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363 Chapter 363 One Against Three

Chapter 363 One Against Three

The 20 members of the newcomers alliance launched an attack on Lu Yu, and he retaliated by activating his skill, Holy Dragons Might.

The holy light shone down, and a phantom of a Holy Dragon appeared behind Lu Yu.

A wave of pressure wept across all the newcomers who were charging toward Lu Yu, and they froze in place.

Everyone stood stiffly on the spot, their faces and eyes dull.


After that, these people fell one by one, all losing consciousness.

All 20 people fell one by one until only Zhao Yu remained.

Although he had managed to resist the pressure, he was still trembling in fear.

It was as if he were before a god of war, and every intention of battling in him had instantly dissipated!

Lu Yu walked over and stood in front of Zhao Yu, asking, “Do you still want to continue”

“No, no, no, I lost.

I admit defeat…”

He lowered his head and spoke with a disappointed expression.

At that moment, he knew the difference between them was like a chasm that he wouldnt be able to cross!

Lu Yu brushed past him and continued walking toward Han Xuefei.

Wang Meng, who was following Lu Yu, went pale as well.

Although Lu Yus Dragons Might wasnt aimed at him, he could still feel the aftermath.

This powerful aura almost made him faint.

Lu Yu stood not far away from Han Xuefei.

Han Xuefei was biting her lips and frowning.

“…what was that ”

In her daze, she saw the illusion of a giant dragon, and the next moment, her vision turned black, and she almost fainted.

She was curious about the skill that Lu Yu had just activated.

Cai Hao, standing next to Han Xuefei, felt his adrenaline rush.

His whole body tensed up, and he kept swallowing his saliva.

This showed his nervousness.

“You guys better hand over the crown.

I dont want to fight you.”

It wouldnt be satisfying even if he won against an esper.

On the other hand, fighting with Cai Hao and Zhao Lei would be pretty good.

After all, these two were both close combat fighters.

“No! Youve already won first place in the martial arts tournament.

“We wont give this away no matter what!”

Han Xuefei said it angrily.

If the crown were stolen from them when it was three against one, their status in the upper house would be inferior to Lu Yus.

In fact, the upper house might even focus on Lu Yu and not even care about them!

The three geniuses combined lost to a freshman.

If this were to be spread out, it would be embarrassing!

Therefore, Han Xuefei and the other two had to defeat Lu Yu here and take first place to regain their morale!

“Its not up to you to decide whether youll give it up or not.

If you dont plan on handing it over, Ill have no choice but to take action.” Lu Yu said as he walked toward the three.

At the same time, he flashed his claws, which looked menacing.

Zhao Lei stared at Lu Yu and sneered, “I think youve forgotten the restrictions here.

Han Xuefei is the strongest among us, so youll lose facing all of us!”

Cai Haos imposing manner returned as he looked at Lu Yu arrogantly.

“If you think you have the ability, then lets fight.

You are confident about it, after all!”

“The three of us might not be your match in a one-on-one fight.

But if we join forces, you will be defeated!”

He said it with absolute certainty, as if Lu Yu had already lost.

“It seems youre all quite confident.

In that case, humor me.”

As he spoke, Lu Yu raised his dragon claws, ready to attack at any moment.

Cai Hao took the lead and rushed over, waving his huge iron fists and smashing them toward Lu Yu.

“Cut the crap; eat my fist!”

His right fist smashed down, but Lu Yu quickly turned sideways and dodged it.

In terms of speed, Lu Yu was much faster than him.

Not only him, but Lu Yu was also much quicker than Zhao Lei!

After quickly dodging the punch, Lu Yu immediately swung his dragon claw at Cai Haos chest.

However, just as Lu Yu was about to connect his claws, he felt a strong resistance, preventing him from moving further.

Lu Yu immediately realized that this invisible force was Han Xuefeis spiritual power!

Han Xuefeis brows were tightly locked as she stared at Lu Yu.

She had released her telekinesis to stop Lu Yus punch, but it wasnt easy.

She threw everything she had to stop Lu Yus dragon claws!

Even so, she only managed to stop Lu Yus dragon claws for a short while; Lu Yus claw immediately struck back out.

Cai Hao took advantage of the moment when Lu Yu paused to retreat and avoided Lu Yus attack.

This made Cai Hao realize that he was inferior to Lu Yu in speed and attack power.

But it was three against one, after all.

Even if he couldnt beat them alone, he still had his teammates!

Zhao Lei had already appeared behind Lu Yu, brandishing his two assassin daggers and stabbing them towards Lu Yus back.

Since his skills were disabled, he could no longer use his lightning speed and only rely on physical attacks.

He was confident in his physical attacks, so as he thrust his swords at Lu Yu, he growled, “Youre dead!”


The two daggers stabbed down, but Lu Yu turned around and kicked out, sending Zhao Lei flying.

As Zhao Lei was in mid-air, Wang Meng, standing not far away, quickly rushed over and slammed into Zhao Leis body.

He bulldozed Zhao Leis body and stopped when he hit a big tree.

This had caused Zhao Lei quite a bit of damage; he was injured to the point of almost vomiting blood.

On the other side, Cai Hao was ready to continue attacking Lu Yu.

Han Xuefei, who was standing at the back, began to feel nervous.

They had just started the fight and were at an immediate disadvantage.

The difference in strength was showing.

She knew she could no longer hold back and had to release all her skills!

Thus, she stretched out her hands toward Lu Yu.

Immediately after, a few huge rocks floated in the air and gathered toward him.

Almost in an instant, these huge rocks wrapped around Lu Yu, forming an even massive rock about the size of a small hill.

Cai Haos mouth was wide open in shock when he saw Han Xuefei controlling such a large amount of weight at once.

“Miss Han, I didnt know your telekinesis was this strong!”

He looked at Lu Yu, trapped inside the huge rock, and laughed.

“Hes done for this time.

Theres no way he can break through that.

The next step is to slowly suffocate him to death.


Cai Hao was smiling as he saw the light of victory.

When Wang Meng, who was fighting with Zhao Lei, saw this, he started panicking.

He wasnt sure if Lu Yu could break through Han Xuefeis entrapment.

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