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Chapter 31 Dragon Skill, Dragon Scale

The four admissions officers were flustered by Lu Yus firm response and quickly tried to dissuade him.

“Student Lu Yu, you have to think it through.

Clanorth University doesnt lack talent, and they wont treasure you like us.”

“Come to our university, and you will have a brighter future.

At Clanorth University, you will only become someone mundane.”

The four of them moved closer to Lu Yu and looked at him eagerly.

Lu Yu paused for a moment before shaking his head slightly.

“No, Ive already made my decision.

I have to enroll at Clanorth University.

Thank you for attending.

Please return.”


After saying this, the few people in charge of enrollment at their respective universities looked at each other and gave up their futile efforts.

They could tell that Lu Yu had a strong mind.

Lu Yu would become even more opposed to their invitations if they continued to discourage him.

“Well be leaving first.

You should think about it more.”

“The benefits I mentioned just now will always be there.

As long as you come to us, those benefits will be ready for you anytime.”

“If you change your mind, contact me.”

Those admissions officers walked out of the VIP room one after another.

When the homeroom teacher saw them leaving, he instantly panicked.

“Lu Yu, these few schools are already the best in the country.

Cant you choose one”

“Its fine if you insist on going to Clanorth University, but what if you cant get in What will you do then”

“When the time comes, youve got to go to a university you rejected.

How awkward would that be”

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Lu Yu looked at his homeroom teacher and said calmly but firmly, “For me, once Ive decided what I want to do, I must do my best!”

“Its the same with picking a university.”

“Why not try my hardest to get into Clanorth University now that I have the ability and the opportunity”

Lu Yus retort left the homeroom teacher speechless.

“Alright, then I wont say anything more…”

The fact that Lu Yu had won first place in the entire state had already made the homeroom teacher proud.


He did not have the right to ask for anything more.

Lu Yu turned around and walked out of the VIP room.

At the same time, the class was in chaos.

Many people were discussing Lu Yu animatedly.

Some guessed why Lu Yu was called out, while others speculated why Lu Yu was so strong.

A student who had sneaked out ran in at that moment.

“Everyone, I just witnessed an incredible scene!”

Everyone went silent as they looked at that student.

“I noticed a few luxury cars at the school gate and then crept up to the VIP room.

Can you guess who I saw”

“Its admissions officers from the countrys top five universities! The officer from Clanorth University isnt here, but the other four are!”


“They must be attempting to entice Lu Yu to enrol!”

There was an uproar the moment these words were spoken.

“Shit, are you for real The top four universities are sending people to get Lu Yu to enroll.

What kind of treatment is this”

“Lu Yu is too amazing to have so many prestigious universities vying for him!”

“Im so jealous.

Why is it that even though we both have F-level talent, Im so lacking”

“I really wish that someone from a famous university would come and beg me!”

“Oh right, did Lu Yu agree Which university did he agree to”

Everyone expected Lu Yu to accept a place at one of these universities.

After all, receiving an invitation from one of the top four universities was already very satisfying for an F-level Awakener.

There was no reason to reject them, in their opinion.

However, the student who broke the news had a bitter expression on his face because he didnt know where to begin.

“I accidentally overheard the conversation of a few admissions officers.

Lu Yu… didnt enroll in any of their universities!”

The students were all taken aback when they heard this response.

“What Not a single one”

“What kind of joke is this Is Lu Yu crazy Why isnt he cherishing such a good opportunity”

“This… This is such a waste! If I had such a good opportunity, I would definitely go!”

“If four top universities invited me, I would probably laugh in my sleep!”

“What happened after that What was Lu Yu thinking”

The person continued, “I heard their conversation and found out why Lu Yu didnt go.

Its because he wanted to attend Clanorth University.”

“What Clanorth University”

“Is he serious Clanorth University is extremely strict in recruiting new students.

Although he is the best in the state, there is still the second half of exams.”

“His ranking is excellent, but his F-level talent alone ensured that he would not be admitted to Clanorth University.

Those who can gain admission to the best universities in the country have at least B-level talent!”

“Sigh… it appears that he has inflated his ego solely because of his good results.

Its quite common.”

Many others sighed as well.

They thought Lu Yu had changed into someone with an inflated ego.

Lu Yu, on the other hand, had always been this way.

They were the ones who never understood him.

Lu Yu left the campus and prepared to return home after exiting the VIP room.

The second stage of the examinations was scheduled for tomorrow.

Lu Yu still had time to prepare today.

Coincidentally, he had not completed his daily mission today.

He ran all the way home.

When he reached home, the daily mission was completed and a notification popped up.

[ Congratulations on completing the daily mission.

(10km/10km) ]

[ Please choose your reward ]

Lu Yu selected the Treasure Chest and saw a notification.

[ Congratulations on obtaining a gold treasure chest! ]

Lu Yu was a little excited when he saw the notification.

He had previously obtained a bronze treasure chest and was finally getting lucky to obtain a higher-tier treasure chest.

Lu Yu opened the treasure chest.

[ Congratulations on obtaining the Dragon Skill: Dragon Scale! ]

[ Dragon Scale: A strengthened dragon scale will cover both of your arms.

It greatly reduces the damage from water and fire elements.

As you level up, you will gain resistance to other elemental damage.


It appeared to be a defensive skill.

It meant that at least half of the damage could be mitigated by greatly reducing the damage.

Its a pretty impressive skill.

The dragon skill from the Golden Treasure Chest became a bright light and entered Lu Yus body.

After a burst of energy, Lu Yu mastered the dragon skill.

This dragon skill appeared to be unique to him, as it did not appear on a stone tablet.

Lu Yu intended to test the Dragon Scale skills effect after learning it because he could cast fire and water elemental attacks on his own.

After all, Lu Yu had the Water and Fire Wrist Guard.

Hence, flames engulfed his right fist when Lu Yu raised it.


The next moment, Lu Yu activated his skill, Dragon Scale.

Lu Yus arms were instantly covered in a layer of black and hard dragon scales.


Then, Lu Yus right fist punched onto his left wrist along with the flames on it.


The fire elemental attack was instantly activated when he punched with his right fist.

The flames engulfed his left wrist and began to burn.

But very quickly, the scales absorbed the flames, dissolved and disappeared.


Lu Yu was overjoyed.

This Dragon Scale skill effectively mitigated water and fire elemental attacks!

Then, Lu Yu used his left fist and punched his right wrist.

The situation was the same as the first time.

It was quickly dissolved and absorbed.


After Lu Yu finished casting the Dragon Scale skill, he realized that if the beast he would be pitted against in the next match was of a fire or water type, he could take first place again!


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