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380 Chapter 380 Unharm after taking on the Dragon Fist!

Chapter 380 Unharm after taking on the Dragon Fist!

Zhao Lei, whose body was covered in blood, had far surpassed Lu Yus attributes.

Just his attack power alone was more than double Lu Yus!

This attribute difference wasnt something that skills or techniques could make up for.

Zhao Leis other attributes were also way above Lu Yus, and he could easily crush Lu Yu if he wanted to.

Everyone in the crowd looked at Lu Yu like they were looking at a dead man.

Lu Yu was basically a dead man walking.

They all knew Lu Yus strengths and the difference between him and the four instructors.

Thus, they were sure that Lu Yu would not be able to defend himself against Zhao Lei unless the universitys support could arrive in time to save Lu Yu.

Just as everyone was exclaiming about the situation, Zhao Lei suddenly rushed out.

His body turned into a streak of shadow and flashed before Lu Yu.

“Ill show you reality!”

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As Zhao Lei spoke, he threw a right punch at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu hurriedly switched his left hand to his Diamond Dragon Claw and used it to block while using his right hand to support his left.


With a loud bang, Zhao Leis fist landed on the Diamond Dragon Claw.

The armor on Lu Yus left arm burst open and shattered.

The huge impact forced Lu Yu to take a few steps back before stopping.

His Diamond Dragon Claw was now bare, as the diamond armor had been stripped bare; his entire arm was trembling violently.

This was just a regular punch from Zhao Lei.

“Its just the beginning.

The main show is coming up next!”

Zhao Lei didnt give him a chance and rushed over again.

Lu Yu quickly stretched out his right hand and used his Light Dragon Claws absorption skill.


A ray of light gushed out from Zhao Leis body and entered Lu Yus body, and Lu Yu absorbed some of Zhao Leis attributes.

However, even after absorbing one-tenth of Zhao Leis attributes, there was still a massive gap between them.

Zhao Lei was already before Lu Yu as he lashed out a kick.

Lu Yu hurriedly retreated, and at the same time, he used Dragon Shadow!

A shadow flashed by, and Lu Yu distanced himself from Zhao Lei.

However, Lu Yu immediately saw from the corner of his eye that Zhao Lei was again beside him and throwing out a straight punch.

Lu Yus heart clenched.

He tightly bundled his Light Dragon Claw and smashed it against Zhao Leis fist.


With another loud sound, Lu Yu was sent flying and smashed into the ground.

The onlookers once again distanced themselves from Lu Yu.

However, other than nervousness, there was no other reaction on their faces, as they had already foreseen Zhao Lei would defeat Lu Yu.

Everyone silently lowered their heads, expressing their grief for Lu Yus impending death.

Lu Yu sat up straight with difficulty.

His entire right arm had been broken and was not functioning.

A burst of light flickered on his arm, and it was rapidly recovering.

Fortunately, the Light Dragon Claw had a healing effect and was especially effective on his dragon claws.

However, no matter how fast the healing speed was, it couldnt match the enemys attack speed.

Zhao Lei rushed over again, not giving Lu Yu a break.

“Hahahaha! The feeling of seeing you being defeated by me is simply satisfying!”

As he yelled, he swung his fist at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu stood up quickly, and his entire left arm was wrapped in a terrifying aura.

At that moment, the surrounding environment became gloomy and cold, and a dense killing aura condensed.

Everyone raised their heads slightly and looked at Lu Yu.

Their eyes were wide open in shock.

Lu Yus left arm swelled up, and his muscles grew.

That terrifying aura was coming from this arm.

Zhao Lei suddenly stopped smiling, and his eyes widened; he stopped rushing over.

“Take this Dragon Fist of mine!”

Lu Yus left fist suddenly swung out as he roared.

It was like a huge cannon shooting out a cannonball, and the firepower instantly burst toward Zhao Lei.


A mighty and terrifying power exploded!

A strong gust of air pushed out, flipping over the surrounding onlookers.

The ground before Lu Yu was crushed into pieces by this powerful shock wave.

The strong impact washed over and hit Zhao Leis body instantly.

Zhao Lei, who had just rushed over, was sent flying by this powerful impact.

Zhao Lei fell to the ground with a loud crash, as the ground beneath him was crushed.

His entire body was buried in the mud and gravel.

A head-sized hole appeared in his chest, and his entire sternum had caved in.


He coughed out fresh blood as it splattered all over the ground.

His limbs were trembling non-stop as Zhao Lei had lost control over them.

Lu Yus left arm was steaming as it drooped to the ground; he had also lost all his strength.

Lu Yu was squatting on the ground, gasping for air.

He poured all his strength into this punch, and it was all he had.

He would die here if he couldnt kill his enemy after this.

When the surrounding crowd saw this, they couldnt help but shout out in excitement.

“Woah, this punch is game-changing!”

“I thought Lu Yu was going to die here.

I guess I was wrong.”

“I didnt expect Lu Yu to have a trump card still! What a powerful punch!”

“Lu Yu won, and Zhao Lei cant stand up anymore!”

“Well done! Lu Yu broke through his limit!”

“Lu Yu seems exhausted and has completely lost his combat ability.

It would be bad for him if there were still enemies nearby.”

“He has shocked us once again…”

Everyone was excited after witnessing Lu Yus shocking punch.

He had turned the tide of the battle around, and it was Lu Yus victory!

Han Xuefei couldnt help but tear up, as she had thought Lu Yu would die.

However, that punch gave her, and everyone else hope.

At that moment, Lu Yu was still barely supporting his body and not letting himself fall.

His tired eyes stared at Zhao Lei in the distance, hoping he had already lost his ability to fight.

Otherwise, it would be bad for Lu Yu as he didnt have the strength to continue fighting.

Suddenly, Zhao Lei, who was lying in the ruins not far away, raised his arm and pushed out the dust and debris on his face.

He supported his body with his hands and slowly sat up.

Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

“No…way Can he still move”

“Shit, this guy is so tanky.”

“It cant be, right Theres no way he can still continue after that, right”

“Its over.

Lu Yu is definitely going to die today!”

“It seems to be fate that hes going to die today…”

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