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Chapter 40 Mysterious Bloodline, Heading To Ixdale

Lu Yu was perplexed by the attending doctors words for a brief moment.

How could his aunts illness have anything to do with their family

“Doctor, are you sure Why is this illness related to our family”

The doctor let out a long sigh.

“The cause of your aunts illness an issue from her familys bloodline!”

“This is an extremely rare and special bloodline, but she has yet to awaken it.

This is the heart of the problem.”

“That is to say, my aunt did not awaken when she should have awakened, which is why she has this problem” Lu Yu gradually realized what the doctor meant.


“More or less.

She has yet to awaken her bloodline, causing energy to accumulate in her body, which is also why she entered a coma.”

“Then, is there a treatment plan Anything that can help my aunt complete her awakening or help her release the energy in her body should be fine, right”


The doctor frowned with a mixed expression.

“Your aunt has already passed the age of awakening her talent.

This treatment option shouldnt be possible.”

“It is also impossible to release this mysterious power in her using modern day technologies.”

Lu Yu was conflicted after hearing this.

“Doesnt that imply that my aunt will be in a coma for the rest of her life”

The doctor shook his head.

“Im just saying that I cant do anything about it, but that doesnt mean that the other leading doctors in their field cant do anything about it.”

“If she is in the capital, Ixdale, the top medical institutions there should have better methods.”

Lu Yu breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this.

At the very least, there was a glimmer of hope.

Even if they were far away from Ixdale and needed to spend on the expensive medical facilities there, at least there was a path that Lu Yu could take.

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He did not want to see his aunt working hard all her life and spending her old age lying on a hospital bed.

Liu Yi had always treated him as her own son.

She even worked several jobs for Lu Yu to get into an excellent high school.

How could Lu Yu abandon her now that he had finally made a name for himself

No matter how difficult this path was, Lu Yu had to walk it with her!

At that moment, the doctor looked at his phone and then at Lu Yu.

Then, he opened his mouth wide.

“You… youre the top scorer on the state college entrance exam, Lu Yu”

Lu Yu was somewhat speechless.

This doctor appears to be ill-informed.

“Thats right, its me.”

“Wow, your video went viral on the Internet.

The scene of you smashing a mountain with one punch shocked a lot of people!”

Lu Yu, on the other hand, was unconcerned.

“Those things dont matter to me.”

“I had no idea Id be able to meet a superstar right here!”

The doctors excited expression left Lu Yu speechless.


“Could you please put me in touch with a hospital in Ixdale Id like to transfer my aunt to a different hospital.”


The doctor calmed down and thoughtfully answered, “No problem.

Ill help you to contact…”

He turned around and was about to leave when the ward door was pushed open unexpectedly.

A half-bald older man wearing a white coat entered the room.

When the doctor saw the half-bald guy, he immediately bowed and greeted him respectfully, “Director, youre here!”

Lu Yu was surprised that the director of Riverdale Central Hospital came over personally.

When the director saw Lu Yu, he immediately walked over with a smile.

“Lu Yu, youre Lu Yu!”

“The top scholar in the state, youre really here!” The director said emotionally.


“Is there something you want to talk to me about” Lu Yu asked.

The director repeatedly nodded.

“Of course.

I just received a call from the citys higher-ups.

They want me to help you solve all your worries so that you can go to Clanorth University!”

Hearing this, the doctor beside him became excited again.

“What Clanorth University Lu Yu is actually going to Clanorth University Our Riverdale City finally has a genius who could enter Clanorth University!”

The director glared at him.

“What are you so excited about It would be strange if Lu Yu did not attend Clanorth University based on his results!”

However, Lu Yus focus was not on Clanorth University.

He knew that his results were in line with Clanorth University, and it was foreseen that he would be accepted.


Director, you said youd help me solve all my problems”

The director nodded heavily.

“Thats right.

If you have any requests or difficulties, just let me know!”

“OK, my only concern is my aunt.

She is critically ill and requires treatment at Ixdales medical institution.”


The director nodded without hesitation as he looked at the woman lying on the bed.

“No worries.

Ill contact the best hospital in Ixdale right away and arrange for a transfer!”

Thus, he made a call.

After a few exchanges, the other side agreed to the request.

“Lu Yu, I have already contacted Ixdale Central Hospital.

We can arrange for a transfer immediately!”

“Then, lets get started right away.

I dont want to delay my aunts illness any longer.”

“Of course, Ill make the necessary arrangements right away!”

Soon, a helicopter slowly landed on the helipad on the roof of Riverdale City Hospital.

A few nurses pushed the hospital bed and carried Liu Yi onto the helicopter.

Lu Yu followed them into the helicopters cabin.

The helicopter took off and flew toward Ixdale.

Lu Yu looked through the glass at the increasingly distant Riverdale and silently said goodbye in his heart.

He held Liu Yis hand and slowly fell asleep.


The sky was already dark when Lu Yu opened his eyes again, and the noise of the propellers had stopped.

The cabin door opened, and the pilot said, “Student Lu Yu, we have successfully arrived in Ixdale.

We are currently at the helipad of Ixdale Central Hospital.”

When Lu Yu looked outside, he noticed a group of nurses and doctors in white coats gathered around him.

They carefully opened the cabin door and carried Liu Yi out of the helicopter.

A bald, middle-aged man walked over to Lu Yu and shook his hand.

“Lu Yu, I am the hospitals director.

We have already come up with a preliminary plan for Liu Yis illness.

You dont have to worry about her and can go to school in peace.”

Lu Yu couldnt help but sigh silently in relief as he heard this.

As expected of Ixdale Central Hospital, they came up with a solution immediately.

“Is that so Then can I listen to the details of this plan”

The director said confidently, “Of course.

Follow me.”

Everyone walked down from the roof and arrived at the conference room on the sixth floor.

A group of top-notch doctors was sitting there, discussing Liu Yis condition.

After Lu Yu walked in, they began to report on their final solution.

“Regarding the solution to Liu Yis condition, we already have the specific procedures for her treatment.”

“The first method is to force the awakening of her bloodline.

The process is more complicated, the conditions are more demanding, and the success rate is lower.”

“The second method is to separate the bloodline from Liu Yis body.

This mysterious bloodline that contains a huge amount of energy can only be fused with people who are close to Liu Yi.”

“Unfortunately, it seems that Liu Yis physical fitness can not withstand such a terrifying power, so we all agree that even if the bloodline is awakened, she will not be able to withstand it.”

After listening to the doctors plan, Lu Yu fell into deep thought.

Wasnt he the one here who was related to Liu Yi by blood



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