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Chapter 5 The Most Suitable Basic Cultivation Stone Tablets

In the magnificent library, the students of senior year Class Two gathered around the librarian and listened to him explain the concept of the Basic Cultivation Stone Tablets.


“These stone tablets are the experiences left behind by the previous cultivators.

They have spent their whole life trying to carve their cultivation experience onto the stone tablets.”

“Therefore, we, the descendants, can learn from the experiences of our predecessors through these stone tablets.”

“Next, I will remove the restriction on the stone tablets.

After you get the stone tablets, you only need to touch them, and you will feel it.”

“As for how much experience you can feel and absorb, that will depend on your adaptability.”

The librarian, who was wearing a gray-white robe, glanced around and asked, “Does anyone have any questions”


Librarian, if I get an unsuitable stone tablet, can I change it”

The librarian shook his head slightly.

“That is not allowed.

Whatever kind of cultivation stone tablet you get will be the same.”

Everyone was a little disappointed.

The librarian continued, “However, you dont get the stone tablet randomly.

You can choose it yourself.”

“Once you choose them, you cant change them.”

Hearing this, the students became excited.

“We can choose by ourselves Thats great!”

“I have to choose carefully.

This is related to my future!”

“The beginning is very important.

You have to be careful.”

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Everyone followed the librarian and came to a big door.

There were bold words engraved on the plaque above the door.

It had “Basic Cultivation Stone Tablets” written on it.

Different levels of cultivation stone tablets seemed to be divided into other rooms.

The door opened, and everyone rushed in.

The internal structure of the room was just like a standard library.

However, the bookshelves here were seven to eight meters tall.

Some stone tablets could only be obtained by climbing a ladder.

After the students entered, they were instantly attracted by the dazzling collections of cultivation stone tablets.

There were countless cultivation tablets, each representing the painstaking efforts of their predecessors.

Although they were just basic cultivation tablets, to those before them, it was their lifes work.

“So many cultivation tablets.

It seems that our predecessors have left us many good things.”

“So many.

I dont know which one to choose.”

“Theres a cultivation tablet called Agility.

After learning it, you can increase your movement speed and agility.”


“This [ Brute Force ] suits me quite well.

It can increase my strength.”

“I choose this [ Hardened Skin ].

My defense is a little weak…”

The students began to choose one after another.

Some of them quickly found the cultivation tablets they needed.

However, some went back and forth for a long time, not finding anything they liked.

Lu Yu also began to look for a cultivation tablet.

The stone tablets here were the most basic ones, and the improvement in his strength was almost the same.

Therefore, he chose to focus on compatibility.

Selecting a suitable cultivation method could make his future path a lot easier.

At this moment, Lu Yu remembered his Eye of Truth, which could see through everything.


Hence, he scrutinised the dazzling stone tablets in front of him.

As expected, a panel appeared next to the stone tablets.

[ Name: Body Strengthening ]

[ Effect: Increases stamina and prolongs combat time.



[ Compatibility: 30% ]

Lu Yu did not pay much attention to the first two introductions.

He could read these two pieces of information from the stone tablets themselves.

The key was the third one, compatibility.

He could actually see the degree of compatibility! In this way, wouldnt he be able to choose the one that was most suitable for him easily

30% was too low.

It seemed that he still needed to continue searching.

Hence, Lu Yu quickly swept his gaze over and checked the information on every single stone tablet.

However, after looking at dozens of them, not a single one of them had a compatibility of more than 50.

“Looks like its really not easy to find a suitable one for myself.”


Lu Yu could only continue searching.

After a short while, Lu Yus gaze was attracted by a stone tablet.

He immediately noticed the compatibility value.


“So high!”

Lu Yu quickly walked over and picked up the stone tablet.

[ Armor Penetration ]

[Effect: Able to bypass some defenses and penetrate the skin, causing internal damage.]

[ Compatibility: 90% ]

90% compatibility.

This was the highest compatibility he had ever seen!


Lu Yu did not look for any other stone tablets anymore.

He immediately confirmed that he wanted this!


He reached out to touch the stone tablets and sensed the cultivation technique contained within.

He quickly finished absorbing it and mastered the Armor Penetration ability!

After confirming the absorption of the cultivation technique, a system interface appeared in front of Lu Yu.


The interface displayed Lu Yus personal information, including five attributes.

[ Attack: 60 ]

[ Speed: 57 ]

[ Health: 96 ]

[ Mana: 89 ]

[ Defense: 45 ]

Every awakened cultivator had an average attack speed and defense of around 50, and their health and Mana were about 100.


Lu Yus attack and speed were higher than ordinary peoples, but his defense was slightly lower.

Lu Yu saw todays quest on the interface.

[ Daily quest: Long-distance running (0/10km), long jump (0/100), climbing (0/2km), swinging claws (0/100).

Choose one to complete.



The systems four missions were not too difficult, but the reward was key.

Then, Lu Yu saw the mission reward at the bottom of the mission notification.

[ You will receive the following reward for completing the daily mission.

Choose one of the three.


[ 1.

Obtained 5 free attribute points.


[ 2.

Obtained 1 free skill point.


[ 3.

Obtained random treasure chest.



[ Other than the daily quest, there are also achievement quests and random quests that provide even more generous rewards.



After seeing these rewards, Lu Yu smiled.

The prizes were not bad.

It seemed that he would have to prioritize completing todays daily quest when he returned.

After dismissing the panel, Lu Yu walked to the rooms door.

The door would only open after everyone had gotten the stone tablets.

Lu Yu waited for a while; everyone else had finally gotten their own cultivation technique.

The librarian opened the door, and the students left one after another.

Lu Yu followed the flow of people and walked out alone.

In the past, Lu Yu was such an outstanding student in class that he barely had any friends.

Thus, he often traveled alone.

Lu Yu was still planning to leave alone to level up.

It was too troublesome to form a team.


At that moment, a group gathered nearby attracted Lu Yus attention.

He looked over and found a group of people surrounding Su Qing.

“Su Qing, form a team with me.

Ill give you all the good things I get!”

“Form a team with us.

Were all very strong.”

“Miss Su Qing, join my team.

My dad is very rich!”

The noise from the crowd made Su Qing frown slightly.

Then, she saw Lu Yu standing next to her.

In the past, the outstanding Lu Yu gave her a good impression in school.

Moreover, Lu Yus personality was more mature than the people around her.

He was neither jittery nor irritable.

If they were teammates, they were still very suitable for each other, even if he was a little weaker.

Thus, Su Qing walked toward Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, I want to form a team with you.

Is that okay” Su Qing walked over with a smile.


For a moment, everyone around Su Qing was stunned on the spot.

Their minds went blank.

“I dont understand.

Why is Su Qing looking for Lu Yu to be her teammate” They all had the same thought.



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