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Chapter 37 Dragon Skill, Dragon Fists Terrifying Power

The five-man elite team quickly climbed to the top of the mountain.

They endured the high temperature of the flames and trekked forward with difficulty.

In front of them was a wall made of flames.

One could only vaguely see a human figure in the raging flames.

“Such fierce flames must have been created by a ferocious beast.”

“Is Lu Yu in the flames He should have burned to death, right”

“What about the beast I cant see it.”

“I think Lu Yu is doomed.

Hes most likely dead.”

“Move forward quietly.

Healer, get your healing ready at any moment!”

The five of them moved forward slowly and cautiously.

At that point, the human figure in the flames began to move and became more visible.

Soon after, a figure emerged from the flames!

When the five of them got a closer look, they realized it was Lu Yu!

“Wait, is that Lu Yu”

“He walked out of the flames, unharmed”

“Wheres the beast Wheres the ferocious beast at”

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“Lu Yu! Were here to challenge you because whoever takes this position will be number one! Well let you go if you retreat right now!” The tank made a threat.

The flames gradually dissipated behind Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not respond, instead examining the five people in front of him with his Eye of Truth.

There was no one among them who could stand up to him.

Since that was the case, he could use them to practice his new skill.

With this thought in mind, Lu Yu raised his right claw, his claws turning red gradually.

Then he swung his hand out, and a firestorm erupted, with Lu Yu at its center!

The intense flames brought a whistling roar, turning into a tornado-like storm!

The firestorm quickly engulfed the entire mountaintop, engulfing the five-man team.

When the five saw that Lu Yu swung his hand and turned the entire mountaintop into a flaming hell, they were terrified.

The extreme heat assaulted them, burning their skin and causing excruciating pain.

“Shit, this is bad!”

“This flaming storm is too scary!”

“Run! Dodge these flaming attacks!”

At that moment, the five were all inflicted with burning damage and began to lose health as every second passed.

They were all terrified and scrambled for cover.

One hid behind rocks, another discovered a cave, and the rest dug a hole and jumped in.

However, hiding was futile in the face of this ferocious firestorm.

They also had to endure the burning flames while looking for an opportunity in the dark.

Lu Yu did not take any further action after noticing that they were all hidden.

He realized the magnitude of his attack when he fully unleashed his Flaming Claw skill.

However, mana consumption was also at an all-time high.

Lu Yus mana would be depleted if he launched another Flaming Claw attack.

When the five were hiding, Lu Yu took note of their positions.

However, it was not good for Lu Yu to act rashly.

Each of them was hidden in a different location.

If Lu Yu attacks one of them, the other four will emerge from their hiding places and pounce on him.

Even though Lu Yus stats were much higher than theirs, the five of them attacking at the same time would be difficult to deal with.

Lu Yu then thought of the dragon skill he had gotten, Dragon Fist.

He thought to himself, “How about I just cast it here once.”

The surrounding circle had nearly shrunk to the center, almost to the foot of the mountain where Lu Yu stood.

The other students had already finished fighting at the mountains base, so the final champion would be decided at the mountains summit!

Since that was the case, there was no need for Lu Yu to save his skills!

Lu Yu decided to use his Dragon Fist skill as a precaution!

A surge of energy flowed into Lu Yus right arm, causing the muscles of his entire right arm to expand!

A faint dragon shadow circled Lu Yus right arm.


What happened next surprised Lu Yu.

He felt an unprecedented, terrifying power emanating from his right arm!

He retracted his claws on his right hand and clenched his fist.

After gathering all his strength, Lu Yu released all of his power and smashed it toward the ground!


Lu Yus fist struck the ground, causing the entire mountain to tremble!

The violent trembling caused the five people hiding to go into a panic.

“Is… is this an earthquake”

“What a violent tremor! Whats happening!”

“Look, its Lu Yu! He hit the ground with his fist!”

When the five looked up, they saw that Lu Yu had struck the ground with his fist.

What was even scarier was that numerous cracks began to form from where his fist had struck the ground!

The cracks spread, making the five of them nervous.

Lu Yus punch caused the entire mountain to tremble.

The five of them thought this was something that should have been utterly impossible.


Another loud boom sounded, and the mountain began to collapse!

Like an avalanche, the outer part of the mountain was the first to shatter, turning into countless loose stones that rolled down.

The outer part cracked, and next was the inner part of the mountain.

The five-man team was shaken by what was happening.

If the rocks behind them were gone, it would be their turn to fall.

“Whats going on The entire mountain is going to collapse!”

“Hurry up and run, or its too late!”

“What kind of monster is Lu Yu He destroyed this mountain with a single punch!!!”

The five of them quickly stood up in a hurry, rushing toward the center of the mountain.

However, the entire mountain collapsed at that moment, like a ruined building.

It was quickly demolished into a pile of ruins.

Lu Yu jumped twice into the air as the mountain collapsed.

The five people fell with the collapsing mountain and were immediately eliminated.

The live feed was fixed on Lu Yu, showing the scene of Lu Yu still suspended in the air.


The mountain that his punch had shattered lay beneath him.

Lu Yus battle at the mountains peak had ended so easily.

Outside the arena, admissions officers from various prestigious universities witnessed the entire battle.

At that moment, the audience was dead silent, with their mouths gaping wide open.

“Did Lu Yu just destroy a mountain with a single punch”

“Yeah, couldnt you see that”

“Oh my god, what did I see today What kind of monster is he”


Li, can you destroy this mountain with a single punch”

“Hey, are you trying to kill me Even if my life was on the line, I wouldnt be able to do what he did.”

“This young man is insane!”

“Its a done deal, if I were to say so myself.

If Clanorth University dares reject Lu Yu, Ill personally splash paint on their grounds!”

In the middle of the school square, students walked out from the center of the array formation one after another.

Some of them were ecstatic after receiving their predicted rankings, while others were depressed.

However, they were all shocked to see on the big screen display the final winner of this examination, Lu Yu!

The students were debating passionately about Lu Yu.

They were astounded that Lu Yu had won first place yet again.

Of course, the impossible feat of Lu Yus punch shattering a mountain surprised them even more!


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