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390 Chapter 390 Black Mist

Chapter 390 Black Mist

What Lu Yu wanted to test next was the Dark Poison skill.

Although this skills damage wasnt explosive and sounded ordinary, Lu Yu knew this skill was deadly.

For example, if Lu Yu encountered a strong enemy, he could cast Dark Poison; even if he couldnt win, he could escape immediately.

The poison would attack the enemy while Lu Yu could reach safety.

Lu Yu would be invincible if it werent for the mana potions cooldown time.

As long as he poisoned his enemies, he could replenish all his mana and damage them from a safe distance.

Lu Yu decided to test the damage.

At that moment, the second Diamond Ape appeared and charged at Lu Yu; it raised its fist and was about to hit Lu Yu.

Lu Yu lifted his left hand, and a small black ball shot toward the Diamond Ape.

It stuck to the beasts torso as soon as it came into contact with it.

A mass of dark purple substance began to spread onto the body of the Diamond Ape, immediately causing large-scale destruction.

The hide of the Diamond Ape turned necrotic, and blood started flowing out.

The aggressive Diamond Ape immediately roared in pain after suffering such an injury.

It howled in pain and began to retreat, distancing itself from Lu Yu.

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However, the dark purple substance was still on the Diamond Apes body, destroying its internal organs, cells, and skin.

The Diamond Ape rolled around on the ground in pain, vomiting blood from time to time.

Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at the Diamond Ape.

Lu Yu roughly estimated that he was dealing about 200 points of damage every minute.

The damage wasnt high, but it was a remote-control skill and couldnt be detoxified.

Lu Yus right hand changed to his Light Dragon Claw and pointed it at the Diamond Ape.

Immediately after, a ball of light was sucked out and flew into Lu Yus hand.

Lu Yu used the Light Dragon Claws absorption skill and absorbed 10% of the Diamond Apes attributes.

The purpose of his action was to test if the enemys reduced defense would change the poisons effect.

Lu Yu continued to use his Eye of the Dragon God after reducing the Diamond Apes defense attributes and discovered that the beasts health was eroding at the same rate.

Lu Yu nodded and concluded that his Dark Poison skill ignored defense.

No matter how high the enemys defense was, he would deal the same amount of damage.

The Diamond Ape died very quickly under the poisons constant damage.

Lu Yu went to the control panel and clicked on the icon “Clean,” and the corpses in the room disappeared.

Lu Yu chose yet another Diamond Ape as his new target.

The room flickered with light, and the third Diamond Ape was teleported over.

This one was just as temperamental as the previous two.

When it saw Lu Yu, it rushed up and was in a hurry to fight him.

The Diamond Ape rushed over quickly, raising its fist and smashing it at Lu Yu.

Lu Yus Dark Dragon Claw began to release a black mist.

Almost immediately, the mist diffused into their surroundings and enveloped the entire room!

The Diamond Ape was within the Black Mist and was unable to observe its surroundings; it stopped around in the Black Mist in a daze.

The surrounding visibility was almost reduced to zero, and it could not see anything.

At that moment, Lu Yu was standing right before the Diamond Ape.

At this distance of just one meter, the Diamond Ape couldnt see Lu Yu, as if he were invisible to the beast!

This Black Mist skill was quite effective.

It would be effective whether it was used for sneak attacks or escapes.

The most important thing was that this mist could be used alongside two other skills.

During a battle, if Lu Yu couldnt defeat his enemy, he could use Black Mist to avoid attacks.

At the same time, he could throw over Dark Poison to continuously cause damage to his enemy.

Lu Yu ended his skill testing and felt that these three skills didnt require a high level of proficiency.

They didnt need to be trained and honed for Lu Yu to be good at using them.

In Lu Yus eyes, these three skills differed from the others.

For example, Lu Yus Dragon Fist required him to practice the most optimal punching technique to achieve better results.

Lu Yu suddenly raised his left claw and slashed down with all his might!


Five bloody streaks appeared on the Diamond Apes chest.

Its skin and flesh were torn open, revealing the white bones underneath.

The Diamond Ape did not even have time to react before Lu Yu killed it!

Lu Yu ended the Black Mist, which slowly dissipated.

This Black Mist skill was powerful, as it could confuse beasts with a good sense of smell.

Most importantly, Lu Yu could perfectly coordinate his other two skills to attack the enemy trapped inside the Black Mist; he would be hidden the whole time.

For example, he could accurately cast both Dark Poison and Absorb while being invisible to his enemies.

These three skills were perfect for being used together.

Lu Yu walked out of the cultivation room as his simple tests were done.

He wanted to have a real fight, as he hadnt released the Black Mist in an open space and wasnt sure how effective it would be.

It was still early, so Lu Yu decided to go to the stargazing tower.

No matter the timing, the most suitable place for Lu Yu to cultivate in the upper house was still the stargazing tower.

After all, this place could increase his cultivation speed by up to twenty times! It was light years faster than other cultivation places!

After the bitter battle with Zhao Lei, Lu Yu had definitely broken through his bottleneck and required a lot more energy.

Lu Yu left the training camp and walked toward the stargazing tower.

Todays battle caused quite a stir in the upper house.

Everyone, old and new students alike, was talking about it.

Lu Yu could hear everyone gossiping about it when he was walking on the streets.

After all, the impact of this incident was enormous, and many people knew the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Look! Isnt that Lu Yu”

“Thats right.

Didnt they say that his cultivation had been crippled”

“I dont know.

He doesnt look like hes disabled.”

“The battle this morning was exciting!”

“I didnt expect a freshman like Zhao Lei to become so powerful suddenly.

Lu Yus strength is also ridiculous, too!”

“Its a pity that Lu Yus strength and potential are all gone.

Thats just tragic…”

Lu Yu could hear the many discussions as he walked on the streets.

Many felt sorry for the loss of Lu Yus talent, thinking that he was now just an ordinary human.

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