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Chapter 36 Third Evolution, Multiple Evolution Paths

Lu Yu finally suppressed and absorbed the energy after a brief agony.

His entire body had been reshaped, and he had successfully evolved the Flaming Dragon Claw!

[ Congratulations on completing the evolution of the Flaming Dragon Claw! ]

Due to the high temperature of his claws, the air that flowed between them became distorted.


Air flowed between the claws and became distorted due to the high temperature of his claws.

Lu Yu continued to browse the evolution panel, intending to see what materials were needed for the Exploding Dragon Claw.

However, when he looked at the panel, he was surprised to find that there was almost no change in the evolution path!

[ Exploding Dragon Claw ]


[ Flowing Water Dragon Claw ] – [ Ice Dragon Claw ]

[ Gale Dragon Claw ] – [ Thunder Dragon Claw ]

[ Rock Crushing Dragon Claw ] – [ Diamond Dragon Claw ]


[ Light Dragon Claw ] – [ Holy Dragon Claw ]

[ Dark Dragon Claw ] – [ Undead Dragon Claw ]


[ … ] – [ … ]

Besides the disappearance of the Fire Dragon Claw, it appears that the other five evolution paths remained

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It also showed that there were more evolution paths to be unlocked.

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

He was confused.

When he tried to click on one of the evolution routes, he found that he could click on it!

Moreover, it showed the required materials and the evolution effects.

In other words, Lu Yu could still choose to evolve along these evolutionary routes!

Lu Yu was ecstatic.

This was far too powerful.

His path of evolution was not one of six!

It could be two out of six or more! After all, dragons have more than one claw!


Lu Yu couldnt keep his excitement in check and burst out laughing.

He, too, had initially felt it was wasteful to choose only one of the many evolution paths!

But he did not expect his second evolution to be able to evolve into more than one path!

Lu Yu hurriedly raised his right claw and swung it forward.

With a whoosh, a dazzling flame streaked across.

The sharp claws struck the ground, leaving five indents.

Flames erupted from the dents and burned indefinitely.

Lu Yu immediately guessed the effect of his Flaming Dragon Claw when he noticed that.

The increased fire damage was the result of the enhanced attack!

Even if Lu Yu only attacked an inorganic hard rock, his attack would still leave behind a vigorous flame.

If this attack hit a human or a beast, wouldnt their entire bodies burst into flames

This increase in flame damage was definitely something special!

Lu Yu opened his personal attributes panel to see if there had been any changes to his attributes.

[ Attack: 300 ]

[ Speed: 200 ]

[ Health: 350 ]

[ Mana: 200 ]

[ Defense: 220 ]

Apart from defense, the other four attributes all increased slightly.

His attack increased the most out of all of them.

The Flaming Dragon Claw appeared to be biased toward offense.

Lu Yu looked down and was surprised to see he had a new fire damage attribute.

[ Fire Attack Effect: After releasing fire elemental damage, it will cause 5% damage per second to the enemy.



Lu Yu was a little surprised by this effect.

This fire damage was calculated as a percentage, making this skill insanely strong!

One second would deal 5% damage, implying that 20 seconds of burning would be sufficient to kill the enemy.


However, in a real battle, Lu Yu should be unable to burn the enemy for 20 seconds continuously.

It should, however, be quite effective against enemies with high health and defense.

Lu Yu remained on the mountains peak, adapting his battle style to his new Flaming Dragon Claws.

After some time, Lu Yu stopped his training and looked around.

A blue circular wall of light stretching from the ground to the heavens began to shrink in the distance.

Lu Yu estimated the distance and speed.

In about an hour, the circle would be near to him.

He gauged that the other students should be close by now.

Lu Yu remained at the summit of the mountain.

This was the focal point.

The other students would eventually show up.

This was the benefit of Lu Yu selecting this teleportation point.

At the foot of the mountain.

A small team of elites who had been teleported to the edge of the circle was discussing countermeasures.

“From now on, its the most critical part of the exam.

We cant split up anymore.

We have to form a team!”

The most powerful of them was a young man in sportswear with a solemn expression.

He pointed at the mountains peak not far away and said, “We got the news that someone has already reached the peak of the mountain at the center.

That person is Lu Yu!”

“The peak is simple to defend but difficult to attack.

Moreover, its at the center of the mountain.

With the continuous shrinking of the circle, we will have to climb that mountain sooner or later!”

“Therefore, we will form a team in advance and go up the mountain together.

We will first eliminate Lu Yu!”

The few of them looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

We will discuss what to do next after eliminating Lu Yu!”

“We are all talents above C-level.

It will be easy for us to eliminate Lu Yu.”

“Even if he is this years dark horse, he will not be able to compete with us if we go up together!”

“Its time to let him experience some hardship.”

At that moment, on the mountain peak, Lu Yu was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

He had completely adapted to the Flaming Dragon Claw.

[ Congratulations on completing your third evolution.

Obtained an achievement reward.



Lu Yu was a little surprised.

There was a reward after completing his third evolution.

He quickly clicked on the panel in front of him and looked at the reward.

[ Skill: Flaming Claw ]

[ Effect: Causes AOE fire-type splash damage, with a continuous burning effect.


A second AOE skill!

Lu Yu had always wanted more AOE skills, and here it was! The effect of this skill seemed to be pretty good.

The large AOE splash damage with a burning effect was the best way to clear mobs.

Just as Lu Yu was satisfied and happy, the second reward appeared.

[ Dragon Skill: Dragon Fist ]


[ Special Dragon Skill requires the consumption of dragon power to use.

Current Dragon Power: 1 point, can be used once ]

This second dragon skill of his requires the consumption of dragon power.

His previous dragon skill did not need to consume this dragon power.

Furthermore, he only had one point in dragon power right now, so he could only use this skill once.

Most importantly, he was not even given a description of the skill, so he had no idea what the effect was…

Lu Yu was somewhat speechless.

He couldnt use this skill right now because he didnt know how to obtain dragon power.

In that case, Lu Yu had no idea what the Dragon Fist would do unless it were used in a real battle.

When Lu Yu was receiving his reward, the elite team at the foot of the mountain had already gathered and were climbing up the mountain.

There were only five people in this team, but the division of roles was apparent.

The leader was a strong-looking man wearing heavy armor.

Obviously, this person was the tank.

Next to him was a man holding a dagger in a tight grey bodysuit.

He was the vanguard, which could also be considered an assassin.

Behind him stood a mage wielding magical weapons, an archer carrying bows on their backs, and a female healer.

As they approached the mountains summit, they looked up to see a dazzling flame rising from the summit!

“It looks like Lu Yu is fighting with the ferocious beasts on the top of the mountain.

This is our chance.

Lets go up quickly!”

“Haha! Were going to reap his reward!”

“Charge! Take down Lu Yu and the ferocious beasts!”


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