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350 Chapter 350 The Third Ferocious Beast

Chapter 350 The Third Ferocious Beast

Once again, Lu Yu killed his enemy without doing anything, or rather, with just his presence.

This scene was unbelievable in the eyes of the audience.

They all knew that cultivating specific skills could enhance ones aura.

But most people were too lazy to cultivate this so-called aura; after all, it was only used to intimidate others.

Most cultivators would instead focus on improving their strength.

After all, these aura-type skills could only be used to show off and were useless in actual combat.

No one had expected that Lu Yu would be able to kill a beast this easily with just his aura alone!

Moreover, these ferocious beasts he killed werent weak, being between silver and gold rank!

If these beasts were placed in the lower house, they would be more than capable of destroying an average student.

Therefore, everyone knew what Lu Yu had achieved was ridiculous and beyond their understanding.

“He passed the second round this easily”

“What the ** Just how strong is he Why does it feel like such a huge gap between us”

“I dont know.

But at least for now, we dont know the upper limit of his strength.”

“There are videos of his previous battles on the internet, but they arent of much value.

A genius like him grows too fast, and even a video of him from a month ago doesnt prove anything.”

Everyone started to look forward to Lu Yus true strength.

From the looks of it, Lu Yus performance had already shocked everyone.

Han Xuefei, sitting in the audience, took two deep breaths and tried to keep calm.

She didnt expect Lu Yu to be able to display such strength, and she had thought that she was firmly in first place.

But now, that confidence was wavering.

She feared that her record of reaching the sixth round would be broken and that first place would be Lu Yus.

Thinking of this, she felt a tinge of pain in her heart but was helpless after witnessing Lu Yus strength.

If the difference in their strengths was this vast, what could she do Results were results, after all.

As for the other two, Cai Hao and Zhao Lei were dead silent.

When they saw Lu Yus first two rounds, they knew the gap between them, and it was a huge one!

Jiang Lengyue was filled with anticipation.

“Hurry up and start the third round.

I want to take a good look at how far he can go!”

The third round was about to begin.

Even at this moment, Lu Yu still had a calm expression while standing in the middle of the stage.

He had been watching the other contestants battles from the audience earlier, so he knew the overall capabilities of the third beast.

According to his rough estimation, he could still continue to use the Holy Dragons Might to deal with the third beast and didnt need to kill it with his hands.

In the past month, Lu Yu had been cultivating his spiritual power in the meditation room to increase the strength of his Holy Dragons Might; he had little actual combat experience with them.

Therefore, Lu Yu took this opportunity to test the results of his cultivation.

The third beast would be at silver rank 10, which wasnt weak.

Even if Lu Yu used his dragon claws, he wouldnt be able to kill it in one hit.

At the very least, he would have to exchange blows with it for a few rounds.

Lu Yu estimated that the effect of his Dragon Might wouldnt be as good as the previous two times.

The third beast appeared, and it was a muscle-packed leopard.

The moment it appeared, it roared at Lu Yu.

The beasts that appeared in these three rounds were all species with high combat power.

If he were to fight them usually, it would definitely waste his time and stamina.

But fortunately, Lu Yu had his Dragons Might skill to deal with them.

Although releasing his Dragons Might consumed energy too, it was much more efficient than fighting in close combat.

The audience was looking at Lu Yu intently at this point.

He should be fighting with his claws soon, right

They stared at Lu Yus arms, but they were still tucked into his pockets with no intention of taking them out.

“It cant be.

Its the third round, and he still doesnt plan to fight seriously.”

“Hes that confident Does he really think that his aura can suppress the third beast too”

“Its hard to say.

Before he went on stage, no one expected that he could surpass the three geniuses.

It appears that it is only a matter of time before he surpasses the current third place.”

“Is he going to finish the third beast with his hands in his pockets too Sheesh.”

Lu Yus three rounds of battle looked the most relaxed they had ever seen.

It looked like he hadnt done anything throughout the three rounds, yet he had killed his enemies.

In an instant, the leopard pounced toward Lu Yu and was directly in front of him.

Immediately after, the leopard opened its maws wide, baring its fangs as it lifted its upper body to press down on Lu Yu.

Felines were excellent at attacking the neck, so they usually pounced and bit the neck when they attacked humans.

Just as the leopard pounced and was about to bite into Lu Yus neck, Lu Yus body once again exploded with an astonishing aura!

The leopard was sent flying in mid-air by the shock wave created by his dragons might, landing heavily on the ground!

The leopard that fell to the ground quickly stood back up.

At the same time, it began to show fear, and the way it looked at Lu Yu no longer appeared to be that of a predator.

Lu Yus body emitted an ominous aura that made the leopards fur stand on end.

It arched its body, and all the fur on its back stood up.

To the audience, this confirmed that Lu Yus Dragons Might was still effective against the third beast.

They just werent sure if the leopard could survive Lu Yus terrifying aura.

At this moment, the leopard gathered its courage and continued to charge at Lu Yu.

The crowd couldnt help but sigh when they knew the third beast could finally resist Lu Yus aura.

However, as soon as the leopard rushed over, it immediately stopped and stood in front of Lu Yu.

It sat on the ground, staring straight at Lu Yu.

The crowd couldnt understand what the beast was doing.

It had already rushed over, so why was it doing nothing

No one noticed that a huge Holy Dragon was behind Lu Yu, and the phantom of an illusion was only visible to the leopard.

Only the leopard could see the Holy Dragons phantom and no one else.

This was the strongest state of Lu Yus Dragons Might that he had cultivated over the past month.

It was to summon the shadow of the Holy Dragon to intimidate his enemy!

Under everyones shocked gazes, the leopard prostrated on the ground and knelt in front of Lu Yu.

This showed that it had submitted wholly to Lu Yu!

“Whats going on with this leopard It suddenly submitted to Lu Yu ”

“No bloody way.

Is Lu Yus aura really that strong This is a silver rank 10 beast, and its surrendering to Lu Yu”

“Damn! It will be easy for Lu Yu to tame a battle pet in the future!”


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