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Chapter 33 The Center, The Peak, The Most Dangerous Position

Outside the simulation, dozens of admissions officers stared intently at the holographic screen.

Their hands appeared to be taking notes as if they were rating the students.

“I heard that this years dark horse is called Lu Yu.

Is that true”

“Of course.

The four great universities personally tried to invite him over.

Thats enough to state the importance of Lu Yu.”

“I heard that Lu Yu rejected the four great universities in one go!”

“Damn, wouldnt our universities have even less hope of recruiting him”

“Who knows what the situation is like.

I heard that Lu Yu only has F-level talent!”

The people in charge of recruitment were all taken aback.

They couldnt understand how someone with an F-level talent could achieve such high results and attract competition from four prestigious universities.

It appears that Lu Yu was definitely not an ordinary person!

Everyone saw the teleportation point that Lu Yu had chosen at that moment.

The location was just right in the middle.

“Wait a minute, hes the only one out of a hundred people who chose to land in the middle!”

“Is he that sure of himself The center area would be the most difficult, with ferocious beasts all around.

He wont be able to handle it on his own!”

“He should follow the flow and choose somewhere closer to the edge.

This is too reckless!”

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“Sigh, it wouldnt be strange even if he got killed by accident.”

“The center area is the mountain range.

The resources available there are many times more than the edge area!”

“However, the strength of the ferocious beasts there is also many times stronger.

The risk is too high!”

The majority of the admissions officers were not impressed with Lu Yu.

They dont expect that he would be able to survive in the central area.

Lu Yu was enveloped in light after making his decision.

When the light around him dispersed, he was already in a simulated world.

Lush trees surround the surrounding mountains.

The fresh air in the forest made Lu Yu feel at ease.

He was surprised by how realistic the world created by those array mages was.

It was exactly like the real world.

Lu Yu knew the rules.

He knew that he was in the center and that danger lurked everywhere.

Therefore, Lu Yu carefully observed his surroundings.

He decided first to understand the situation around him and figure out the strength of the surrounding ferocious beasts.

At that moment, outside the arena, the admissions officers had already noticed Lu Yus actions.

“In this simulated world, the danger at the center of the circle is no less than that of a Difficult level dungeon.”


“Thats right, thats right.

A Difficult level dungeon will only have one boss who is quite powerful.

However, there will be more than one boss in this vast plain!”

“Lu Yu has only awakened for a few days, right I reckon he hasnt even seen a boss before.

What a reckless person.”

“I reckon he thinks that the boss is about as strong as those small monsters.

Most likely, hes going to lose his first place in the entire state rankings.”

The admissions officers communicated with one another and were confident that Lu Yus results would be poor this time.

On the other hand, Lu Yu had already begun his search for bosses in the simulated array world.

The ordinary monsters in this place were no longer worthy of his attention.

Lu Yu looked around the surrounding mountains and finally focused on the mountain peak at the center.

At the top of the mountain peak, waves of red light flashed.

Lu Yu examined the situation with his Eye of Truth and immediately received the information.

[ Fire Spirit Crystal, rare material ]

It was a scarce material!

Lu Yu was ecstatic.

Furthermore, he appeared to have an impression of this material.


He quickly opened his personal interface to check his evolution path.

He soon came across the Flaming Dragon Claw on the Dragon Claw Evolution Path, and this Fire Spirit Crystal was a rare material that would allow him to evolve into the Flaming Dragon Claw!


Lu Yu was immediately motivated after seeing this.

He needed to climb up and retrieve the Fire Spirit Crystal.

However, his previous experience had taught him that a powerful boss usually guarded this type of rare material.

Hence, Lu Yu began to rush toward the top of the mountain.

At first, Lu Yu could sprint toward the top of the mountain.

But gradually, it was getting more difficult to continue running, and his pace became slower as the slope became steeper.

Hence, he used his Double Jump skill and started to jump up quickly.

Soon, he was close to the top of the mountain.

This mountain peak was unusually hot.

Typically, the peak of a mountain would be icy and covered in snow.

The peak of the mountain before Lu Yu was extremely hot.

After climbing for a while, he was covered in sweat.

Gradually, he arrived near the peak of the mountain and jumped up.

This mountains peak was not a sharp point but a flat one.

Lu Yu could easily overlook the distance from the peak.

The surrounding hot air was flowing, and a bright red crystal was in the middle of the area.

It seemed that this was the Fire Spirit Crystal.

This Fire Spirit Crystal most likely caused the high temperature in this area.

Lu Yu moved slowly toward the Fire Spirit Crystal, keeping an eye on his surroundings.

Everyone saw him approaching the Fire Spirit Crystal outside the simulated world.

“This red crystal looks special.

It must be a rare material.”

“If thats the case, there will be a good show.

Usually, this kind of rare material is guarded by a boss.”

“Sigh, looks like this Lu Yu is too greedy.

This kind of thing is not something he could easily take.”

“A boss will appear soon, and it seems like he lacks actual combat experience.

Even if he has the capabilities, he will be easily killed.”

“What a shame…”

“This years dark horse is going to be gone just like that.

What a pity…”

Based on their experience, everyone assumed that Lu Yu was going to die here.

Not only them, even the homeroom teacher thought so too.

It was one thing for Lu Yu to choose to land in the center position of the map, but he didnt pick small monsters to fight.

Instead, he went straight to the boss!

Wasnt he just trying to kill himself

According to the homeroom teachers experience, they could only kill a boss if their entire class banded together.

At that moment, Lu Yu carefully approached the crystal.

Lu Yus keen senses detected that the surroundings were trembling when he was only five meters away.

The rumbling tremors continued as cracks appeared on the rocky ground beneath his feet.

Lu Yu frowned and started to get his act together.

As expected, a boss was protecting this place!

A huge pitch-black figure drilled out from under the rocky surface the next moment!

What appeared before Lu Yu was a giant lizard.

Its body was about ten meters long, and its entire body was covered in bulging muscles and hard scales.

There were several cracks on its spine, and lava was pouring out of it!

The moment the enemy appeared in front of him, the temperature in the room rose to a new high.

Lu Yu quickly examined the situation with his Eye of Truth.

[ Giant Flame Lizard ]

[ Attack: 160 ]

[ Speed: 110 ]

[ Health: 260 ]

[ Mana: 120 ]

[ Defense: 120 ]

These attributes werent anything special to Lu Yu.

However, just 120 points in defense were enough to render the other students powerless!

After all, the majority of the students had fewer than 100 attack points, and very few had Armor Penetration skills.


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