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Chapter 38 State Champion, Respected

The massive screen in the square began to display the final rankings of this examination.

The person who came in the first place was undoubtedly Lu Yu!

Then Wan Guliu stood in front of the array formation and announced to the audience, “The exam is over!”

“The first place goes to student Lu Yu.

Lets give him a warm applause!”


The entire audience applauded.

“Next, lets watch an exciting moment from student Lu Yu!” Wan Guliu continued.

As he spoke, the big screen began to show a video of Lu Yu destroying half of the mountain with a single punch.

Everyone was mesmerized by the scene and tried to replay it in their minds.

The display of such raw power would captivate anyone.

Numerous reporters swarmed in as soon as the exam ended.

They all raised their cameras and began filming the big screen before them.

The news of Lu Yus getting first place naturally spread throughout Riverdale and even the entire Southen Railer State!

Lu Yu was the last to emerge from the array, having won the Battle Royale.

Countless media reporters rushed over frantically, trying to get an exclusive interview with Lu Yu.

However, with a wave of Wan Gulius hand, a barrier was set up to stop the reporters.

Despite being stopped, the reporters continued to broadcast the news quickly.

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“Its unbelievable.

The state champion is from Riverdale City!”


” A dark horse! Riverdale Citys champion is actually an F-level talent holder!”

“What a piece of world-shocking news! An F-level talent could actually get first place!”


Various headlines appeared on various news websites throughout the country.

Almost everyone in Riverdale City knew right away that the top scorer on the state exam was from their city!

Admissions officers from prestigious universities stood up, waiting for an opening.

They were waiting for an opportunity to speak with Lu Yu.

It would mean a lot if they could persuade him to attend their university!

At that point, a prominent figure emerged from the crowd.

The person who stepped out was the principal, Luo Yue!

He walked to the front of the array and stood beside Lu Yu.

“Today is the most important day in our schools history! Lu Yu, one of our students, has won first place in the entire state!”


“This is unprecedented in our school!”

The principal said this with great enthusiasm, tears welling up in the corners of his eyes.

“Student Lu Yu, you are the pride of our school!” he said to Lu Yu.

“If you have any future requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will do everything in my power!”

The principals unexpected compliment made Lu Yu uncomfortable, but he didnt care much.

He knew the school would celebrate his winning first place, but he was not interested in that.

After all, his goal was to enter Clanorth University.

At that moment, principal Luo Yues phone rang.

He quickly picked it up and nodded his head.

His face beamed with delight!

A short while later, a black car drove in from the school gate!

The car door opened, and the person who stepped out was Liu He, the director of the citys education bureau!

He quickly approached Luo Yue and solemnly announced that he had something to give Lu Yu to commemorate his achievement.

“Lu Yu, the education bureau has specially gifted you a three-million-dollar scholarship and a city villa to further motivate you.

Please keep up the good work in order to bring glory to Riverdale City!”

When these words were spoken, they sparked the envy of a large number of people.

The value of a villa in the city was priceless!

Indeed, the treatment on getting a first place was good.

Riverdale City had not produced a top scorer in the entire state for decades, so it was naturally crucial for their city.

Of course, not only did the education bureau highlight Lu Yus accomplishments, but major businesses in Riverdale City did as well.

More than a dozen luxury cars arrived one after the other at the Riverdale City High School entrance.

The relevant heads of the major enterprises quickly exited their vehicles, eager to meet with Lu Yu to discuss a partnership.

“Please support the Yan Cheng Group, student Lu Yu.

Well give you ten million dollars!”

“Endorse the Hu Group instead.

As long as you show up, well give you a villa!”

“Student Lu Yu, if you appear in our advertisement, all you need to do is authorize us your portrait rights, and well give you two pieces of rare equipment!”



The heads of all the big companies were fighting for Lu Yus endorsement deal.

The explanation was simple.

The current Lu Yu was now Riverdale Citys most famous person!

Lu Yu was the number one trending topic on all of Riverdale Citys social media!

In such a short time, Lu Yu has gained millions of fans!

In the comments below those top trending topics, countless fans cheered for Lu Yu.

“Our Riverdale City student, Lu Yu, is the states number one! Im overjoyed!”

“Hes so strong to be able to cultivate an F-level talent to such a level.

I wouldnt have bothered if I had F-level talent.”

“You will be my idol from now on.

I want to learn from you!”

“You all pay attention to his strength, but did you pay attention to his appearance”

“I really want to go to the same university as him.

This way, I might have a chance…”

“Im a sucker for anyone who is both handsome and strong.”

The video of Lu Yu destroying the mountain was very soon uploaded, causing an uproar.

“Holy crap, this punch is insane!”

“This video is so ridiculous it must be made up!”

“Im pretty sure if this punch lands on me, Ill just turn into a bloody pulp.”

“Is this the strength of the number one in the state What an overbearing existence…”

Because of Lu Yu, the entire Riverdale City was in a frenzy.

At that moment, Lu Yu was standing in front of the array formation, surrounded by countless enterprises who wanted to work with him.

There were also reporters from various famous media outlets present, as well as Riverdale City officials.

“Examinees, the examination has ended.

The rankings have been sent to your mobile phones.

According to the rankings, choose a suitable university that you like.

Its safe to disperse now.”

The array mages in front of Wan Guliu all came to a halt, and the other examinees followed suit.

Envious looks would be cast at Lu Yu from time to time.

“I envy Lu Yu being able to accept so many endorsements.

Just the endorsement fee alone would make him crazy rich.”

“Sigh, theres no complaining now.

Lets just train harder.”

It appears that Lu Yu will be admitted to Clanorth University for sure.

Clanorth University will undoubtedly accept him based on his academic performance.”

The crowd debated as they left the square.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked through the crowd, planning to leave the school.

However, those people did not plan to let Lu Yu leave so easily.

“Student Lu Yu, think about our endorsement.”

“Student Lu Yu, if you work with us, you will definitely earn a lot of money!”

“Lu Yu, come to our university.

We will utilize the entire schools resources on you!”

“Lu Yu…”

The people behind him pestered Lu Yu, making him feel annoyed.

Lu Yu dashed out of the school and away from the crowd!

Lu Yus phone rang nonstop on the way home.

Many of Lu Yus former friends messaged him to congratulate him.

Lu Yu turned on his phone and looked through his messages, but he couldnt find his aunts message.

He knew that if his aunt heard the news, she would immediately message him to congratulate him.

His aunts condition appeared to have deteriorated…


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