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Chapter 4 Awakening Comes to an End, College Exams Preparations Begin

The panel in front of him displayed five evolutionary paths.

Lu Yu looked at them and was immediately piqued.

Among the five evolutionary paths, only the Dragon Claw was the most elusive.

Without a doubt, the Dragon Claw evolutionary path was the most powerful among the five evolutionary paths and the one with the greatest potential in the future.


Then, Lu Yu clicked on the panel and opened up the synthetic materials needed.

The first thing he saw was four kinds of synthetic materials for the Dragon Claw.

Moreover, each material was very rare and quite difficult to obtain.


[ Materials needed for the evolution of the Dragon Claw: Giant Rock Python Blood Essence, Green Sky Goshawk Bones, Red Flame Violent Bear Fur, and Shadow Cat Demon Fingernails ]


After seeing these materials, Lu Yu thought carefully.

Dont these four materials seem like they correspond to the other four evolution paths


Giant Rock Python Blood Essence corresponded to Snake Tooth Path, Green Sky Goshawk Bones corresponded to Eagle Claw Path, Red Flame Violent Bear Fur corresponded to Bear Paw Path, and Shadow Cat Demon Fingernails corresponded to Cat Claw Path.

The four materials needed for Dragon Claw evolution were also the materials required for the other four evolution paths.

There was no need to think too much about it.

This Dragon Claw was definitely the strongest evolution path!

However, these materials were not ordinary, and obtaining them would not be easy.

Although his talent was poor, his future growth would be immeasurable with this Dragon Claws evolution path.


Thinking of this, Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as he gathered the materials, his talent might not necessarily be the weakest in the world!

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The students all returned to the class one by one.

The homeroom teacher followed them in.

“Everyone, since the awakening has been completed, lets rearrange the seats.”

“According to tradition, those with outstanding talent will sit in the front row.

Those with poor talent will sit in the last row.

Those with extremely poor talent will have no seats and will stand at the back.”


Then, the homeroom teacher took out the seating order that had just been set and read out the names of the students one by one.

This was a way to motivate the students.

A clear division of grades would encourage the students to climb the ladder.


As the homeroom teacher read out the names, the seats were re-allocated.

The students standing in the last row lowered their heads, their faces full of shame.

Without a doubt, Lu Yu was also assigned to stand in the last row.

Generally speaking, those standing in the last row were people who had not even awakened their talent.

However, Lu Yus F-level talent was the weakest Claw Attack, not much stronger than those who did not have talent, so he was also assigned to stand in the last row by the homeroom teacher.

As for Su Qing, without a doubt, she sat in the first row beside the podium.

After all, her A-level talent was the best in the entire school.

In their class, she was obviously ranked first.

Everyone could only look on with envy.

After a short semester, Su Qing was now completely different from them.

The homeroom teacher stood in front of the podium, cleared his throat, and announced loudly, “Theres only one month left until the college entrance exam!”

“The school will allocate resources of different levels to the awakened ones!”


“These resources will be the key for you all to try and get into an Awakeners University, understand”

Everyone nodded one after another, with an invisible pressure weighing on them.

The pressure of the college entrance examination was no less than the awakening ceremony.

If they didnt raise their strength enough before the college entrance examination, then they really had no chance of turning things around in this lifetime!

And there was only a month before the college entrance examination.

This one month would prove to be the most crucial time in their lives!

The homeroom teacher continued, “The college entrance examination mainly tests on two aspects.

One is fighting, and the other is battling.”


“Fighting would pit you against ferocious beasts, and battling would place you face-to-face against cultivators.”


“When you are training normally, you must go for more actual combat training so that you can get as good a result as possible.”

“In next months plan, you will be free to explore and train for the first three weeks.”

“In the last week of training, I will lead you to increase your strength as fast as possible!”

After the homeroom teacher finished speaking, the class started discussing enthusiastically.

“Just one month is too short!”

“We still have to fight with ferocious beasts.

Isnt this too dangerous!”

“Where can I find a ferocious beast to train and fight”

“With my talent, Im afraid Ill die from the ferocious beast in the exam if Im not careful.”

“Lets be buddies.

From now on, we can look after each other and train together.”

“It would be great if we could train with Su Qing…”

Everyone looked at Su Qing and had their own little thoughts.

If they could pull an A-level powerhouse like Su Qing into their team, their future training approach would be much easier.

The class was discussing their future plans enthusiastically.

Almost everyone ignored the students who were standing at the back.

Everyone was realistic.

They all knew that those who stood at the back would be the lowest class in society in the future.

They would be engaged in the most laborious work.

They were destined not to be from the same world, so they would not have too many interactions.

Lu Yu did not communicate with the others.

Instead, he was thinking that if he had the chance to evolve for the first time, which one would be the better choice


Soon, the bell rang.

The students stood up and prepared to move freely.

At that time, the homeroom teacher took out a stack of exchange vouchers.

“Everyone, dont be in a hurry to leave.

I have the exchange vouchers for the [ Basic Cultivation Stone Tablet ].

Everyone, take these exchange vouchers and go to the library to exchange.”

“Everyone, take one.

line up to take it.”

When everyone heard this, they all smiled happily.

“Cultivation Stone Tablet! This is a good thing! Its being given out for free right from the start!”

“Thats great! With this thing, our cultivation speed will become faster.”


“Thank you, school! Thank you, teacher!”

Everyone lined up and went up to receive the vouchers one by one.

Lu Yu was at the end of the line and followed suit.

The voucher was given to each person.

Other than those who did not awaken their talent, everyone had one.

This was the schools rule.

Even if Lu Yus talent was the weakest, he was still qualified to receive one voucher.

Very quickly, the line reached Lu Yu.

Lu Yu received a voucher from the homeroom teacher.

The homeroom teacher looked at Lu Yu and sighed regretfully, “Sigh, I hope you can exchange it for something good.

Although you have F-level talent, your future will be bright as long as you continue to work hard.”

Lu Yu did not care much about the homeroom teachers encouragement.

He took the voucher, thanked him, and left the classroom.

After the other students had left the classroom, they headed toward the library.

Lu Yu followed the flow of people and arrived at the library together.

When they arrived at the library hall, everyone found the librarian, and they conducted the exchange there.

At that moment, someone asked, “Can you tell us what exactly is the purpose of this Basic Cultivation Stone Tablet”

Everyone looked at the librarian earnestly.

The librarian cleared his throat and began to explain.


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