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Chapter 49 Weird Talent, Charm Warlock

The teleportation door continued to expand, and the Amethyst Toxic Dragon slowly crawled out.

Its enormous body stepped out of the teleportation door, causing the surrounding ground to tremble.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragons entire body was covered in purple crystals that emitted a dazzling light, illuminating the surroundings.

When it saw Lu Yu and Yun Zirou standing in the arrays center, it immediately let out an angry roar!


The angry roar came with a foul stench, causing the two to cover their mouths and noses hurriedly!

Lu Yu hurriedly used his Eye of Truth to check the information about the Amethyst Toxic Dragon and prepare for the upcoming battle.

[ Amethyst Toxic Dragon ]

[ Attack: 330 ]

[ Speed: 320 ]

[ Health: 650 ]

[ Mana: 200 ]

[ Defense: 320 ]

Its health and defense were far greater than Lu Yus.

Moreover, its attack and speed were almost identical to Lu Yus.

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It would not be easy to kill this beast.

Lu Yu reminded Yun Zirou, “Be careful.

This beast is powerful.

We have no way out now that your two followers have already been defeated.”

Yun Zirou nodded seriously.

She knew well that the two could not outrun this giant dragon.

If they were to run away in fear, they would just perish as a result.

At that moment, Yun Zirou unbuttoned a button on her neck.

“It seems that I cant hide my talent anymore.

I have to give it my all, or else theres no hope of survival!”

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou curiously and asked, “Didnt you say your talent is a hidden talent”

Yun Zirou shook her head, “I know my talent clearly, but I never intended on revealing it.

Theres a reason for that.”

After saying that, she took off her blue robe and revealed a blue inner armor underneath.

Under the inner armor was a black, silk-made, tight-fitting suit.

This faintly discernible black silk bodysuit perfectly outlined Yun Zirous curvy figure.

Moreover, the armor only covered her essential parts.

Her exposed waist or legs made ones blood boil.

Lu Yu took a look and couldnt help but gulp.

“So you can say what kind of talent you have now”

Lu Yu could use his Eye of Truth to look at her talent, but there was no need for that.

After she took off her robe, Yun Zirous face flushed red.

She said, in a low voice, “My talent is Charm Warlock.”

“This is a strong crowd control talent.

Someone with this talent will have to wear the equipment Im wearing now to activate their skills.”

Lu Yu looked at her again and nodded in agreement.

“I understand now why you would want to hide your talent.

Now thats over with, lets deal with the enemy in front of us!”

Whether it was her equipment that she was wearing, her talent, or her skills, none of them was proper for a young lady from a prominent family.

If the public knew that she fights by charming her enemies, there would definitely be a scandal.

So it was not surprising that she hid her talent.

At that moment, Yun Zirou began to prepare to release her skills.

She felt that her outfit was shameful, but her talent worked this way, and she couldnt do anything about it!

She closed her eyes and gathered all the energy in her body.

The Amethyst Toxic Dragon rushed toward Yun Zirou as she prepared her skills.

Lu Yu got anxious and shouted, “Miss Yun, get out of the way!”

However, Yun Zirou acted as if she did not hear him and stood still.

Lu Yu gradually realized that she should have a way to deal with it.

Otherwise, standing still during an attack like this would mean certain death!

The next moment, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon reached Yun Zirou.

It opened its bloody mouth and was about to chomp on her!

At the brink of death, Yun Zirou opened her eyes.

Her cold, emotionless eyes moved weirdly.

Her pupils turned into dazzling colors that were changing continuously.

When the giant dragon saw Yun Zirous eyes, its entire body immediately stiffened.

Lu Yu was astonished to notice the Amethyst Toxic Dragon standing where it was.

Yun Zirous skills were so powerful that she could even control such a giant beast.

He presumed that even if he looked into her eyes, it would be difficult for him to escape her control…

Lu Yu used his Eye of Truth to look at Yun Zirou and saw the related skill under her interface.

[ Eye of Illusion: Any living being that looks into the casters eyes will enter an illusion, the same as dreaming.

After receiving a large amount of damage, they will be able to escape control ]

In other words, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon hit by this skill had already lost control of its body.

During this period, Lu Yu and Yun Zirou could attack it as much as possible!

“Miss Yun, how long can you control it” Lu Yu asked.

“The control time limit is three minutes.

I created a dream for it, and it is immersed in it at the moment.”

“The key is the damage that we would deal.

A high amount of damage will immediately wake it from the pain.”

Lu Yu raised his arms and transformed into dragon claws.

“Then leave the task of dealing damage to me!”

Yun Zirou quickly reminded, “Be careful.

Once the control time limit is over, it will be difficult for us to deal with it!”

As a powerful Boss, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon had very high intelligence.

Once it was controlled for the first time, it would probably be challenging to do it again another time.

Lu Yu swung his claws and walked toward the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

“If thats the case, Ill focus on breaking its armor and defense.

This way, even if the control time limit is over, it wont be too hard for us to fight it.”

Yun Zirou nodded, “This dragons defense is very high.

We should prioritize breaking its armor.”

Thus, Lu Yu walked toward the Amethyst Toxic Dragon that stood still.

When he arrived in front of the Amethyst Toxic Dragon, Lu Yu activated his skill Armor Penetration!

He used both of his claws to hack away at the Amethyst Toxic Dragon, breaking a few patches of crystals that were attached to its body.

One Armor Penetration skill could reduce 30% of the Amethyst Toxic Dragons defense, reducing the Amethyst Toxic Dragons defense by 100 points.

As long as he activated Armor Penetration three times, he would be able to break the Amethyst Toxic Dragons defense completely!

After the first time, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon suffered some injuries, and the Amethyst Toxic Dragon trembled in pain.

Fortunately, it did not break free from Yun Zirous control.

Lu Yu continued to activate Armor Penetration for the second time and swung his claws down with all his might!

The crystal covering the Amethyst Toxic Dragons neck instantly shattered, revealing the dragons hide underneath.

After the second time, Lu Yu hurriedly activated a third time!

After this slash from Lu Yu, there werent many crystal scales covering the Amethyst Toxic Dragons body anymore.

The surroundings were filled with scattered crystal shards.

Seeing this, Yun Zirou was surprised at how powerful Lu Yus armor penetrating skill was.

With the Amethyst Toxic Dragons high defense, if she didnt have the help of her maid, Xiao Qing, she would never have had the chance to break through its defense.

Fortunately, with Lu Yu as her teammate, she did not have to worry about the enemys high defense.

Just as Lu Yu finished breaking through its armor for the third time, he activated his skill Grappling and locked onto the Amethyst Toxic Dragons weak spot!

Lu Yu was ready to attack now!

At that moment, the Amethyst Toxic Dragons body twitched, and its eyes stared at Lu Yu again!

Lu Yu immediately reacted when he saw this.

He realized that this dragon had already broken free from its control!

The next moment, the Amethyst Toxic Dragon turned around swiftly and whipped its thick tail over!

Lu Yu did not have the time to dodge and took the attack head-on!


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