu Xiao continued, “We feel that its unfair.

Why is it that that fellow called Lu Yu is enjoying so many privileges while we cant”

Hearing this, the dean coldly laughed, “Just because of this Are you guys jealous that he is enjoying some privileges”

Liu Xiao repeatedly nodded, “Thats right.

Its because of this.”

The freshmen who followed behind him also nodded, “Thats right.

This is too unfair to us!”

The dean picked up a tablet on the table.

After searching for a while, he played a video.

“If you think its unfair, then take a look at this video.

After you watch it, youll have nothing to say.”

Liu Xiao and the others didnt believe him and looked at the tablet together.

The video showed the moment when Lu Yu won the college entrance examination.

At that moment, Lu Yu used his dragon skill, Dragon Fist, to destroy half of the mountain with one punch.

The terrifying power was like an earthquake!

When they saw Lu Yu smash the ground with a punch, causing half of the mountain to collapse, their jaws dropped in shock.

This kind of power was something that they would never dare to dream about.

It was simply too ridiculous!

“Look at his performance in the college entrance examination, then go back and look at yours! What right do you have to come and ask me for an explanation” The Dean of Education berated.

The freshmen looked at each other, realizing that none of them were capable of such a powerful attack.

At that moment, everyone lowered their heads and kept silent.


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