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Chapter 35 Evolution, Flaming Dragon Claw


All the admissions officers looked at the screen again.

They were all perplexed after seeing what Lu Yu was going to do.

Lu Yu was sitting on the ground on the screen, surrounded by dancing flames.

When the Giant Flame Lizard died, its blood splattered on the ground, igniting the ground around it.

Lu Yu was immune to fire damage, so he wasnt affected.


After killing the Giant Flame Lizard, Lu Yu looked at his evolution panel.

Only one evolution material was needed for the Flame Dragon Claw, and that was the exclusive Evolution Potion.

Powder from a Fire Spirit Crystal was one of the ingredients used to make this potion.

According to the description, the other material was the blood essence of a massive fire elemental beast.

This Giant Flame Lizard in front of Lu Yu was a massive fire elemental beast.

This way, he could evolve into the Flame Dragon Claw!

Lu Yu was a little excited.

He did not hesitate and decided to evolve directly.


After all, he was trying to get into Clanorth University.

It was best to build up his strength as much as possible before the entrance exam.

This way, the chances of getting in would be higher.

Thus, Lu Yu took out a dagger and cut off the heart of the flame lizard.

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Lu Yu carefully extracted a drop of blood essence from the artery of the Giant Flame Lizard.

The pure red essence fell into a bottle.

The surrounding temperature weakened a lot after the bottle was capped.

Everyone outside the arena looked at the holographic screen and began talking about it.

“Lu Yu got the blood essence from the flame lizards corpse”

“How did he manage to do this so skillfully”

“Why do I feel like he has killed quite a number of bosses before this”

“This is unusual.

Its impossible for him to be so skilled if this is his first time killing a boss!”

Everyone was confused.

They were well aware that this was not his first time assassinating a boss!

“Looks like Lu Yu must have killed quite a number of bosses before.”

“Thats impossible.

This is simply impossible.

How could he have the ability to kill a dungeon boss”

“Im not sure.

There might be different reasons, but this is definitely not his first time.”

“What did this Lu Yu go through before the exam”

Everyone was staring at the screen, waiting to see what Lu Yu would do next.

The vast screen above the square had a live feed of 100 students.

But at this moment, Lu Yus camera coverage was getting bigger.

In the scene, Lu Yu stood up after receiving the blood essence.

He needed to brew his own evolution medicine, which was not as simple as mixing two materials together.

Concocting this type of potion had a high failure rate.

He needed to find a place where the fire element was dense if he wanted to reduce the failure rate.

Lu Yu stood up and began to sense the fire element in the surroundings.

Very soon, he fumbled to the center of the mountain peak.

There was a small pit where the Fire Spirit Crystal was just now.

Lu Yu could sense that the fire element was the densest here.

Its no surprise that this location could produce such a pure Fire Spirit Crystal.

Just as Lu Yu walked over, he heard a boom, and flames four to five meters tall shot out from the hole!

Lu Yu was frightened by the sudden fire and took a few steps back.

But then, he walked back over.

What was he afraid of when he was already immune to fire damage

So, Lu Yu directly walked to the side of the flame geyser and sat down close to it.

Then, he began to prepare his evolution medicine.

Thus, when the admissions officers saw this, they were all stunned.

“Hes sitting right next to a dangerous flame geyser”

“Isnt this suicide”

“Hell probably be burned to a crisp the next time the flame spouts out.”

“If he doesnt leave that place quickly, itll be too late!”

“A place that can nurture Fire Spirit Crystals, the flames that shoot out from there will definitely be extremely dangerous.

Hes so reckless!”

Everyone was worrying about Lu Yu, but he did not care.

He sat in front of the flame geyser, took the glass bottle, and set it to the side.

Then, he began to grind the Fire Spirit Crystal.

After the Fire Spirit Crystal powder was ground, Lu Yu carefully poured the powder into the bottle and mixed it with the blood essence.

After pouring it all in, he shook it slightly and felt the mighty power in the bottle.

[ Evolution Potion is in the process of merging… ]

[ Hint: When concocting a fire-attribute potion, the possibility of an accident is high.

It might cause an explosion.


As Lu Yu continued to shake the bottle, a notification appeared in front of his eyes.

[ Congratulations on successfully merging the Evolution Potion! ]

Lu Yu quickly took up the bottle and examined it.

He discovered that the red liquid contained within had become extremely pure!

He would be able to evolve his talent into a Flaming Dragon Claw as long as he drank this!

Lu Yu opened the bottle cap without hesitation.

At that moment, flames shot out from the geyser toward Lu Yu with a bang.

He was almost in the middle of the flames, but he was unharmed.

He didnt even get a tinge of a burn.

When the admissions officers outside saw this, they realized why Lu Yu wasnt afraid of the flames at all.

He was immune to the flames damage!

At that moment, Lu Yu picked up the Evolution Potion and poured it into his stomach.

The moment the Evolution Potion that contained boundless energy entered his mouth, it brought intense abdominal pain to Lu Yu.

“Ouch! It Hurts!”

Lu Yu sucked in a breath of cold air.

The terrifying energy began to rampage in all directions as soon as it entered his body.

He felt an intense burning sensation in his stomach.

He looked down and saw that his chest had turned red! It was turning a bright orange color!

Lu Yu panted heavily, attempting to control the energy in his body.

All of a sudden, this energy surged into Lu Yus arms.

During the process, Lu Yu could see that his dense blood vessels lit up, filling with hot lava!

Lu Yus expression was agonizing.

He clenched his teeth and began absorbing this energy with all of his strength.

The rampaging energy would reshape Lu Yus entire body.

The evolution of the Flaming Dragon Claw would also be completed in this process!

Everyone outside the arena was concerned about Lu Yus current situation.

“He looks like hes in a lot of pain.”

“What did he drink the potion for Could it be…”

“Obviously, it must be used for evolution.

Such a rare material must be used for evolution!”

“Hm, looks like Lu Yu has chosen an evolution path.

Its very likely to be a fire-attributed evolution path.”

“Whoa, his future potential is limitless to be able to evolve so quickly as a rookie!”

“Heh, do you think this is his first evolution Dont you think this might be his second or third evolution”

Everyone fell silent after these words were spoken.

In their eyes, Lu Yu was shrouded in mystery.


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