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Chapter 34 Shocking Audience, Easy Kill

The people outside the simulated world saw the flame lizard that appeared in front of Lu Yu.

When they saw this lizard, they immediately concluded that Lu Yu would never be able to defeat it!

“He provoked a monster that he shouldnt have.

Lu Yu is probably going to die.”

“Thats right.

He definitely cant beat this lizard.

Im afraid hell shout to stop the examination and have the array mages send him out in a short while.”

“He shouldnt have sent himself to the center from the start.

He shouldnt have been so greedy in his pursuit of the rare materials.


Everyone repeatedly sighed, feeling sorry for Lu Yu.

At the same time, Lu Yu and the Giant Flame Lizard were in a confrontation.

The flame lizard opened its mouth and spat out a bunch of hot flames, burning the plants in front of it into ashes.

The high temperature surged over instantly and made Lu Yu clench his fists.

The next moment, Lu Yu rushed towards the flame lizard.

The flame lizard roared and rushed toward Lu Yu too.

Lu Yu leaped into the air over the flaming lizard, charging toward the Fire Spirit Crystal just as they were about to collide!

When the flaming lizard saw Lu Yu leap over its head, it turned around and chased him down.

Lu Yu, who was in mid-air at the time, followed up with a double jump, completely distancing himself from the flaming lizard.

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Lu Yu was now nearly ten meters above the ground!

When the crowd saw that Lu Yu could jump so high, they were all surprised.

“Lu Yu can jump so high.

Was he specially trained before”

“Didnt you see He jumped again in mid-air.

Its obvious that this is a double jump!”

It looks like he used this skill pretty well.

He sure can jump high…”

Lu Yu soared into the air at the same time, heading straight for the Fire Spirit Crystal.

Lu Yu used his Dragon Scale skill to cover his arms in a thick layer of dark black dragon scales!

Lu Yu then fell head first, landing vertically toward the Fire Spirit Crystal.

At the same time, he pointed to the Fire Spirit Crystal on the ground with his finger!

The point of impact for Lu Yus landing was a single finger.

When his index finger touched the Fire Spirit Crystal, it transformed into a ray of light and vanished into his storage ring.

Lu Yu supported himself on the ground with his single finger.

Then he pushed off, somersaulting and landing back on his feet.

This series of moves was shown to the crowd outside the arena.

“What did he do Acrobatics”

“Whoa, he got the Fire Spirit Crystal so easily.

Pretty decent.”

“Wow, he uses a single finger to support himself on the ground.

Hes pretty strong.”

“Yeah, I can see that he is an outstanding student.

If he can be recruited into our school, it will be an addition to our universitys talent.”

“No wonder he was invited by the four famous universities.

This kid is not ordinary.”

Everyone complimented him.

They were astounded by Lu Yus efforts to steal the Fire Spirit Crystal.

However, they still did not think Lu Yu could defeat the Giant Flame Lizard.

Lu Yu obtained the materials with his graceful movements.

If he could escape, this trip would have been worthwhile.

He would, however, be in over his head if he attempted to kill the Giant Flame Lizard.

Lu Yu walked in the opposite direction just as everyone thought he was about to leave after obtaining the materials.

Everyone looked around and saw Lu Yu approaching the Giant Fire Lizard.

“Is he crazy He has the material.

Why isnt he leaving”

“He was going to make a profit, but now hes going to get himself killed.”

“Does he really think that hes a match for the boss”

Everyone was perplexed.

They believed that Lu Yu was not acting rationally and that such a person was doomed to fail.

The admissions officers sighed and shook their heads.

Lu Yus decision let them down.

On the other hand, Lu Yu was not afraid of the Giant Fire Lizard in front of him.

When the treasure it was guarding was stolen, the Giant Fire Lizard became enraged.

It rushed toward Lu Yu and opened its bloodstained mouth simultaneously.

A high-temperature flame was brewing from it once again.


A ball of dazzling orange-red flame shot out from the giant lizards mouth!

Lu Yu quickly dodged when he saw this!

Then he stretched his hands, and sharp claws sprouted from his fingers!

His arms were covered in dragon scales, and his claws were sharp enough to make anyone shudder.

No one would ever want to fight those sharp claws.

When the admissions officers saw Lu Yus razor-sharp claws, they began to speculate.

“That is the F-level talent, Claw Attack”

“What kind of joke is this No matter how you look at it, it doesnt look like an F-level talent!”

“This… This is clearly a dragon claw!”

“What Its a Dragon Claw”

Everyone cried out in surprise.

Dragons were uncommon in this world.

The majority of them had never seen a dragon claw before.

However, they were all aware that anything related to dragons was not to be taken lightly.

“This pair of sharp claws looks extremely terrifying…”

Lu Yu unsheathed his claws and charged toward the Giant Fire Lizard.

He burst out at full speed, and in the blink of an eye, Lu Yu was in front of the Giant Fire Lizard!

Lu Yu then swung his right hand and ruthlessly clawed down!

The Giant Fire Lizard retreated and began to prepare its mouth for the next flame breath.

However, in Lu Yus opinion, its speed was no different than that of a slow-motion movie!


Lu Yu slashed down with his claws, severing a large chunk of the Giant Fire Lizards flesh!


Fresh blood spurted forth, forming a bloody mist in an instant.


The Giant Flame Lizard cried out in agony, spitting flames from its mouth once more!

Lu Yu moved in close, denying it the opportunity to use its flame attack any further.

Swish! Swoosh!

Lu Yu split open the Giant Flame Lizards chest with two more claw attacks!

Its ribs broke, revealing the Giant Fire Lizards heart.

Lu Yu reached his claw over without hesitation, grabbing the Giant Fire Lizards heart and severing it from its body.

Without its heart, the Giant Fire Lizard fell to the ground, dead.

Suddenly, a notification appeared in front of Lu Yus eyes.

[ Congratulations on killing the Giant Fire Lizard, Dragon Scale Skill has been upgraded, enhanced effect: 100% fire damage immunity ]

Lu Yu was overjoyed when he saw the notification.

He was now completely immune to fire damage!


In the future, he could basically be able to fight any enemy that had fire damage and come out unharmed!

Since fire damage was ineffective, the enemy would only be able to use physical attacks at most.

Lu Yu was excited.

He opened the evolution panel and wanted to see what materials he needed.

His feat was broadcast to the audience outside at the same time.

In the audience stands, the admissions officers from various renowned universities were dumbfounded.

The entire place was silent.

“Just like that… Its over”

“He only attacked the lizard a few times.

Its over in a flash.”

“This… seems like a one-sided fight…”

“Am I dreaming Is this real”

“What kind of anomaly has appeared in this batch of rookies”

“I can only describe him with the wordcrazy.

What kind of strength does he have”

“My understanding has already collapsed.

I dont understand how an F-level talent can outperform a large group of A-level talents.”

“What… What is he doing now This is too crazy!”

Everyone stared at the screen in shock!


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