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360 Chapter 360 The Newcomers Exchange Competition Begins

Chapter 360 The Newcomers Exchange Competition Begins

On the other end of the phone, Wang Meng felt much more at ease after hearing Lu Yus confidence.

“Boss, since youve said you will get first place, Ill believe you!”

“If theres nothing else, Ill hang up.

Im going to rest.”

Wang Meng hung up the phone, too, feeling much more comfortable.

So be it if the three geniuses joined forces, as he believed Lu Yu had the ability to defeat them!

The news of the three geniuses joining forces had also spread to the newcomers group, and they were all discussing it in full swing.

Some assumed Lu Yu would win, while others judged that the three-person team would win; the debate continued until midnight.

In the middle of the night, in the directors office, Jiang Lengyue called for a few of the upper houses core management staff to have a short meeting.

Casting a glance at the few people before her, Jiang Lengyue spoke in a serious tone, “Todays match has an unexpected result.”

“The result that I didnt expect to happen.”

“No one can judge that,” one of the instructors immediately replied.

“Its normal to miss him out.”

“No, I misjudged this time and made a huge mistake.

Fortunately, this mistake isnt fatal, and I still have a chance to make up for it.”

As soon as she said this, the instructors looked at each other and understood what she meant.

“Then, are you planning to focus on nurturing Lu Yu”

Jiang Lengyue nodded.

“Of course, I will put more effort into nurturing Lu Yu.

Even if I have to give up on those three, I will still place my bet on Lu Yu and nurture him well!”

“However, before that, I still want to test more of his strength.

So, I restricted all skills in this years exchange competition and only opened up Han Xuefeis spiritual power.”

“This will be a tough battle, allowing us to see Lu Yus potential better!”

Upon hearing this, the instructors all nodded, knowing her decision was correct.

“If he can still get the crown under such circumstances, then we can be sure that he is the one we need to nurture with all our heart and soul!”

“Thats right,” Jiang Lengyue said, nodding.

“Thats why we must value this competition!”

“You all can head back now and wait for the results of the competition.”

The staff dispersed, the sky turned dark, and Jiang Lengyue also went to bed.

The following day, Lu Yu woke up early and immediately rushed to a training field in the upper house.

They were gathered there and were to be teleported to the island for the next round of competition.

The next competition was even more brutal, so the newcomers had to be fully prepared; they were ready to show off their skills.

After all, this was a battle between newcomers.

Since they were all newcomers, the ones who would be beaten up the most would not be able to enjoy their time in the upper house.

When Lu Yu arrived at the training field, he saw that many people had already gathered there.

They had all lined up and were ready to be transported at any moment.

As soon as he walked over, Wang Meng quickly jogged over.

“Brother, youre finally here.

Its about to start!”

Lu Yu and Wang Meng walked into the group together, while many people had their eyes on Lu Yu.

They were all a little worried about whether Lu Yu could withstand the three geniuses ganging up on him.

After everyone had gathered, Jiang Lengyue came and stood at the center of the training field.

Her hands glowed, and she drew an array formation on the ground.

To Jiang Lengyue, being an array mage was just one of her unremarkable professions.

But even so, her abilities in drawing array formations had surpassed those of the majority of actual professionals.

Soon, the formation was set up, and a circle of light rose.

The teleportation portal was ready.

“Pass through this portal, and youll arrive at the venue.

Split up and look for the crown!”

“So, students, enter and begin the competition!”

Following Jiang Lengyues command, the newcomers walked toward the teleportation gate.

One by one, they walked into the portal and disappeared.

Lu Yu followed the crowd and entered the portal.

A bright light flashed, and Lu Yus vision turned white.

Soon, the light faded, and what entered Lu Yus eyes was a tropical forest with emerald green bushes and towering trees covered in moss and vines.

Being transported to such a primitive and natural environment made Lu Yu feel a little uncomfortable.

The others who had been teleported had already started to move out.

Some people stayed where they were and made some preparations.

Lu Yu saw a person waving his hands continuously, trying to release a skill.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not release it.

Lu Yu hurriedly tried to use his skills too.

He tried to activate his Flaming Claw skill but failed!

This feeling of powerlessness made Lu Yu feel a little queasy as if he were disabled.

He couldnt help but sigh.

Jiang Lengyues capabilities in array formations were truly not to be trifled with.

It took a lot of work to set up a forbidden spell formation, as even a level 5 or even a level 6 array mage wouldnt be able to do it at such a scale!

Jiang Lengyue had done it and done it with ease.

Most importantly, her primary specialty wasnt even in array formations!

For a moment, Lu Yu got curious about Jiang Lengyues strength.

She looked like such a young girl but possessed such terrifying power.

Lu Yu tried to release his Dragons Might and was surprised to find it worked!

Dagons Might was considered a spiritual-type skill, consuming Lu Yus spiritual power.

The only skill Lu Yu could use now was dragons might, but it didnt matter.

It was fine, even if he couldnt use any skills.

In any case, in terms of combat skills and experience, Lu Yu was superior to the rest.

Wang Meng came to Lu Yus side and said, “Brother, how should we act”

Lu Yu answered, “Its just the two of us, and our ability to search and scout is weak.

Lets find a large group of people to follow and snatch it from them if they find the crown.”

Wang Meng smirked.

“I didnt expect you to be so evil.

So are we just sitting back and reaping the benefits”

“What else can we do Do you want to take your time to look for it Its such a big island.”

Wang Meng expressed his helplessness and followed Lu Yu.

This years newcomers were divided into three groups.

One was the group of three geniuses; the other was Lu Yu, and the last was the group formed by the rest of the newcomers.

After seeing Lu Yus performance and knowing that the three geniuses had joined forces, these newcomers knew that if they didnt work together, they wouldnt have a chance.

That was why they joined forces.

After walking for a distance, Lu Yu discovered a large patch of footprints on the ground.

These footprints were consistent, and they extended in one particular direction.

It was apparent that this was the trail of the largest group.

Hence, Lu Yu and Wang Meng quickly chased after them.

After walking for an unknown distance, Lu Yu saw some figures in front of him.

There were about forty people!

Lu Yu might not be able to defeat this number of people if he were to fight them.

However, he would get the crown, and these people could not stop him!


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